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Video Rex Tillerson Thought He Was 'Moderating' President Donald Trump | TODAY
03:07   |   33K+ views   |   09/21/2018 at 21:24


  • want to get to Andrea Mitchell NBC's
  • longtime chief foreign affairs
  • correspondent who of course covers the
  • State Department Andrea boy Washington
  • is a tough town but to hear the
  • Secretary of State's officials saying
  • that he really didn't know the reason
  • for his firing and that he was hoping to
  • hang on really after all of the reports
  • of tumult well you know that he hung on
  • after the president tweeted don't waste
  • your time wrecks on diplomacy with North
  • Korea last fall when Tillerson was on
  • his way back was about to land at
  • Andrews from a trip to Asia completely
  • humiliating and undercutting him he
  • never regained his footing
  • internationally but he felt that he was
  • at least because of his alignment with
  • defense secretary mattis importantly at
  • least he was part of a moderating
  • influence on the president in terms of
  • his foreign policy then again he was
  • blindsided on Thursday with the North
  • Korea announcement by the president at
  • the White House without tension knowing
  • and with Tillerson
  • actually being in Africa ironically on a
  • lengthy quote apology tour of the
  • African continent after the president's
  • startling and you know terrible comments
  • about Africa the notable asshole
  • comments so he was always doing damage
  • control for the president overseas there
  • were differences over Iran as you know
  • but most importantly differences over
  • Russia and that investigation and the
  • fact is that Rex Tillerson was a
  • terrible manager ironically coming from
  • the private sector a terrible manager
  • with vacancies everywhere in the State
  • Department but in terms of his actual
  • policies he was more in line with a
  • traditional policy and very importantly
  • last night issued a very strong
  • statement agreeing with Brits and with
  • Theresa May that Russia was likely
  • responsible for that terrible nerve gas
  • poisoning of a former Russian spy and
  • this was in contrast to the White House
  • briefing that day well it's interesting
  • I mean obviously these two never clicked
  • there was our reporting that Rex
  • Tillerson had called the president a
  • moron and yet as you mentioned he
  • survived several different dust-ups
  • with the West Wing now Mike Pompeo takes
  • over he's the CIA director someone the
  • president appears to be close to but
  • one who takes a pretty hard line on
  • Russia perhaps even harder than Rex
  • Tillerson but I think what is really
  • interesting is that he takes a much
  • softer line on Iran than Tillerson in in
  • other words a tougher line on Iran and a
  • a much less accommodating line on
  • whether the Iran deal should be
  • preserved I think that was a very
  • important piece for the president he
  • wants to bust out of that Iran deal as
  • early as May and with Pompeo at his side
  • it is more likely that that will happen
  • and it will be much less accommodating
  • to the European critics of this lots to
  • follow here and here we know you will
  • stay on it thank you so much that hello
  • today France thanks for checking out our
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Secretary of state Rex Tillerson fired and his rocky relationship with President Trump, particularly after Trump undermined Tillerson during a trip to Asia to meet with world leaders. NBC's Andrea Mitchell speaks to TODAY's Savannah Guthrie.
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Rex Tillerson Thought He Was 'Moderating' President Donald Trump | TODAY


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