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Video autorun all game and win
11:21   |   views   |   03/13/2019


  • I changed my code to laser then someone
  • stole code laser beam and laser with an
  • E and they're trying to scam you make
  • sure if you try to support me use code
  • laser with an a so I saw this post on
  • Reddit it was a default afk Auto running
  • then a bunch of players tried to protect
  • him it was real funny gave me the idea
  • of running the whole game or to run the
  • entire game first I'm gonna be a
  • complete default and afk auto run and
  • see how late in the game I can get then
  • I'm gonna play normally but I have to
  • order run all game alright the moment I
  • jump out of this bus I engage auto run
  • take my hands off the keyboard we're
  • just gonna see what happens probably
  • gonna get shot should be pretty funny
  • huh
  • here we go we're on the ground eagle has
  • landed not dead yet now this is content
  • that's sort of used code laser in the
  • fortnight item shop
  • [Music]
  • I'm about to leave the circle that means
  • I am guaranteed to die
  • oh shit another player will he kill me
  • let's find out
  • oh shit I'm completely stuck on some
  • rocks ah it's gonna be a horrible death
  • all right water running until the end of
  • time baby all right another thrilling
  • attempt as you can tell I'm Auto running
  • right into a cliff you know this is way
  • less fun without fruit loops
  • oh it's nowhere near as entertaining oh
  • I'm feeling good about this one
  • we're only just walking into the circle
  • we have so much green ahead of us
  • in fact I'm gonna walk away I'm gonna
  • come back when I got a victory reality
  • [Music]
  • I'm alive how the hell am I still alive
  • it's 14 players left I'm still alive
  • alright I just I'm gonna get him stuck
  • from out under the mountain then he can
  • go again now we're back to bein afk
  • let's see if we catch the dog I'll be
  • back
  • [Music]
  • of course I'm sweaty bastard shot me top
  • two now the real challenge apologies but
  • my face cams corrupted for half this
  • video basically with all that run you
  • can't stop moving forward so like
  • buildings like impossible you you can't
  • you can't build properly you can't drink
  • shields cuz that would of course get rid
  • of auto run C go rid auto run auto runs
  • that little icon down there you can't
  • use gun properly cuz you never get first
  • shot accuracy cuz you're always moving
  • forwards I can't use chest cuz I can't
  • stop to open them it just basically
  • makes play in the game super awkward for
  • me and that is why it's a challenge
  • alright let's jump out the bus an able
  • auto run challenge begins
  • since when does so many people land at
  • fatal fields am I being streamed sniped
  • oh god oh god I need to find some floor
  • loot I can't stop moving forward I can't
  • sit still
  • alright let's get in here yeah yeah
  • thank god I can still open doors I'm
  • panicking now I need okay good green
  • pistol let's loot all these stores get
  • mats thankfully I can still bash stuff
  • while moving forward this is great oh
  • look a chest sick I can't use it I also
  • can't sit still to look at it I just
  • want to look at the chest
  • sit still laser babe even if I'm aiming
  • my gun I can't sit still - someone here
  • I got him Oh get his loot baby
  • alright that's why I'm killed down I'm a
  • legend still can't stop moving forward
  • alright so if I'm out in the open it's
  • if you know it's pretty good it's close
  • quarters and trying to build it it's
  • gonna be hard I've seen someone off in
  • the distance here I'm gonna track him
  • down come on Frank you haven't been on
  • the laser beam channel the wall good to
  • be back
  • sure it is I can't even aim down sights
  • properly okay I can build it's just kind
  • of awkward all right I flew away
  • [Music]
  • so I Christina hit him hard
  • god damn it now that's it I'm landing in
  • the remote regions of lonely lodge and
  • I'm just gonna run around in circles
  • until the final circle in which case
  • I'll die atop two auto run enabled baby
  • here we go at least over here and lonely
  • lodge no one should disturb me you get
  • it because it's a lonely watch you know
  • I'm lonely and what's the bet that I
  • auto-runner off this tower I'm gonna
  • order run straight off the top of it
  • thank you I don't think I got any floor
  • loop I don't think I got any single it's
  • two chests but I can't open it's like a
  • bite all right let's run out him I've
  • got no choice I can't keep moving
  • forward jump get him all right so
  • awkward icon never went anywhere
  • that was definitely a bot but somehow I
  • out bottled them alright so it turns out
  • someone did come to lonely Lodge and now
  • lonely Lodge is lonely again oh god I've
  • so far to go to the circle better start
  • running
  • just keep runnin runnin and runnin
  • runnin and runnin it's someone right
  • there I'm gonna land on golf or I kill
  • games here voice
  • I'm an absolute savage just absolutely
  • rocked his world Hey look a treasure
  • chest I haven't used those yet but I
  • mean there's no point in me using the
  • treasure chest
  • I can't open the chest it was right
  • there too you know I was gonna dig it up
  • for the culture I'm just gonna dig it up
  • for the culture although I can't even
  • open it sure I would love to open this
  • big fancy treasure chest to get sick
  • loot but I can't we try to snap right
  • now but because I can't aim properly
  • after run right to him let's hope they
  • don't notice me sneaky sneaky beam
  • oh how am I still running and getting so
  • many damn kills I've never stopped
  • running forward oh shit
  • let me in
  • all right got it twitch TV I can't stop
  • moving forward
  • ah I can't stop moving forward I'm so
  • dead my car I wish I could move any
  • direction with four-way Oh God if only I
  • could have stopped freaking moving let's
  • do it again
  • oh that symbols gonna give me nightmares
  • I'm probably just gonna run around in
  • circles until like top five then I'll
  • inevitably die but I'm still gonna try
  • it bashing trees is about the only time
  • I can stand still you know I really
  • appreciate the time it gives me of
  • standing still really a treat makes me
  • appreciate standing still are gods so
  • good not to walk forward there's someone
  • in this house again why is this always
  • someone here I can't stop running
  • forward I've got to run around in
  • circles to try and get a shot I'll catch
  • you eventually sweating hard this is
  • awkward as hell it's always too awkward
  • to move gotcha
  • x-man thanks for the free loot buddy
  • never stop moving forward either begin
  • operation run around in circles until
  • the top five I'm gonna sit in these guys
  • are a lot to his do laps just chill
  • there's another guys over here we can go
  • between geysers if we really want you
  • can just keep going between these
  • geysers well I've been flying between
  • geysers is now top 20 but we're gonna
  • have to start moving so we'll take these
  • guys in to the next point ah so hard to
  • even fall straight just have to keep
  • doing circles goddamn ass keep moving
  • fifteen other players left I just need
  • to avoid fights as long as possible if I
  • can get in the top five I've got a
  • chance just got to play like a coward as
  • long as possible keep flying and stuff
  • like that yeah beautiful
  • all right top ten still just flying
  • between guys's circle is right over lazy
  • lagoon
  • alright stones coming in gonna get these
  • guys or one more time and then let's go
  • hard somewhere boys let's pray and find
  • a real good spot to run in circles
  • alright six other players left the
  • moment I see someone I'm probably gonna
  • get deleted this late in the game
  • everyone's probably a good player with
  • good guns
  • build materials but all I know is I'll
  • never stop running first look it always
  • worked out for Forrest Gump okay I wanna
  • sleep I think this pirate base yeah
  • alright I'm just gonna order run into
  • this wall he's gonna sit in the pirate
  • base and order run into this wall back
  • and forth top five situation mate the
  • circle is literally on the boat there is
  • nowhere for me to run alright we're
  • gonna start moving into the circle there
  • wish me the best boys top five or
  • someone here oh my god I got him we
  • might do this boys it's a 1v1 where's
  • the final guy bring it on I'm never
  • gonna stop running oh I see him he's
  • over there you know what i'ma run around
  • in circles until he shoots at me he's on
  • the other side of the lagoon I can't sit
  • still it's probably not a good idea to
  • build over to him cuz I'll just get shot
  • you know I'm gonna build myself a 1x1
  • and just and just run around in circles
  • run around in circles til he comes for
  • me that's how I'm gonna do it can't stop
  • running boots here if to go you're a
  • scaredy-cat 1v1 I can't stop running
  • forward
  • oh my god I don't even know what's
  • happening
  • it's a moving zone
  • he just died for damage I never stopped
  • writing and I got the job I'm still
  • running baby
  • it just came running Forrest just came
  • Oh
  • if you never give up on your Mane's they
  • will no longer be dreams how how did I
  • win that hey hey oh

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