Video Cheating in High School

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Cheating in High School
Cheating in High School thumb Cheating in High School thumb Cheating in High School thumb


  • You ever gone to a class and taken a test
  • and you seriously have
  • as to what you're looking at on the page?
  • Start looking around the room, everybody's writing except for you.
  • I hate that feeling.
  • And then the teacher says, "Okay when you're done you can turn in your test
  • and leave,"
  • so you went for like five minutes and then you turn your test and the teacher
  • gives you that look.
  • You get the tests back the next time you go to class and
  • BOW!
  • Big ol' fat F then you say "Bump this i'm studying!"
  • But if you're like me, you suffer from chronic procrastination and you wait 'til the night before,
  • To even open your book to study, And you study like a BOSS
  • Like you cram sesh in a fex
  • You get that book open and your studying for hours. You quiz yourself
  • You cover up the answer, and you read yourself the question, You start hyping yourself up
  • Like "What!? I'm gonna kill this test!"
  • Take the test and BLAW! Big ol' fat F so I start doing what some of you guys have
  • Probably done at some point, I.
  • Cheat.
  • Yes, I check my emails and I see what some of you ladies are saying "Swoozie, Tell us stories
  • About the old you"
  • I know exactly what you're trying to say, you're trying to say "Swoozie, tell us about
  • when you was a bad boy. Becuz i like the bad boys."
  • I'm gonna give you that today
  • Here we go I, Cheat. but I did it wrong at first I did what I call now
  • "Freestyle Cheating" where you just kind of turn your head and peak off the person
  • Next to you's paper. But, see, I learned you can't do it like that there's too many
  • Random Variables but people write their answers all tiny and small you can't
  • even read it. And it used to frustrate the crap out of me like how am i supposed to cheat off of you, If
  • your answer looks like Braille." People used to either write too tiny, or they were just
  • Too sloppy. Cuz the sloppier your writing is, the longer i have to stare at your paper
  • To figure out whatever your chicken scratch means. And it makes it pretty obvious that i'm trying to cheat.
  • It would make me so mad,
  • I would just wanna take my pencil and throw it at them, Then run over and rip up the test
  • How am I gonna cheat off you when your handwriting looks like the alien
  • Hieroglyphics from Lost
  • Look, right there. You even drew a bird and the numbers from the hatch
  • So, I try to Freestyle Cheat and get my test back and
  • And, BLAW! big ol' fat F. I gave up. I was like "Bump it.
  • I'm gonna fail this dumb class, I don't care anymore." But the next test that we had
  • I started noticing some sketchiness going on in the class.
  • Questionable sounds like people coughing and sniffling. How come Shayan
  • always develop these flu symptoms. Every time there's a test and then I saw it she
  • coughed and like 8 people around her all of a sudden would write down an answer and
  • then she'd sniffle and the same 8 would write another answer and I'm like,
  • "What the Flux Capacitor is going on here. This is a Multiple Choice test. These people are cheating!"
  • I look over at the teacher, totally oblivious as to what's going on.
  • I'm like, "Bump this. Everybody else is cheating, they didn't include me on this,
  • Oh no it's not going down like this." So I devised a plan. First thing I knew I needed, Accomplices.
  • So, i got my friend Paul and I got my friend Josh. I was going to be The Point Man,
  • Paul is going to be The Diversion, and Josh, Josh didn't do squat he's got a free ride
  • So in History class, That day before we actually took the test he would ask us
  • Some of the questions from the Answer Key and i watch him, Real carefully
  • He'd go up to the Podium, and he'd always take the answer key with him
  • And it was all multiple choice. And at the end of class he would always leave the answer key up there.
  • All right, so then i get Paul and Josh and i explain my master plan to 'em.
  • Blueprints, Charts. And I go Michael Scofield Prison Break on these kids.
  • So, the day before test, He gets up like he normally does, go to the front Podium
  • starts asking us a bunch of questions,
  • the bell rings, he goes back to his desk, and his name is Mr. Masters. Me (Swoozie Boy) and Paul
  • will give the little signal
  • Paul walks over to him and he's like, "Mr. Masters I have some questions about the
  • Embargo Act of 1807
  • so then I activate phase 2 - I walk over to the podium and I open up the answer key
  • and flip to the questions are going to be on tomorrow's test and I start
  • talking all loud
  • ok attention class i'm going to read off all the answers to the test
  • BBC DA
  • BBDC Mr. Masters looks up like, "What are you doing!?" I'm like don't worry don't wor-
  • *scoff*
  • Nobody's gonna hear me who's gonna sit here and memorize all these answers
  • anyway AA BBC C se- see there's nobody here
  • So he just shakes his head and go back to answer in Paul's question unbeknownst to
  • the teacher
  • I've got a tape recorder tucked away in my pocket recording all the answers
  • BOOM (can't tell him nuffin')
  • It's not cheating it's giving yourself a successful advantage
  • Like a BOWSE
  • *boss
  • Me, Paul, and Josh meet out on the patio
  • it's time to memorize this bad boy take a wild guess we do next
  • we turn those answers into a rap song
  • WHAT.
  • LET'S GO
  • B B C (yeah)
  • A (yeah) D D (yeah)
  • A C B (yeah)
  • B C B *igh* *igh*
  • Next day we walk into class
  • We bout to handle our
  • *business
  • Stone cold
  • Game faces on it's go time
  • We all sit on opposite ends of the class cuz we know
  • we bout to get A's what you gonna do about it you can't say
  • *nothing
  • But see now when i start taking these tests everybody thinks I'm crazy cuz i'm
  • sitting there mumbling to myself like
  • *scats, beat boxes, idk*
  • no mercy
  • Get the test back
  • BLAOW!
  • Big ol' fat A
  • "The teacher's job is to grade the student's mind, not the paper." - Swoozie 2011
  • Think about that.
  • And that's how we justify it
  • We weren't cheating,
  • we were collaborating.
  • Tiger blood? Forget tiger blood running through your viens
  • we got ninja blood on deck
  • There was one more collaboration that went down but if you guys promise not to do any
  • collaborating / cheating
  • in the meantime I'll tell you guys that story in an upcoming video
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  • Kenia Sanders
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  • Anmol yadav
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  • okbye

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Have you ever cheated in High School? I kinda might have.

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