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  • hey guys welcome back to another video
  • for today's video I am going to be
  • showing you guys my baby's nursery tour
  • like you guys know I have a little one
  • his name is Max and he's actually 10
  • months and I have a baby girl on the way
  • so with that being said I wanted to make
  • sure that both max and his baby sister
  • were in the same room which is a little
  • hard when he's a boy and she's a girl so
  • I wanted just to have this whole very
  • minimalistic theme going on where both
  • of them could have their own section of
  • the room and I didn't have to do like a
  • blue room or a pink room or anything
  • like that at least not now since they're
  • both so little you know they don't know
  • right now so I feel like until they're a
  • little bit older and they'll have their
  • own room and they'll be able to select
  • basically if they want like a pink or uh
  • you know a blue or cars or princess I
  • don't know how you would even like what
  • they would even like I don't know but
  • since they're so small right now I
  • didn't want to keep them in the same
  • room and I feel like that's just gonna
  • maybe help them grow their bond as well
  • as brother and sister sorry if I'm out
  • of breath but I literally just come up
  • the stairs right now like I ran over
  • here too low I mean to record before the
  • Sun went down it's super gloomy outside
  • and it's only four o'clock and already
  • I'm running out of daylight so I wanted
  • to make sure I got a good video for you
  • guys before the date and so if you guys
  • are interested in seeing what my baby's
  • nursery looks like then just keep on
  • watching okay so the first thing you see
  • when you walk in is there room here this
  • is my Beauty room I'm gonna be showing
  • you guys that
  • in Thursday's video so just an overview
  • of what the room looks like on the right
  • we have Camilla side and on the Left we
  • have max's side and his side is pretty
  • much finished I'm gonna start my way
  • around just so you guys can really see
  • just how we organized everything for
  • them and as you go to this side there's
  • a blank wall right now and that's
  • because I ordered her a sign and it
  • shows her it says her name on it it's
  • like this really it's like a circle
  • would sign and it says Camilla Celeste
  • on there and I have not received it it's
  • pretty big it's probably about 26 inches
  • so it's gonna cover most of that I was
  • going to wait until I got the sign to do
  • hers you know like do the whole nursery
  • tour but I was like if I keep you know
  • prolonging it I'm never gonna post it so
  • for coming this crib we went with a
  • white crib I was going to do the
  • matching like black cribs but I felt
  • like the black was just a little bit
  • more masculine so I decided to do the
  • black crib with this really nice mustard
  • colored sheet I ordered her a cover for
  • Max's duck etat and it's like this very
  • pretty pink peachy flowery tone so her
  • daca tops gonna be right here so I want
  • you guys to use your imagination pretend
  • there's a sign there and pretend that
  • there is a doll fatah in there but it's
  • a really girly really flowery and it
  • matches the flowers that we have up here
  • for her side we added these flowers that
  • I got on Wayfair and honestly they're
  • really nice flowers but they were very
  • expensive
  • I wish right who maybe go with like a
  • cheaper alternative I paid $100 for just
  • that section there in the corner so you
  • don't really get that many flowers I
  • wish I would have ordered like another
  • one but two hundred dollars on just
  • flowers like that's ridiculous so I just
  • kept it in that little corner I wish I
  • would have maybe like spread them out a
  • little bit more but with her sign right
  • there if I still see that it's still
  • really dull I'll probably order like a
  • smaller pack of like the small ones and
  • just add them like here in this little
  • corner you know but I thought them like
  • the simpler the better
  • and and in all honesty I wanted to keep
  • it as simple as
  • so cool cuz I feel like that's just
  • gonna help me always keep this room
  • really nice and clean and so far it's
  • been working for him
  • max has actually been sleeping in his
  • nursery and I'm so proud I'm like trying
  • to like cut the umbilical cord but it's
  • so so so scary because you know he's so
  • small still he's only ten months but I
  • do want to get him used to sleeping in
  • his nursery already so in that way when
  • his sister comes then I'm able to have
  • her in the room for the first couple of
  • months and then hopefully they'll both
  • be sleeping through the night and then
  • both in their nurseries so fingers
  • crossed that is the goal down here I
  • added this little IKEA set it was in my
  • beauty room before not in my beauty room
  • in my closet so I needed a space for it
  • so I thought it looked really good here
  • I'm thinking about getting like a
  • changing thing for the top area I don't
  • know what they have small ones like that
  • if they do this will work out perfectly
  • but this is just gonna be really good
  • for extra storage like for her as far as
  • like her trueborn is her I don't know
  • just little accessories that might not
  • fit in like the big drawers or in the
  • little closets so I just wanted to keep
  • this little section for her specifically
  • here we have the diapers you know a
  • little garbage can to keep the room
  • smelling nice and clean the windows
  • there's two windows here I didn't put
  • any curtains on there I am I am getting
  • blinds on all of the windows installed
  • next week I had to order them because
  • all the windows are like super random
  • sizes so I had to like special order all
  • of them so those are coming in so that's
  • what we only have like curtains there
  • but on this little section here I
  • basically have Max's and Camilla's
  • clothes so this is going to be divided
  • between two max section Camilla section
  • I have a little lamp there I have a
  • clock just a little green little lamp
  • I've been trying this lamp on for him at
  • night to just have some light in there
  • for him and then here in the middle is
  • where I have like there's stuff that
  • obviously they're gonna be able to share
  • which is their lotion max he had a
  • reaction to Johnson and Johnson so I've
  • been using a baby of you know eczema and
  • I also got baby Cetaphil for him
  • because he has been getting eczema on
  • his face so that's kind of what I've
  • been working with him aqua force and
  • title he have some wipes you have Max's
  • little cologne thing comb and then
  • another baby
  • eczema lotion about poodle we have a
  • host little golden at this in here
  • hand sanitizer make sure that you know
  • our hands are clean and then a little no
  • sucker then we have baby wipes important
  • and then we have Camilla's baby little
  • diapers and then we have Max's big boy
  • diapers so I have them here this
  • organization so when we are changing him
  • up here I set up all of the I guess like
  • sleeping books yes a playroom downstairs
  • that has basically all of like the
  • learning books like the ABCs the words
  • all that stuff these are more like you
  • read them at night before bed so I just
  • wanted to keep these up here so I just
  • put some of my favorite I honestly this
  • one's like my favorite book right here
  • love you forever if you guys have not
  • read that to your baby
  • you guys should it's one of my favorite
  • books I love that book so that's kind of
  • what we have in this section right here
  • to the left we have just a basket full
  • of some teddy bears these are the Bears
  • that Max had in his crib and one of
  • these actually is his heartbeat I
  • believe it's this one let me see if I
  • could find it yeah right here
  • so that's Max's heartbeat when he was in
  • my belly so all his little bears then
  • his mother Nino got him that and it went
  • really good with with the room and then
  • for Max's side I went with more of a
  • black and white theme we got the best
  • sheets at Walmart he has a little bear
  • this is what he's been sleeping with
  • every single night his grandpa got it
  • for him and then his little elephant
  • that makes like stars and stuff I have
  • the camera there set up so I can hear
  • him at night and then right above we
  • have the giraffe and elephant safari
  • canvas I got these on Wayfarer as well
  • they're really good quality benthic
  • canvases made out of wood they were
  • about $70 a piece if I'm not mistaken I
  • know that Etsy has a cheaper alternative
  • you guys don't want to spend that much
  • where you guys can print them yourself
  • can't guarantee that the quality is
  • gonna be amazing like these but they're
  • definitely cheaper alternative because
  • this quality is really good as an actual
  • canvas so his little section is honestly
  • like the cutest I thought it was so nice
  • and it's just so pretty and then I got
  • this carpet at Ashley's furniture when I
  • purchased all of my furniture they gave
  • me that for free
  • so now for the closet as you guys can
  • see here we separated basically Camilla
  • side and Maxis side on the right and it
  • has a lot of storage for now babies
  • literally their clothes is super tiny so
  • they fit so much clothes max this is all
  • of his clothes after him at the moment
  • he is wearing 9 to 12 months he's really
  • he's actually pretty lucky throw and
  • he's long so all of his clothes still
  • fits him even some like 6 to 9 months
  • still fit him believe this one's like 16
  • I may have 16 months like these fit him
  • really nice and snug then I just have
  • like a random basket right there I have
  • all of his little jeans hanging here and
  • then I have some edita have a Gucci
  • outfit I have some Adidas outfits and I
  • have some just random outfits down here
  • we have all of his little shoes these
  • lil ones up to him at the moment and
  • then we have all of his jackets so it's
  • already going to be winter this week
  • it's gonna be raining so I'm gonna have
  • to take some of those bad boys out so he
  • can wear them one last time but those
  • are all his little jackets and then
  • those are just some shoes here in the
  • corner that still don't fit him up here
  • is just random storage honestly likes
  • hearing stuff he was like I have like
  • his chiponis some baby ray-bans some
  • baby books and then I have his memory
  • box that's where I have basically like
  • his ultrasound pictures my pregnancy
  • test his for hue stuff like that up
  • there we have random baby blankets for
  • the baby for Camilla we haven't
  • purchased a lot of stuff for Camilla
  • because obviously in the baby shower you
  • get a lot of stuff so I don't want to go
  • crazy buying things just yet I'm waiting
  • for my baby shower to see what I get and
  • then after that you know we'll start
  • putting all of her clothes on here but
  • so far that's all we've gotten for
  • Camilla and these are all honestly like
  • pretty much a gift
  • from like family this is a little dress
  • I actually bought her and it was so
  • freaking cute we have some little shoes
  • here I got these like gap or maybe just
  • little what a cheap those for her and
  • stuff those are Max's shoes that not
  • these right here these were actually for
  • her but these were like Max's little
  • baby Adidas that hopefully she'll be
  • able to wear as well as these combos I
  • haven't found the other one because
  • we've been moving so it's there and then
  • Max's little Reeboks obviously they're
  • gonna say her as well so that's why we
  • separated that extra clothes more
  • blankets more blankets and then on her
  • section we just highlight basically like
  • her baby bottles all this is gonna
  • change once she's born because we're
  • gonna be actually using these things and
  • then these are just gifts that were sent
  • from boutiques and then this is what I'm
  • gonna be taking out Camilla from the
  • hospital with that blanket and the
  • little hat so that's for her and then
  • for her drawers we have these dividers
  • in there
  • I have little hats and stuff like that
  • socks chiponis for her and then down
  • here we have some headbands these are
  • all headbands from like Etsy from
  • companies I have sent them to me for her
  • so those are all nicely organized
  • they're down here we have just more
  • organization we have some little socks
  • so it looks like I said her sites pretty
  • empty right now that hopefully will
  • change within the next couple of weeks
  • Max's section we have all of his little
  • socks we have all his little hats his
  • scarves and then in the second section
  • pays off when babies stuff is so tiny
  • honestly we have all of his little
  • underwear my mom hates when I don't pick
  • ups on his on him if he's wearing jeans
  • or shorts or whatever he wants she wants
  • me to always have cuts on his on top of
  • his diaper because he says that it just
  • looks nicer so she bought me a whole
  • bunch of cuts on us for him and then we
  • have all of his bits which he's not
  • using anymore because he's hardly
  • slobbering or anything like that so we
  • don't really use those then you warm
  • I didn't even show you guys on this
  • section but those are shared obviously
  • by them but just to give you an idea so
  • all of Max's baby clothes it's all
  • folded up there those are his shirt
  • these are his jammies and his pants and
  • here are all of his male locals and his
  • bath towels on the corner so here on
  • this little corner here I got this
  • hamper from Wayfarer and it's a double
  • hamper so this is gonna be max aside and
  • then this is going to be baby kinda left
  • side so that was also pretty awesome but
  • yeah guys this is the nursery okay so I
  • just sat on the ground because I'm like
  • super out of breath but um yeah this is
  • his nursery and Camille is a nursery I'm
  • saying so much more like him because
  • he's the one that's really in here right
  • now
  • some things are obviously bound to
  • change once you know my baby girl is
  • here I will show you guys on my vlog
  • channel it because of falling women vlog
  • channel once the doctor taught and the
  • top section of her crib comes so you
  • guys can just see that difference but
  • I'm so excited I'm so excited for her
  • arrival
  • I'm so excited for max to be in here and
  • him finally have his own little room to
  • himself like I said I really spent a lot
  • of time with little details here with
  • the his room it was the first room in
  • the house that I finish and that I did
  • and he was like my main focus in the
  • beginning I was like I just wanted him
  • to feel his room to feel perfect and
  • just really organized you know and it's
  • like I accomplished them it's very very
  • very minimalistic so it's gonna make it
  • very things very easy for me to keep
  • organized at least I'm hoping so yeah I
  • hope you guys all enjoyed my baby's
  • nursery tour thank you guys all so much
  • for watching and I will see you guys on
  • the next video
  • love you guys baby baby baby don't you
  • know yet
  • I've been owner

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