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Video FEASTING at Japanese DEPARTMENT STORE Mitsukoshi in Tokyo Japan
21:02   |   views   |   07/11/2018


  • Oh my gosh. Oh its so good.
  • Now ever since I came to this country last time, I've been wanting to do something that may sound strange to a lot of people in
  • The US and that is eat at a department store. But eating at department stores is a common thing here in Japan
  • not only because it's convenient, but the food is
  • Top-notch quality.
  • So I'm here at Mitsukoshi, a huge department store
  • One of the biggest in Tokyo and this is a place where you can get everything from clothing to cosmetics to kimonos
  • But I'm really interested in these two floors. This is where you're gonna find a huge amounts of just random foods
  • Kinda like a massive food court, and this is where you're gonna find a grocery store. You guys ready? Let's do this
  • As soon as you arrive on this floor, all I smell,
  • Is, are things I want to eat and usually I mean, this is a workday
  • so there's not a lot of people here, but usually there's always a line and
  • Everything is so colorful, and it looks delicious
  • That is a flour cookie
  • Wow
  • Everything is just so beautiful
  • Look at the pastries here
  • They're magnolia cake, oh
  • By the way, domina ganzel's who else so there's basically a massive savory section
  • Wow
  • Beef on beef on steak over rice. Look at this. Look how good this looks. Oh
  • My gosh I'm getting a little one cuz I gotta consider my stomach then there's a nurse section of bakery items
  • There's another one just full of desserts just crazy looking awesome desserts I've ever seen this place is making me dizzy
  • Because it's like going to the biggest buffet I've ever been to my life and I just don't know what to get
  • I have no clue. So I
  • Don't know
  • Let's just start a little bit at a time. Oh also this thing looks good looks like some mochi with some tamago
  • It's colorful and there's a lemon I'm getting it. This should go well with my beat guys
  • I might have fall in love with this place. I mean, there's just endless things to eat here Wow
  • There's even a sushi style here. I could come here every single day
  • I think for months and never run out of options tons of fish grilled
  • marinated ooh
  • That sea bass looks insane. And since I'm in Tokyo, I got to get some tempura. Look at all the different selections
  • This looks like some come combo vegetable and I'm thinking a piece of fish. Wonderful
  • Auntie told me that these two are the best sellers here
  • It's beautiful. Oh my god, so cuz I'm us so pretty and there it is a
  • Little Vince. Oh, that's awesome. Oh
  • I gotta get some skewers and they cannot walk by skewers without getting some of this
  • This looks absolutely amazing, this is their best seller some kind of melon bread. This is crazy as a chocolate sandwich
  • Chocolate and cream cheese. Oh my god and look at all their sandwiches here
  • this is like
  • So insanely good. I'm also getting a blueberry sandwich. I love the fruit subject. I also want to eat
  • Um, if I should get this stuff, oh, it's strawberry season right now
  • Can't look away from his egg. Sandwich is number one bestseller
  • It's beautiful and to eat you go up to a ninth floor where there is a terrorist for drinks
  • You can always rely on the vending machine
  • I know it's a lot of bags, but this is the happiest I've ever been shopping in a department store
  • Let's eat. This is my lunch from a department store. I love food shopping
  • Like I mentioned before last year when I came to Tokyo I was walking through these department stores
  • There were so many people especially during rush hour buying food didn't get a chance to buy anything
  • Until today, and I've been thinking about it ever since so this time
  • I went a little overboard now the food here is it's not cheap. Although it's quite expensive. There's not a lot of food here
  • I'm just kind of looking at this. I'm like I can take this pretty easily go
  • Let's start
  • itadakimasu
  • This is one of the prettiest things I saw when I was walking through the food court, it was just beautiful
  • Slices of thin beef look at this
  • Perfectly cooked to medium-rare and we got thin slices of beef here as well
  • look some peppers looks like some onions Oh
  • Over a beautiful bit of rice. So first thing I gotta do I gotta try the steak out. Look at that. Oh,
  • my gosh
  • Like so incredibly buttery and you can see the marbling on this piece of beep right look at this
  • There's not a lot of lean meat on this so much bad on this piece of beef
  • Look look at a beautiful road map that marbling
  • Makes this beet as soon as it hits your mouth. It just dissolves into butter. Oh my gosh, this is
  • Absolutely incredible. I'm so mad. I didn't get the bigger box now and let's try some of this beef with rice
  • First thing I'm eating here. You guys got a good dish you really do it. There's good ones. We're like just hundred Russia
  • This is Finch hashtag Wagyu. And then we're gonna ask some pickles some peppers
  • Bound to this beef and see what happens here Oh
  • Football vegetables fantastic nice and crunchy really awesome texture change this box. I
  • Knew it
  • as soon as I saw this
  • I told myself I was gonna love this and I have only love with that little bugs are really interesting looks like some kind of
  • tofu roll right here
  • But I mean the outside is noodles and just gonna add some some soy sauce to it a little bit of mustard
  • Oh, wow on the inside. I taste a little total little chicken. This is like a little dumpling
  • Holy come, I mean the ramen burgers or even ramen pieces right now
  • But using noodles as a wrapper for a dumpling that might be the most genius move of all this is excellent
  • Excellent, and this is a tamago. Well, I think it's fish cake on the outside
  • You can see the beautiful outside shell and the delicate egg on the inside. I
  • Didn't have high hopes for this because it looks just kind of regular but holy cow is amazing when you bite through the outer skin
  • Which is nice and chewy and delicious by the way the inside it's like it's me
  • Obscure soap and this thing is not too eggy. The texture is
  • Absolutely. Fantastic
  • little chewy
  • extremely truly soft on the inside
  • Oh my gosh this I'm not sad right now because I feel like once I didn't even Tokyo
  • I never have this again you guys ever say that movies downsizing. I wish I on the plane here
  • I wish I could downsize
  • Myself and just dive into this thing and just go to town and they still have enough of the rest of the week. Incredible
  • Yeah, I got a couple of pieces of monkey here more tea popsicle
  • Brewer no cheese amazing this box
  • This box I
  • Had to say it might be better than my beef box. You know why I shouldn't say that. I'm sorry. Maybe just get both
  • You know, I'm gonna do and then take my feet box for my chicken meatballs in it
  • I'm going to shave a little bit of rice. I'll tell you why because I got this massive piece
  • Of sea bass right here and they give me the little sauce pack to go with it again
  • This would be something that I'd be really good if it's fresh off the stove
  • And that's one thing I you know, don't love about this department store
  • I wish you like I wish - I wish this actually serve hot food and I get why they don't so the fish is not
  • As tender as it would be if it was hot, but still looks really darn good. Oh
  • Go ahead
  • I was like as soon as I bit into it around the house kicked me in the face with its flavor because I implied that
  • I wasn't tasting enough. The fish is actually really really tender a little bit sweetness to it
  • Definitely taste the soy sauce as well. And this will go perfectly with my leftover rice
  • Dish an amazing amazing piece of fish
  • Mr. Solo flavorful might not just the outside for the sausage. Look how juicy this is guys
  • I mean the me doesn't come off really easy because it's big cold
  • Look at this. She all that juices in this fish
  • So far everything I had today
  • Top quality stuff next up really excited. I'm gonna keep the fish next to me because I'm gonna need your help later
  • I'm gonna keep this by the way after I finish this look at this
  • it's like
  • I've only seen these in like animates like, you know, the girl likes a guy it strips him into going to the beach
  • He'll talk editor girl and they both bring like a little pencil box. Shake shake like this
  • The one girls really good cook down or food looks very intricate and delicate and delicious girls just made a huge dumpling
  • Yeah, I watch those too much. Enemy what I love about Japanese food. There's so much of it is
  • Presentation it's like I'm staring at a rainbow right now. It's got almost every single color in here and it's a ring so
  • Delicately and beautifully and guys, that's not all the surprise. It just keeps coming tada
  • Secret compartment number two. This one looks like some fatty beef some veggies and some peas, okay
  • Okay, you guys you guys hang on over here? Cuz don't don't block the star of this dish. Come on
  • Alright, this is the star look at it. Look at the beef. I
  • Mean again, it's cold
  • Well, you can see the fat on these slices of beef
  • And of course that's all covering a layer of white rice
  • I really almost don't even want to want to eat this because like it's just so ridiculously pretty but
  • But I got a the red snapper
  • It's good, but the sea baths were so amazing it kind of overshadows a bit
  • Joe solids are very nice and clean. No fishiness to it. The fish is cooking some kind of wine sauce tamago. I
  • Should save for the end because it nice and smooth
  • Tempura shrimp is lovely
  • That was a piece of ginger, wow, they realized that okay, I gotta change the ginger put some fatty beat my ration
  • Mushrooms weren't chained
  • In this thing almost kind of just like a like a crab meat ball I
  • Think that's a wrap with maybe some rice mixed in here. I gotta be honest
  • I was really excited about this tray because how pretty it looks
  • My favorite thing, you know just a fatty piece my boss. Very good
  • But everything else it's more pretty than tasty at least for me. So I'm gonna count this as a sort of a Miss OH
  • Got a big scotch egg. I think this might go go with my rice
  • Wow, that is a welcoming sight. Oh
  • Oh
  • Yes, please. Yoke me up
  • Daigo that's exactly what this rice needed
  • Saw so clearly so with the melty egg
  • And my sea bass and the beef that sort of just saved this entire bento box. Hi. I got the temporary only
  • This is all still kind of crispy. This is the fish. Okay. It's a cuttlefish
  • You know what this is not break part of all but you gotta just bite this
  • As much as that still tasted really good maybe tempura isn't something you buy at the department store because I
  • mean you need this like just freshly fried really crispy and the flavor is still there and it does taste really good, but
  • The punchiness have all been left is a long time ago
  • Is now almost kind of breaking my teeth so don't do tempura waiting hungry
  • I don't do as you want to take it home refried or something
  • Come on fish still not bad, though
  • Try the next thing. I'm really really excited about check out the beauty. That is this egg sandwich right here. Look at that
  • Stare in awe at his beauty. This is like the Halle Berry of egg sandwiches
  • Looks like little green beans on top a little a salad and the most beautiful soft-boiled egg
  • Also, there's a slight layer of cucumber on the inside as well. I'll bet you guys money. This is gonna be exactly
  • Get it exact
  • There's gonna be exactly as good as it looks. Oh
  • My gosh, oh it's so good. Oh
  • It's so good. I mean the egg salad itself. It's flavors so nicely it's not overly salty
  • It's just got a beautiful creamy egg mutation
  • So you get that head of egg from the egg salad?
  • Which is already fantastic and this beautiful egg enters the scene into two different flavors of eight
  • It's enough to give you a culinary shellshock
  • I don't know to Charlotte
  • and then
  • By the way, we do whole bunch of the cucumbers and we mean and then
  • There are there's
  • That second egg oh, oh
  • You can taste the difference between the texture. There's so much more depth of flavor in that solid egg. Yolk dish. Oh
  • I'll be thinking about this on my flight back to New York. Alright now that I'm done with the savory stuff
  • It's time for this dessert yet
  • I'm so excited because there's a couple things I bought that I have no idea that they even existed
  • I'm so excited to try first of all
  • This is a melon bun and I remember getting a melon bun when I was getting it with ice cream in Osaka last year
  • Though this is the top seller of this particular bakery. I can tell it's nice and hard on the outside here and it's truly
  • Gentle here. It's like a little porcupine like a melon sweet deserty porcupine. I'm just gonna break it apart
  • I'm hoping there's something oh, yeah. Yep. I was hoping there's something inside and there is look at that
  • There's some kind of custard and there's little pieces of what looks like honeydew
  • Oh
  • You will love this scratch that you will really love this
  • On the inside looks like a honeydew puree with chunks of honeydew, it's like you're invited to a party
  • And then only melons showed up you outside kind of tastes like a Chinese pineapple bun. Let's crush this sugar inside
  • It's so beautifully gentle. This is the essence of the bun right here my god, is it ever delicious? I feel like
  • But there is a way to make it better, let me check this breaking it half like I just dip
  • Stuff it with some ice cream. I think then even though this is a melon bun your taste buds gonna go bananas legit
  • If you if you guys are in Japan right now
  • If you're watching this video come to this department store and get this fun five top of ice cream
  • You guys will be even happier than I am right now eating this this is this is just so insanely delicious
  • All right, next up. This is something really interesting. I've never seen it before when I did see it. I
  • Questioned it I asked a person behind the counter has it. It's not really what I think it is and she confirmed it
  • So I bought it
  • introducing the
  • First chocolate sandwich I've ever seen my left. I think this senior chocolate so much
  • I've never seen a chocolate sandwich before maybe you've seen a lot more things than I have. But this is a chocolate cream cheese
  • Sandwich. I love this country. They make everything in the sandwiches strawberry and cream blueberry and cream chocolate and cream cheese
  • I don't like a bug get no less
  • Three pieces of chocolate and you see the cream cheese that's on the bottom of this chocolate
  • It's interesting it's very interesting first of all, I don't you guys heard
  • We get a crunch from the outer shelves of the gap then you get a crunch from the chocolate itself is the delicious
  • Yeah, because every single ingredient here is awesome. But get is awesome talk like munch choclate cream cheese
  • What does the love cream cheese, you know just work really well together
  • Doesn't that be even better
  • Just a much. Hope there's no hot cocoa or something
  • No, I got this next sandwich because when I was at 7-eleven, I got the strawberry cream sandwich
  • That's one of the most amazing things I've ever had sandwich wise. So this blueberry Sam. Look at this
  • It's a lot of whipped cream. Some looks like some blueberry jam on the bottom and some custard on the top layer
  • Yeah, just like it's strawberry pudding you're not going to be able to find a lot of fall with this sandwich
  • Greta's beautifully tender love the whipped cream. Obviously love the blueberry. Jam
  • They putting here berries are beautifully fresh their sweet little bits heart bursting with juice
  • My general recommendation is anytime in Japan. You see a sandwich made from fruits. You buy it
  • Okay, this this has looked better
  • I mean then I took it out of the box that kind of just fell apart a little bit. This is a strawberry tart
  • So you have to go and get either a strawberry cake or a strawberry tart already got it cut bunch of cakes today
  • So I forgot to get a tarp first of all
  • This thing is just layered with plump strawberries
  • Some whipped cream looks like strawberry jam on the bottom and they gave me this. This is an
  • Injector and they stuff this into this this little yellow layer here where there's cake
  • You see there's a layer of cake right before the little tart crust is maybe condensed. Oh, oh this is condensed milk
  • I think let me just
  • You have
  • You gotta get this. I
  • Know by the time you guys get here
  • Let me not be strawberry season anymore
  • But whatever season it is get this with that fruits a beautiful cake layer
  • It's not gonna be as soft as that sponge cake looking things
  • But this is a beautiful chewing when you shoot this little bit with condensed milk. It's gonna become a lot more moist lot juicier
  • So while you're biting into this the freshness of the food is so important
  • That's why the strawberries they put on this. It's just too juicy esteem
  • It's what you want to give your lover on Valentine's Day
  • This is what you want and it's not too sweet because you know just a hint of tartness in the strawberries yourself that makes this
  • One of the most balanced delicious dessert item I've had in Japan so far finally
  • doji my role I love unboxing my food and they shoved a couple of ice packs in here and they told me this is only
  • Good for one day. I reassured her that that would not really be a problem. And this is a limited seasonal item
  • It's not just a simple water Nereid Dojima role. It's an orange
  • No tomorrow this thing is so oh, oh, I'm so sorry. You got to treat it. Really really gently
  • If you thought fresh strawberries were awesome
  • You gotta taste some fresh oranges if you love drinking fresh orange juice in the morning to wake yourself up
  • These oranges will wake up your life
  • Finish this and one day I'll finish this a1 sitting the whipped cream
  • It's so so gentle when you heat it. It's like the wind is just gently caressing your tongue
  • And the reason the whipped cream is so good is because it's made with Hokkaido milk. He can't beat that
  • With the Hokkaido cream which is so ridiculously milky creamy and sweet and the rolls itself
  • Look, don't you all I got like a bouncy house made out of this
  • It's almost like tasting the heavens that was the greatest food shopping experience I've ever had
  • I think if you're in Japan, you should definitely go eat at a department store
  • I mean
  • there's nothing to be this one go go eat at one of them and just
  • Do what? I just felt the whole feeling of helplessness when you're just surrounded by
  • Like an infinite amount of food. This is like a foodies toys-r-us. It's a foodies food R Us
  • Of course guys, if you want to come to this one, I've put the information for you in the description box below
  • Thank you all so much for watching until we eat again. See you later

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When you think about department stores, you think high-quality clothes, bags, brands, etc. But in Japan, you're also thinking high-quality top-notch food! Today I'm at the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo, and I'm getting everything [that I can carry ;)] that looks good.

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