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Video We Dieted Like Chris Pratt For 30 Days
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  • I'm gonna try to get sexy and work
  • really hard to do it and hopefully I get
  • some some boobie mussels out of it the
  • transformation for Chris Pratt was
  • probably the biggest because he was such
  • a lovable chubby guy he turned into this
  • like sex and sex god I wasn't thinking
  • about nutrition and it's only gotten me
  • so far and now I'm kind of gaining a lot
  • of that weight back hopefully with a
  • nutritionist I can use that information
  • to change things for the better I have
  • body image issues I was a chubby your
  • kids used to I had really bad anxiety as
  • a kid the only way I was really able to
  • self-medicate was food I started doing
  • after Jitsu when I was 15 and then did
  • high school wrestling so that was in
  • really good shape at one point and then
  • you go back to everyday life the goal is
  • to get back on the horse
  • get back in the shape I know I can be
  • and live a healthier lifestyle
  • my name is Kevin Olivia with ph2
  • nutrition we're gonna be doing a 30-day
  • nutritional program similar to the way
  • the guys do it for the Marvel action
  • movies in 30 days we're gonna get you as
  • ripped as possible we're gonna use a lot
  • of different scientific methods to
  • determine the way your body responds
  • different nutrients the biggest thing
  • with the Marvel characters that they got
  • the big pecky pecs I never had anything
  • here a lot of that is genetic a lot of
  • it is genetic so I'm just gonna be I'm
  • gonna be I'm gonna be a cup forever
  • jewel 5.8 I'm way big this is what 183
  • points for 144 that was my weight in
  • sixth grade yeah like I said I'm a
  • little guys lean tissue 160 points six
  • six is great so if I was at 0% body fat
  • I'd be at 160 and you'd be dead right
  • going into it I think I'm most nervous
  • about not eating enough and if I am
  • eating enough am I still gonna have
  • those cravings for all the awful stuff
  • that I want to eat at the end of the
  • night but you need more muscle on your
  • body to support your frame
  • for sure yeah I can't probably work out
  • as hard as all these other guys because
  • I've got spine issues I'm gonna be
  • trying to exercise as I can but given my
  • life and you know my baby in the
  • situation I probably won't be able to
  • exercise as much dude is he just no I
  • did what did you eat
  • I ate three slices of pizza Oh
  • food is pleasure to me you know spicy
  • chicken wings and a pint is is what I
  • think is a good time but I'm not gonna
  • be doing any of that so it's gonna be
  • rough
  • I'm walking into Ralph's right now my
  • local Ralph's you know look Girl Scout
  • cookies what a tease this is probably
  • the healthiest my shopping cart has
  • looked in quite some time so I
  • specifically said I don't like bananas
  • and of course in my diet what is it
  • bananas so I'm gonna have to discard
  • this down in agony
  • lots of chicken thighs I just dropped
  • like over $30 with the salmon
  • I know how to make this much salmon when
  • I first started I realized how ignorant
  • I was thinking that I was gonna be just
  • hungry all the time like I wasn't gonna
  • eat anything I'm gonna be eating these
  • tiny salads and instead I'm eating like
  • these huge like 14 ounces of salmon at
  • stake so it shows just how little I knew
  • and how much I had to learn I weigh more
  • than I did yesterday which I was
  • surprised at I'm still surprised that I
  • have to eat more than I was eating
  • before I know I'm eating healthier
  • things but it's just it's a lot more
  • than I'm used to eating lots of
  • asparagus huge thing of applesauce
  • gigantic bag of rice only eight dozen
  • eggs that's not terrible already have
  • some eggs three gigantic things exactly
  • I got some cogs of changelings welcome
  • to my beautiful wife he eats them as
  • well years ago and I was dieting I made
  • sure to have nothing in the house like
  • that I'm married and had a kid now so I
  • can't just not have food in the house my
  • kid needs to eat macaroni and cheese
  • sometimes that I can't have I'm very
  • hungry right now I haven't had a chance
  • to eat my own dinner yet I really really
  • would like to have some of this mac and
  • cheese but it's for her and I can't have
  • any one seventy seven point six ah
  • you dropped from 144 point two to one
  • thirty eight point two in one week good
  • everything is fantastic if you do it it
  • works
  • [Music]
  • it was just about sticking to a routine
  • as opposed to constantly weighing myself
  • and constantly being in a mirror and
  • that was far better than trying to be
  • like oh I need to lose more weight so it
  • was just more controlled and focused and
  • it is more about the small goals as
  • opposed to the big goal but the big goal
  • comes with all the small goals have
  • already been achieved
  • I can't cheat I really would like to I
  • mean this is this my roommate has the
  • most delicious chicken wings in all of
  • LA and I'm home alone and I'm doing my
  • best not to open or eat these goddamn
  • things
  • did she there was a few times I did she
  • that you nibbled this zip that you know
  • it doesn't happen and I felt terrible
  • for it but it is difficult because I
  • think the world sets it up for you not
  • to be healthy honestly no no no no no
  • the strangest things I have to do is to
  • cook for my family when I cannot eat any
  • of the food that I'm cooking Chris Pratt
  • I'm sure he has someone that could
  • schedule his whole day out and like I'm
  • eating salmon and broccoli in my
  • apartment he's eating salmon broccoli on
  • a mountain and a mansion somewhere so
  • I'm pretty sure it's a little easier for
  • him I know that I could do it by myself
  • so I'm sure when you have that much more
  • of a support system it's that much
  • easier I did drop yep two poems nice all
  • right you drop another percent the
  • weekly check-ins were great they were
  • motivational getting new information
  • from Kevin every week it really helped
  • the point eight down hey it's down
  • there's no that's good
  • and the third week I had to go to a bar
  • I had to go to a party and it was the
  • first time where I didn't drink anything
  • very sober and this sucks I have to eat
  • all my salmon I do not want to eat the
  • salmon eating the same thing every day
  • is like watching the same episode of a
  • TV show you don't really like that much
  • for a whole month
  • how does my dinner make you feel about
  • your dinner
  • third week was the hardest medley
  • because at that point I mean I was
  • seeing some changes in my body but they
  • didn't feel like they were strong enough
  • for having it already been 15 to 18 to
  • 21 days the thing about food is like you
  • want to celebrate with it with a good
  • meal and also when you have a bad day
  • you want to have that meal to lift you
  • up but by god when I had my bad days
  • that was one that was the hardest little
  • worry there's no one I let anybody
  • I figured it would be a little easier
  • for a celebrity but for an average Joe a
  • little more difficult I tried to eat
  • more of the lunch and it's just not
  • happening I'm starting to feel sick
  • on the last week you change the diet so
  • that I get steak every other day and I'm
  • looking forward to it more than anything
  • else I'm loving it game planning my
  • celebration after I hit 30 days today is
  • my birthday and there are five days left
  • of this diet thing so I am celebrating
  • with the same breakfast I've had every
  • morning but it's okay because next week
  • I'm going to get to celebrate and I'm
  • with my beautiful wife in my lovely dog
  • who looks depressed as hell I haven't
  • not been enjoying life I just haven't
  • been partaking in the bits of life that
  • I was overdoing before so I got all
  • dressed up fancy I have not been able to
  • fit into these clothes for like a year
  • maybe more I'm amazed at how well this
  • fits now my pants fit right and my
  • clothes fit right I can you know it
  • gives me that confidence I can dress
  • nice and I can feel good about myself
  • it's made a huge difference the
  • beginning of the last week was easy
  • mentally I knew I put all this work in
  • and I'm about to be done plus we
  • switched up the diets and it was
  • delicious
  • I'm just happier so and I lost a bunch
  • of weight no matter what the scale say
  • on Monday you know it's a success I'm
  • excited I'm last week it's a good final
  • push everything's been going really well
  • so far I hope to keep it up
  • one eighty six point eight I lost 19
  • pounds in 30 days all that hard work did
  • show off like I can see all the hard
  • work I've done and I did make a change
  • and I know for a fact I'm looking in the
  • mirror that I did make a change 132
  • years ago night zone you can't just do
  • one and not the other you have to make
  • sure that you're eating healthy so that
  • your body has the fuel to make all the
  • changes to it put the exercise to use
  • will be crab 165 point to believe that
  • I'm pretty shocked especially from after
  • getting on the scale because that wasn't
  • far more of a drastic weight drop than I
  • thought it was going to be you learned
  • about your body I learned about your
  • body but nobody's ever gonna know as
  • much about your bodies as you training
  • is important but food is number one
  • knowing all this knowledge and
  • understanding how food works now and how
  • my body reacts to it it builds a
  • foundation for me to find that balance I
  • want to keep this up I'm not gonna maybe
  • restrict myself as much or do like as as
  • rigid as we have been but I'm definitely
  • gonna keep this going you don't know
  • what your body can and can't do so you
  • might as well test it you might as well
  • go out there and talk to the people who
  • do know what your body could potentially
  • do and find out you know you only have
  • one life to live so you have to enjoy
  • what do you also have to eat the right
  • things in order to live it long Cheers
  • Kevin thank you yeah there's more we
  • have to get in talking about but we're
  • going to enjoy this while we go
  • [Music]

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Three men take on the challenge of working with nutritionist Kevin Libby (PH2 Nutrition) to go from Andy Dwyer to Star-Lord in one month.


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