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Video Every NBA Star's Most SAVAGE Moment!
07:25   |   views   |   01/05/2019


  • With eight to shoot and the posting ever good job
  • Got the rebound lays it out to pole-sitter. We said no Melvin. I can't believe it fortunate
  • You know why Paul shot it the shot clock should have reset ahead
  • How far was that he was about five steps behind
  • Oh George
  • He had feet good amazed as you can never come against have you normally say salt of the earth
  • Is that right cp3 stop it now you've got Chris Paul
  • That is not right
  • I mean, that's something you would see on the Rooker league
  • And if you're Zuba, if someone else got to take Chris Paul off the air right here
  • Right Paul's done for the night
  • They sweep the Detroit distance
  • They sweep the Detroit Pistons
  • Ben Stevenson all-over George finally draws the foul shots good at that one
  • No, three guys are good friends and play a lot of video game together flashback for different folks
  • In a flashback a lot of practice battles also and how about Westbrook playing the guitar?
  • Anything you can do I can do better and they stuff see this star Stevenson looking out of through two quarters completely
  • 5957 Thunder stay tuned for the Toyota halftime
  • Point would have 22 points from Dedmon and leaders came back Oh Leonard and tal that scores
  • Just sheds mclemore sirs. Thank you for the extra point opportunity. You can't even disagree with that. Just let me take it from you
  • Takes it right out of his hands with the claw and finishes
  • Boy he is an example of
  • Will hardly heard it though. Oh, why last year all-nba first team Defensive Player of the Year?
  • Nate's on Westbrook and stares him down
  • Milah would have kept in two three
  • Great hustling for the rebound. And here's Justin Anderson to many serious
  • Country knocks it away from the Marcus that comes launched on three on two
  • Lonzo all the way laughs a fly swatter by Davis Danny Davis showing all facets of
  • His game blocking it deep in his for at 1:10
  • Well, do you think it would be cool if the Lakers dig it into Davis somehow?
  • No
  • Rebound gathered by Zeller here is the honest
  • Someday
  • Kobe Bryant used to like to say if you're working out in June you're too late if you're backpedaling again stopped at the cookb
  • Oh you surprised that it's gone as well or should you think it was certainly to work? I thought it was going to be
  • He spared it Wesley Johnson and then he hit
  • He put him on the deck and then he hesitated
  • Stared at it for a few seconds my goodness. I love seeing the thought man, you know, we put a team on the foul line
  • Report anyone following that much they bound to score a lot
  • So and this was Drake night here and he's the one who just interrupted us
  • Give me a taste of what the trash talk was like with the you know
  • What the interaction is like with your your funny there? Oh, you're the damn about no damn straight night
  • Curry behind the back
  • Moving around and warm up three. Yes, sir
  • If you watch everything to transpire there it just has to put a natural smile on your face
  • Carrie playing with five fouls defending LeBron James
  • James
  • Throws it inside again to Thompson
  • Tristan Thompson 15 points 15 rebounds
  • It's bedlam here in Cleveland Mary blocked by James
  • Making a statement on both sides of the floor says to the two-time MVP get it out of here
  • Not on my watch and then how about this?
  • For too long
  • Seven straight points by Iverson looked like he was dead in the water
  • looking for contact from
  • So heal and get this bin back and Dwyane Wade right at the bottom of everything better job
  • Welcome to your Kodak moment Anderson Varejao
  • The white what Matt Laurens doing that doesn't make any sense to me
  • Unless he thinks he can entice Kobe Bryant to get thrown out his head. He without her is no he's going to intimidate and now
  • He fakes the ball, I mean
  • Somebody in a magic mirror fall, even if I'm Stan Van Gundy
  • I'd consider maybe bullying that Maas out and have a
  • Discussion with it because at the end of the day we need you on the floor
  • You're not going to get into the head of Kobe Bryant

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