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  • [Music]
  • 14 things that are banned in Japan there
  • are plenty of different cultures in the
  • world and while one thing is acceptable
  • in one country it can be totally banned
  • or considered very rude in another since
  • none of us wants to be rude smart is the
  • new sexy has prepared 14 things that you
  • shouldn't do when visiting the Land of
  • the Rising Sun are you ready to explore
  • number 14 don't go out without wearing
  • surgical masks if why do people in Japan
  • wear masks in public places you'll get
  • the answer right away
  • they wear it because it shows that
  • you're sick and it's worn for a hygienic
  • manner
  • it keeps germs away when you walk
  • outside it also doesn't mean people
  • would avoid you if you wear a mask
  • rather they'll avoid you if you don't
  • wear it knowing that you're really sick
  • therefore if you feel sick then please
  • wear a mask it's essential for you and
  • for others number 13
  • don't be noisy in public areas the
  • Japanese are well mannered and they
  • expect foreign travelers to have the
  • same kind of manners that they have
  • smoking talking and listening to music
  • loudly is strictly prohibited
  • especially on public transport in Japan
  • the people hardly talk with others on
  • public transports so don't start a
  • conversation with anyone so in case of
  • emergency you can do it and ask for
  • someone's help don't text or talk on
  • your cell phone when you're on a public
  • train or bus it's a kind of public
  • disturbance that you should avoid in
  • Japan if you have to smoke then do it in
  • a designated area where it's possible to
  • do so by the way do you talk on the
  • phone when outside number 12
  • don't shake and tap your leg shaking and
  • tapping legs is a habit which you should
  • avoid doing in the Land of the Rising
  • Sun these happen while talking to
  • someone sitting on a chair they could
  • make a bad sound which the Japanese
  • really don't like to hear if you have a
  • habit like this then it's easy to shake
  • and tap your legs very often so be aware
  • of it and respect the Japanese culture
  • and manners what is your usual sitting
  • position by the
  • number 11 don't walk on the right side
  • with more than 35 million people greater
  • Tokyo is one of the most densely
  • populated urban centers in the world yet
  • crowds are orderly everyone waits until
  • the light changes to cross the street
  • pedestrians on wide sidewalks follow the
  • unspoken rule of staying to the left
  • almost as strictly as cars do on the
  • left exception on Tokyo escalators stand
  • on the left and walk on the right around
  • Osaka escalator etiquette is reversed
  • number 10 don't receive a gift with one
  • hand if you're in Japan for an official
  • or business matter and you're likely to
  • receive a gift or a visiting card from a
  • person in Japan then don't just take it
  • with one hand it's pretty odd in terms
  • of Japanese culture use both hands and
  • with a bow and say thank you and you're
  • receiving a visiting card or a gift from
  • someone just to tell you exchanging
  • visiting cards in Japan is typical you
  • have to take a good look at the card
  • that you received this reveals that it's
  • important to you and you value it and
  • one more thing we must tell you the
  • Japanese don't open a gift that you
  • present until you leave them so don't be
  • offended and do the same thing when you
  • receive a gift from them number nine
  • don't forget to bow
  • whatever you do in Japan a simple verbal
  • thank you could make you a polite person
  • say it right after a waiter serves food
  • to you say it right after making a
  • purchase at a store in Japan it's the
  • best way of expressing your gratitude
  • don't you think so and when it comes to
  • talking about bowing make sure you're
  • familiar with it if not then learn how
  • to bow properly bow as many times as you
  • want and then say thank you in fact it's
  • a must thing to do when meeting with
  • elders show your respect please
  • number eight don't break the rules of
  • bathing etiquette you're advised not to
  • enter a bathtub but without washing your
  • body clearly outside the tub first
  • follow this golden rule especially at
  • hot springs or public baths it's a top
  • Japanese custom which has been carried
  • on for a long time and it still exists
  • to this day number seven
  • avoid of playing with your chopsticks
  • there are various rules attached
  • - the use of chopsticks one of them is
  • to avoid leaving them vertically on a
  • bowl of rice since its associated with
  • funerals and death just as we don't play
  • around with our colouring well the same
  • principle applies with chopsticks don't
  • fiddle with them unnecessarily for it'll
  • be considered very rude number 6 don't
  • write names and red ink
  • say goodbye to red ink pens as long as
  • you stay in Japan and don't even think
  • of it to write somebody else's name with
  • writing someone's name and red ink is
  • considered to be inauspicious and
  • disobedient still knowing the rule you
  • may accidentally write your Japanese
  • friends name and red ink on an envelope
  • before posting it at a post office in
  • Japan don't do it
  • number 5 don't leave tips there is no
  • tipping in any situation in Japan cabs
  • restaurants personal care etc to tip
  • someone is actually a little insulting
  • the services you've asked for are
  • covered by the price given so why pay
  • more if you're in a large area like
  • Tokyo and can't speak any Japanese a
  • waiter or waitress might take the extra
  • money you happen to leave rather than
  • force themselves to deal with the
  • awkward situation of explaining the
  • concept of no tipping and broken English
  • just remind yourself price is a price
  • now let's check how attentive you've
  • been while watching this video can you
  • remember any three things that are
  • forbidden in Japan right now
  • number four don't eat and drink while
  • being outside now you'll hardly see any
  • people who are eating drinking and
  • walking at the same time probably in
  • your country you see a lot of people who
  • do it
  • but in Japan people just don't do it
  • they have certain places to eat and
  • drink
  • for example during hanami season
  • Japanese organized outdoor picnic
  • parties under the sakura trees and even
  • when there is a designated spot where
  • they sit and enjoy their meal by the way
  • do you remember why it's forbidden to
  • leave chopsticks vertically we're
  • actually talking about it in the number
  • seven fact number three never forget
  • about thresholds take off your shoes at
  • the entrance to all homes and most
  • businesses and hotels usually a rack
  • will be provided to store your shoes and
  • a pair of guest slippers will be waiting
  • for you nearby many Japanese bring a
  • pair of indoor slippers just in case
  • though never wear slippers when you need
  • to step onto a tatami mat used in most
  • Japanese homes and hotels the standard
  • unit of measurement for area even today
  • and be careful to remove the toilet
  • slippers waiting for you in the bathroom
  • it's extremely bad for example to
  • re-enter the main room of a house
  • wearing slippers that have been running
  • across dirty linoleum number two never
  • be late when you're to meet with someone
  • in Japan especially with Japanese please
  • don't be late come on time for your
  • scheduled meeting the Japanese are quite
  • punctual and value their time be on time
  • just like them when someone invites the
  • Japanese to a meeting in a certain place
  • they always get there on time value your
  • time and the time of others number one
  • don't lose attention when speaking with
  • a person you always have to stay cool
  • and attentive for example in Japan if a
  • local is just speaking with you while
  • you're just listening to him or her talk
  • without expressing that you have a real
  • attention to his or her words that would
  • be considered impolite and rude if
  • somebody is talking to you but you're
  • not talking back to them then your
  • opponent would definitely feel
  • uncomfortable talking to you you at
  • least have to respond with oh yeah
  • okay that's good nice I got it oh I see
  • and please no yawning during a
  • conversation just hold it
  • scrolling your smart phone and talking
  • at the same time it will not work in
  • Japan by the way do you remember the
  • main rule of using mobile phones on
  • public transport
  • if not you can refresh your memory by
  • rewatching number 13 so which of these
  • rules do you always follow in your daily
  • life we'd be glad to hear about them in
  • the comments also remember to click
  • subscribe to be among the smart and the
  • sexy
  • [Music]

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Subscribe! Because SMART IS THE NEW SEXY:

There are plenty different cultures in the world. While one thing is acceptable in one country, it can be totally banned or considered very rude in another. Since none of us wants to be rude, Smart is the New Sexy prepared 14 things that you shouldn’t do when visiting the land of the rising sun. Are you ready to explore?

#14 Don’t go out without wearing surgical mask if……..
Why do people in Japan wear masks in public places? You will get the answer right away. They wear it because it shows that you are sick and it is worn for hygienic matter. It lets keep germs away when you walk outside. It also does not mean people would avoid you if you wear a mask rather they will avoid you if you don’t wear it knowing that you are really sick. Therefore, if you feel sick then please wear a mask; it is essential for you and for others.

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