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Video 50 to 1 Q&A with filmmaker Jim Wilson and writer Faith Conroy
24:26   |   views   |   06/21/2016


  • 25 years I is a kid I grew up Cassidy
  • and my parents took
  • out to santa anita racetrack and
  • vinian field and
  • me to collect tickets and play football
  • and goof around so by the time I was ten
  • or twelve i was kind of looked i love
  • the idea of these horses carrying these
  • jockeys at 40 miles an hour i love the
  • competition i like that the pomp and the
  • circumstances I like everything about
  • racing so when I saw this race in 2009 I
  • was just at home on my couch watching
  • 2009 Derby which you saw a good piece of
  • here and I've seen tens of thousands of
  • races something between 25 years of
  • racing and I thought this was honestly
  • the most visually stunning race I've
  • ever seen a little horse am slammed 30
  • lengths behind beaten by seven lengths
  • and at 52 1 X that I need to explore it
  • just a little bit further and faith and
  • I spent months getting to know these
  • Cowboys but we came back from Roswell
  • what you see is the real thing we took
  • the mirrors and shine them on these boys
  • and they're just good old Cowboys and i
  • love the fish-out-of-water stories and
  • thought i've been looking for a couple
  • decades for a story like this and it
  • pretty much wrote itself so now i'll ask
  • us have you faith on to get these guys
  • were rooted in the store cute do you
  • guys just call them and hey you know
  • where we'd like to make a picture about
  • you guys how did that work it that is
  • exactly how it started at least we did
  • we Jim did he called him up and said we
  • would like to tell your story so they
  • wanted to meet us and we put together a
  • script on spec so that they had a sense
  • of what kind of story we wanted to tell
  • so that they had a sense of us as well
  • so we got on a plane we went down to
  • Roswell and they were having a huge
  • party mark was having one of his parties
  • and it was pretty wild we were heading
  • over to watch bird race and that was
  • over in Kentucky so we were going to fly
  • with them then to Kentucky so we spent
  • the weekend with these guys and on the
  • plane this was marks playing by the way
  • you saw marks plane in the movie
  • were handed a bottle of tequila and we
  • drank out of that bottle of tequila no
  • glasses and you share and as soon as we
  • did that I looked at gym and I thought
  • oh gosh here we go and it was like okay
  • just take a chug and hand it off and try
  • not to gag and that was it that we made
  • they loved us we were in it they could
  • do that with us there that they're all
  • right how were they in regards to making
  • a picture today you have a lot of input
  • in it did they let you guys do your
  • thing how was it working with the family
  • well we asked a lot of questions
  • obviously the great thing is everybody
  • was forthcoming it was we spent a lot of
  • time to Roswell and I love racing so
  • whether it was early morning and when
  • that stalls and they're mucking away or
  • were at the races or they invited to
  • their home so we got to know these guys
  • very well so yet that piece of that they
  • thoroughly enjoyed they were on set a
  • good bit chip more than anybody I
  • thought he might be reticent and
  • whatever the trainer was there because
  • he really wanted to see how you'd never
  • really been around the movies these guys
  • hadn't so how are they being portrayed
  • how was the however the race is an
  • authenticity and all that so it was
  • great to have them at my beck and call
  • because I did I could call him any given
  • day we're so familiar with them that I
  • can ask him any questions so hopefully
  • there's a bit of the authenticity here
  • because we shot at their homes they they
  • even you know gave us the shirts off
  • their backs to wear in the picture per
  • se we shot you know at all the
  • racetracks that really existed so they
  • went above and beyond the call of duty
  • and I think it helped picture a lot you
  • mentioned the racetracks did you guys
  • actually shoot any of this at Churchill
  • or is that Hollywood man no no no no we
  • didn't have a budget for our magic
  • that's the real deal as a matter of fact
  • Churchill Downs gave us access to
  • everything for about two weeks which you
  • don't get Secretariat how many days that
  • they get three days yeah
  • a lot of these they don't allow you and
  • one of the hardest things that we were
  • facing was that the scene with the rain
  • on the track as you know it rained like
  • crazy the night before and we aren't
  • allowed to bring any of our equipment on
  • that track that's the the real track and
  • we needed it to be raining and by gosh
  • if the gods didn't give us a little help
  • there too okay and we all went running
  • outside we had one of our assistant
  • directors on her iPhone watching the
  • radar Doppler and saying oh my gosh
  • there's a storm coming and we looked at
  • each other you've been sunny every day
  • and we thought we are in so much trouble
  • because you can't put rain showers out
  • you can't fake it at all because it'll
  • wreck one section of the track and they
  • were using it every day so my gosh if
  • that rainstorm didn't come just in time
  • and out we went running out we do the
  • scene and then it was beautiful again
  • until we had to have bird running with
  • Calvin because he's off the screen you
  • don't see him on any of this footage
  • that we had to use because he's so far
  • back he's not even on television during
  • the race so we had to actually put him
  • on our bird and run him on that track
  • and it needed to be overcast and it had
  • been sunny all day again and by gosh we
  • were ready to shoot here come the clouds
  • so we just thought wow this is this is
  • pretty special we're very fortunate that
  • you know the gods were looking out for
  • us soon and berta we put in the very
  • same stall in the same barn and
  • everything I said as much as I can do
  • for myself producing I'll help myself
  • directing if we put everybody in the
  • same clothes in the same location in the
  • same you know conditions it helps
  • everything so it was great now as a
  • director it's a it's hard enough to work
  • with actors and to choreograph Evan
  • scenes horses how does that work yeah
  • well the great news is I actually
  • wouldn't have done this I mean I've
  • produced a number of Western speed Wyatt
  • Earp and dances and the postman and I've
  • worked with a lot of horses so the
  • numbers weren't scary but the detail of
  • this was you know whether it's training
  • this particular horse his name is Sunday
  • rest and we use just one horse by the
  • way typically you use eight or nine
  • horses and secretary and see bisque to
  • do everything they've got
  • do and I can tell the difference between
  • a late horses but that being said this
  • is one horse we found up in Calgary
  • Canada and we must have looked at four
  • hundred head of horses until he just
  • matched physically and had the character
  • or looking for the same size and whatnot
  • and I must tell you that you often hear
  • about children and animals slowing you
  • up this horse sped me up this horse was
  • so ready to go to work every morning I'm
  • not kidding you in the trainer name is
  • Bill Lawrence he's a real Saint lives up
  • in Washington every morning at five
  • thirty I said bill how we do and he said
  • birds ready I mean our birds set to go
  • so the actors knew they had to catch up
  • with the horse I'm not kidding this
  • horse is Apple ready to go let's play
  • let's grab that doughnut let's go lift
  • up so I'm not kidding I lost no time
  • with this horse and I would never
  • attempt to this if I hadn't I mean I rye
  • i I've been around this for a lot of
  • year so for me the most magical scenes
  • are incorporating the real footage of
  • which I have some real footage obviously
  • here and then shooting footage that I
  • hopefully relatively seamlessly cut with
  • what you saw and so to recreate the
  • paddock scene or the jockeys room or
  • Calvin and the gates and our Calvin in
  • the race that was the most fun was was
  • recreating that so in truth I had the
  • best trainers I've worked with these
  • guys for now nearly 30 years so we just
  • got a call from Quentin Tarantino who
  • wants to use our horse as his lead horse
  • and his new movie because this was
  • already starring in two films now
  • exciting more legitimate the actors I be
  • in trouble but they must got a career
  • anything I've created a monster in this
  • guy he is owned by oh no you cannot wear
  • a hat around this guy anymore once you
  • teach you to do certain things that's a
  • bad habit ease got
  • bill was very cute he says you know he's
  • really naughty now but he's his he keeps
  • him in that he's up there with him
  • Washington when he's not working why the
  • decision to go with Calvin because
  • that's the actual jockey everybody
  • else's actors why'd you use the real guy
  • well if you watched what you just saw is
  • Calvin Borel there's nobody like that
  • out there nobody can be counted but
  • Calvin and Jim was very fortunate he
  • went down to Kentucky to talk to Calvin
  • and his wife because you know he's a
  • regular jockey he's out there riding all
  • the time and to try to get him away from
  • his mounts for the amount of time we
  • needed is not an easy task so Jim
  • brought him the script and he says
  • what's this for and he says well you
  • know this is where your lines are and he
  • says I don't read I ride I ride Calvin
  • has a third-grade education he wasn't
  • kidding he said I don't I don't wouldn't
  • have to talk about this so on set I
  • would literally have to read his line to
  • him and maybe a hundred times until he
  • finally got it what we were up to and a
  • complete naturalist as he did it but the
  • other thing is since I'm cutting the
  • real footage with Calvin on the horse to
  • take another jockey to you know try and
  • make him look just like Calvin I didn't
  • want to do it so it's seamless and he
  • he'd given a selfie give him a leg up on
  • the day and he tacks his own horse up he
  • did everything he came prepared that's
  • his real CD sits in that's his little
  • bitch ooh area of his parents that he
  • kisses that ritual every time for the
  • race so I said Calvin you keep bringing
  • it and you've got one more funny thing
  • about about something it was cute we
  • were we were sitting in seats like this
  • you know front of the little TV monitors
  • that we watch when we roll a scene and
  • Calvin's waiting for the next seem to
  • get started so he's sitting next to me
  • and I'm just blown away by what I've
  • been watching him do and I I turned to
  • my said Calvin how are you doing this I
  • mean you look so natural this is crazy
  • how are you doing this and he just looks
  • at me with that great big smile he says
  • you're my house now it was truly like we
  • were in the jockeys room you know that's
  • his house that's where he lives so he
  • was just being him he was doing
  • everything that he normally does he
  • is where it puts his tack he helped us
  • get that room exactly the way it should
  • be for when the Derby was going to roll
  • and you know we are hats her off to this
  • man I mean he was just so genuinely kind
  • and we've had the great fortune of
  • having him join us on our promotional
  • tour that we did because I don't know if
  • anybody knows about that but we what we
  • did is we opened it in New Mexico the
  • movie and we had our cast on a bus 45
  • foot long bus and we rode from New
  • Mexico to Kentucky just like they did we
  • mimic the tour that or the ride that
  • chip took with our tour and we stopped
  • all along the way we were opening the
  • movie as we were going and of course
  • Calvin's riding so he's meeting us at
  • different tracks across the country he's
  • out there in Hot Springs Arkansas it was
  • just it's the cranford was with us the
  • real bird the real mark the real doc
  • Serena his daughter I mean a bunch of
  • them came along and after a while we
  • started seeing the same fans and we
  • realized i suppose lady in louisiana and
  • the next thing I know she's in Nashville
  • I said oh my gosh I can't believe you're
  • here and she said well yeah well I'm
  • gonna see in Kentucky to the whole way I
  • said you really it's in this gal comes
  • over and puts her arm around this lady
  • and she's not a this was not a young gal
  • and I thought my gosh she's traveling
  • this country by herself and this woman
  • puts her arm around her and she said
  • yeah this is my adopted mom and I'm
  • thinking oh thank goodness and they said
  • yeah we just met I went to Kentucky to
  • so we have all these crazy wild fans
  • coming with us meeting us at all these
  • locations and so it turned into a really
  • really special tea any of them here
  • tonight all wondering are you out there
  • great near my face group they're called
  • the Caney acts they're the Christian
  • Kane fans and they're amazing and
  • they've been with us all along so if you
  • have a pic tamaki niak yet I know you
  • guys always have a lot of great
  • questions and I've got one more than a
  • help to you guys so if you got one just
  • raise your hand here in a second but
  • it's filmmakers I'm always curious
  • anything that you guys shot that then
  • got left out that maybe you personally
  • are a little disappointed or maybe wish
  • it would have been in anything at all
  • yeah it's a little bit it's a great
  • question but I'll take
  • 200 and I think 202 scenes and there's a
  • piece of all 202 seems in here nevered
  • my life what I've dreamt that you know
  • that produced a lot of films I see
  • directors throwaway material all the
  • time so maybe it's a fault of mine as a
  • producer becoming that director saying I
  • want everything in there but if there's
  • a touch of every single scene in here so
  • we wrote it very tightly we're on a very
  • strict budget mean we made this for
  • nothing four of us put up some money to
  • make the film you know obviously this is
  • not funded by Hollywood so they didn't
  • want the story and it was incumbent upon
  • us I felt passionate enough and faith
  • did to make it so we put our money
  • together and put it out there so I was
  • pretty damn sure if I was going to spend
  • the time to shoot it and put it all
  • together that he was going to make the
  • film that's so you might miss something
  • that you'll see some stuff on the DVD
  • when that eventually gets out there so
  • there's just a little bit not too much
  • but some of its fun you guys had some
  • questions we'll start right up here up
  • front hi I saw the whole reason I know
  • about your movie is because I saw the
  • great article in The Wall Street Journal
  • and I had seen the race love Calvin
  • Borel and so I got really excited when I
  • read this article and then even more
  • excited when I heard you were going to
  • be here the movie is going to be here
  • his Baffert was Deford not amenable to
  • being in the movie or was he not
  • available well here yeah just a real
  • quickie on Bob so Bob obviously the top
  • of this game is a phenomenal horse
  • trainer so he couldn't take ten seconds
  • out of his schedule he's got 200 horses
  • under his so he has to deal with that
  • and Bob obviously made the bad guy I've
  • known Bob for 25 years so Bob
  • historically was their competitor all
  • the way through I mean he truly was I
  • mean he he had midshipman the beat him
  • at the Breeders Cup yet pioneer the Nile
  • in the Derby so that is the guy to beat
  • so is your writing a story you sort of
  • feel like okay you make the bad guy is
  • going to be Bob and Bob can be
  • magnanimous and a terrific guy and Bob
  • can also be a wee bit arrogant and some
  • of these lines this young woman was a
  • journalist for AP for a long time came
  • right out of Bob's mouth
  • a lot worse I'm telling you this could
  • be x-rated now so I love Bob and all
  • that but I'll defend what we've done and
  • I think I mean the worst he is he's
  • arrogant and there are many a time I
  • walk down the track and say good morning
  • Bob and he just walked right on by me so
  • it was before of the movie okay now we
  • don't care but there was a actually he's
  • telling the truth we did actually go up
  • to him before we did this movie and we
  • said Bob were going to make this film
  • and you know you're in it and he started
  • telling us a story about the night
  • before and how you know are you worried
  • about they've got Calvin riding for him
  • and and these are literally at it's out
  • of his mouth and you know I'm not
  • worried about them but he called him
  • hayseeds and yeah those hayseeds I'm not
  • worried about those hayseeds and so we
  • had that in the script and Jim got
  • concerned cuz you know is this going on
  • and on and on and said maybe we're going
  • a little too far here me we don't make
  • him sound too bad so make the movie it's
  • out there Bob gets interviewed on the
  • radio right before Jim actually was
  • getting interviewed on the radio and I'm
  • listening in and I hear Bob and he's
  • there asking him about it well you know
  • and this guy was thinking he would be so
  • offended he says well he says first of
  • all he says I wouldn't call them Yahoo's
  • I would have called him hayseeds no gosh
  • there you go and then he says and
  • besides nobody's going to see this movie
  • anyway uh so I immediately booked the
  • film right next to Bob's house a little
  • running thing I'm sure Bob's got some
  • Barb's for me he's a brilliant brilliant
  • trainer and I don't think Bob's worried
  • about film so that was that yeah I just
  • want to say that this is probably one of
  • the best movies I ever seen my life oh
  • my goodness well can you come with me I
  • never had the tour bus
  • have a car outside with their got a room
  • in my car you can go to the next
  • screening if there is no but thank you
  • very much it's uh yeah it's wonderful
  • thank you yeah when you were filming the
  • scenes where Keller was getting all the
  • bad news and the pitchfork and all that
  • how many takes do you recall to take to
  • get all those done okay Calvin is that
  • this was really crazy because we were
  • trying to illustrate that everything bad
  • kept happy to this poor guy and he
  • actually lost five mouths okay so
  • there's more than what he actually lost
  • in this movie you lost another one and
  • so anyhow we did all these crazy things
  • with him and we're interviewing him
  • after we finished filming and I said
  • Calvin you know we did an awful lot of
  • crazy things with you you know how did
  • that feel for you you know you were
  • being a real sport he just looks at me
  • deadpan and says well when they see it
  • they're gonna know that's me and I just
  • it was a weird response and I said what
  • do you mean and he says well I'm
  • accident prone I think you're accident
  • prone and he says oh yeah he says but we
  • had company coming over and there was
  • this you know those inflatable
  • mattresses you know we were blowing
  • something up for our company and he said
  • well I was using a leaf blower and it
  • exploded and the plug got stuck in my
  • eye and I and I said to Lisa Lisa should
  • I pull it out and I'm looking at her
  • saying are you kidding me and she said
  • she shook her head says no we went to
  • the emergency room so what we did you is
  • tame he said oh yeah I said so you'd
  • step on a rake sometimes he goes oh yeah
  • I've done that a lot so the guy actually
  • is accident prone and so this was this
  • was our way of illustrating and we're
  • very fortunate that I mean who gets to
  • whack count Burrell in the face with a
  • rake dan one time I answer that question
  • which is great is that here I have a
  • Hall of Fame he was just in the hall of
  • fame of racing and took it off the
  • mounts for a week to shoot with us and
  • the first thing we do is put him through
  • the soap and I didn't quite get it right
  • the first time it wasn't quite the punch
  • I wanted so Calvin such a trooper and I
  • don't know that well I said Calvin I do
  • this again well alright so he drives
  • around
  • before times i put calvin borel through
  • the sofa last his face then the next
  • hour we run across the street where i
  • have the microwave blowing up that's a
  • nasty I mean that steps I used no
  • computer graphics I'm a dinosaur I love
  • set these things up having this macaroni
  • just slapped him across the face and he
  • blew that when he knew was coming it all
  • that stuff and it wasn't Doug it wasn't
  • cheesy enough I'm so glad she yeah we
  • had to do it again and Calvin is just
  • laughing his head off so we did two
  • takes on that that worked out pretty
  • well I swear to god he'd still be
  • slapping himself and with that rake cuz
  • he thought it was so funny he could come
  • up and he goes this is so cool boom so
  • Calvin Borel inches i had to stop with
  • him how do we got that off to go yeah
  • but he actually just so you know he was
  • also working with broken hand with us we
  • didn't know that somebody he told us
  • later that you know his hand was swollen
  • and it was because it was broken they
  • hurt themselves so much when they race
  • they do all sorts of things so you know
  • this is this was nothing to him we're
  • worrying about it like oh my gosh he's
  • getting hit with macaroni in the face he
  • gets hit with a horse in the face I mean
  • you know so yeah as far as the financing
  • what do you can what do you consider
  • almost nothing you said this is awesome
  • well that's almost stunning it's all
  • your I'm so relative so most of the
  • films I've done range from 20 to 100
  • million I've spent we made this for
  • seven so it's still for an independent
  • movie it's a nicely funded you know
  • seven million dollars is nothing to you
  • know it's money till it's a good chunk
  • of change but you know when you've spent
  • 40 million to make Secretariat for
  • instance or 90 more than 90 make
  • Seabiscuit this is a you know the
  • fraction of that so it's seven so it's
  • real money but it's thank God it didn't
  • spend 40 you know
  • I wanted to thank you for the movie and
  • how to tell you how much I enjoyed it my
  • nephew's father in law is Leonard blach
  • oh my god his wife is Serena Elvis
  • daughter so we've known about this
  • coming for quite a while and they've
  • been really excited to see it and I saw
  • it in the paper Friday and so I called
  • Serena and if you've met sumina you know
  • she's a little over the top we miss
  • Serena as a matter fact she's in she's
  • in bellevue washington tonight with her
  • gang watching it where yeah yeah yeah so
  • she told us we had to come and if we had
  • a chance to introduce ourselves and tell
  • you how well you portrayed everyone
  • because they are wonderful family and
  • they really are New Mexico comments yes
  • they are serena has been a blessing
  • mobloc family's been great and we had a
  • good we had the great fortune of
  • bringing all of the real characters
  • together with their actor counterparts
  • for kickoff dinner prior to filming and
  • it was just the kid it was such a kick
  • you're seeing you know William Devane
  • with with Leonard and they're just
  • sitting there chatting it up and it was
  • so much fun because when when think we
  • call him bill good name so when Bill
  • walks in the door Joanne the real Joanne
  • throws her arms up and says hi honey it
  • gives him a great big kiss I mean it was
  • just so cute and of the lunar did I'm
  • just great they couldn't believe the the
  • guy we had for their son kevin was just
  • like heaven we didn't realize because we
  • didn't know Kevin that well we were
  • doing it visually for the most part on
  • some of these characters and honestly
  • when the two of them sat down together
  • they were like twins wow we really did a
  • good job here now this is the last
  • audience question so I always like to
  • say this has to be
  • question of the night no pressure well I
  • don't know but um who was the actor who
  • played Bob Baffert yeah his name is
  • Bruce eckel minh and yeah Bruce I had
  • never known most these actors I didn't
  • know so but when we saw him I think
  • online originally or saw his head shot
  • it was uncanny how close he looked to
  • Bob Baffert and I had to get the shock
  • white hair didn't touch his hair had to
  • cut it just a tiny bit and he flipped it
  • the wrong way so we flipped up the other
  • way but he even spent time with Bob as
  • soon as he got the part he drove down to
  • San Diego down to Del Mar introduced
  • himself to Bob of course he's booked
  • just like a bunt while he's doing this
  • he's got a glasses on him so Bob took
  • him under his wing showed him his barn
  • and said Jim's making he knew who I was
  • Jim's making this film he said great
  • have at it so he was able to look at his
  • mannerisms and all of that and the funny
  • thing is we went good breeders cup later
  • that year and Bruce came dressed as Bob
  • Baffert and as he's walking around the
  • track I don't know how many hundreds of
  • people came up to him said Bob I should
  • I get worse of the face good luck and
  • what good luck he said I am just an
  • actor can you sign this for me Bob and
  • say no I'm not just I act I do him in a
  • movie I'm an actor he's it there yeah
  • okay could you just sign us Bob but I
  • finally started signing them I didn't
  • know what else to do is we believe me
  • they keep thinking it was you know Bob
  • just goofing around I could run the town
  • he should just go out there and act as
  • if I agree ah now obviously this is
  • something guys been working on for a
  • long time do you have anything that
  • you're working on for the future uh just
  • plans to go camping
  • but this along for ya this has been this
  • has been three and a half year nearly
  • four years or between sort of concept
  • and raising money and making the film
  • and getting it out there so it's uh it's
  • taken a while so no I'm just going to
  • catch my breath yeah we're looking
  • forward to relaxing and enjoying it you
  • know from a different perspective you
  • know I want to see this on DVD and home
  • just relaxing smiling laughing and not
  • having to worry about how many theaters
  • do we open this weekend I got like 80
  • right now well on behalf of everyone
  • here thank you so much for making the
  • picture thanks for coming out

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50 to 1 Q&A with filmmaker Jim Wilson and writer Faith Conroy - moderated by Casey Dolan at Cinemas Palme D'Or Theatre in Palm Desert, California on September 6, 2014.


Fifty to One Jim Wilson Faith Conroy Casey Dolan Cinemas Palme D 39 Or Steve Mason Bryan Cranston - Download Hi-Res Songs


Here With Me flac

CHVRCHES. 2019. Writer: Steve Mac;Martin Doherty;Marshmello;Lauren Mayberry;Iain Cook.
2 5 Seconds Of Summer

Who Do You Love flac

5 Seconds Of Summer. 2019. Writer: Andrew Taggart;Talay Riley;Oak;Sean Douglas;Luke Hemmings;Calum Hood;Ashton Irwin;Michael Clifford;Trevorious;Zaire Koalo.
3 Bonn

No Sleep flac

Bonn. 2019. Writer: Albin Nedler;Bonn;Martin Garrix.
4 Katy Perry

365 flac

Katy Perry. 2019. Writer: Zedd;Katy Perry;Caroline Ailin;Corey Sanders;Daniel Davidsen;Cutfather;Peter Wallevik.
5 Jonas Brothers

Sucker flac

Jonas Brothers. 2019. Writer: Kevin Jonas;Joe Jonas;Nick Jonas;Ryan Tedder;Louis Bell;Frank Dukes.
6 Alan Walker

Are You Lonely flac

Alan Walker. 2019.
7 Brooks

Better When You're Gone flac

Brooks. 2019. Writer: David Guetta;Emma Lov Block;Ido Zmishlany;Jackson Foote;Jeremy Dussolliet;Brooks.

Happy flac

DEAMN. 2019.
9 Ariana Grande

Imagine flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: JProof;Priscilla Renea;Happy Perez;Andrew "Pop" Wansel;Ariana Grande.
10 P!nk

Walk Me Home flac

P!nk. 2019. Writer: P!nk;Scott Harris;Nate Ruess.
11 Ava Max

So Am I flac

Ava Max. 2019. Writer: Cirkut;Ava Max.
12 Louis Tomlinson

Two Of Us flac

Louis Tomlinson. 2019. Writer: Bryn Christopher;Andrew Jackson;Duck Blackwell;Louis Tomlinson.
13 Bebe Rexha

Last Hurrah flac

Bebe Rexha. 2019. Writer: Andrew Wells;Nick Long;Lauren Christy;Bebe Rexha.
14 Anna Yvette

Chosen flac

Anna Yvette. 2019. Writer: TheFatRat;Laura Brehm;Anna Yvette.
15 Avril Lavigne

Crush flac

Avril Lavigne. 2019. Writer: Johan Carlsson;Avril Lavigne;Zane Carney.
16 Avril Lavigne

Dumb Blonde flac

Avril Lavigne. 2019. Writer: Mitch Allan;Bonnie McKee;Nicki Minaj;Avril Lavigne.
17 Greyson Chance

Timekeeper flac

Greyson Chance. 2019. Writer: Greyson Chance;Willy Beaman.
18 Tiffany Young

Born Again flac

Tiffany Young. 2019. Writer: Fiction;Satica;Tiffany Young.
19 Why Don't We

Cold In LA flac

Why Don't We. 2019. Writer: Corbyn Besson;Zach Herron;Jack Avery;Jonah Marais;Daniel Seavey.
20 Ellie Goulding

Flux flac

Ellie Goulding. 2019. Writer: Joe Kearns;Jim Eliot;Ellie Goulding.

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