Video Colleen Ballinger's Nursery Makeover!

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Colleen Ballinger's Nursery Makeover!
Colleen Ballinger's Nursery Makeover! thumb Colleen Ballinger's Nursery Makeover! thumb Colleen Ballinger's Nursery Makeover! thumb


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  • Oh my gosh guys... oh hello everybody welcome!!
  • Where does this staircase go?
  • It leads to babies haha
  • Kinda, Yes it leads to Colleen Ballinger's baby
  • We're in her and Erik Stockland's house
  • Hi I'm Colleen Ballinger
  • You might know me as Miranda Sings on YouTube or Netflix or from my youtube channel
  • Colleen Ballinger and I'm so excited to have my nursery done by Joey and Kate!
  • How much of a crazy honor is this that Colleen and Erik are letting us decorate
  • their nursery for their very first tiny human that they've baked together
  • Yeah I feel like literally every person on the planet was tweeting about this, Ya, I think it was trending..
  • Much requested
  • number 1 on trending for like 4 months straight
  • Okay Joey's marketing genius over here, yeah no it-it was one of our most requested ever makeovers
  • so obviously we're so excited to do this, not only just for Colleen and Erik but for you guys too
  • so this is gonna be so much fun. I'm so excited
  • Guys, if you're from Colleen's channel welcome to the creative weirdo family
  • Yes welcome
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  • Thumbs up for babies
  • This is gonna be an exciting episode, I know, it's gonna be really cool
  • We have some really cool things up our sleeves
  • Okay lets go do it
  • Oh my gosh....
  • It's empty....It's so weird to see it empty in here
  • Kate and Joey are here I'm so excited!
  • And they walk me into the room and there's nothing in it
  • But this is such a good sized room though. Yeah. Especially because of the high ceilings, it's really nice.
  • Alright so Colleen has a guest room next to her master bedroom that we are going to turn into a nursery
  • because she's expecting. If you don't know that, then you need to come back to Earth
  • and start paying attention to things because everyone knows she's pregnant.
  • Obviously we've already discussed your aesthetic.
  • So my aesthetic my feeling when I'm decorating, which is never is very white, very clean and simple.
  • My life is very chaotic and hectic I'm always on tour I'm always working. So I like things to look clean and simple.
  • And especially for a nursery a white a nice clean palette. When you're in here you want to relax.
  • So project nursery, so goal is to basically bring in a place for the baby to sleep but to also.
  • Crib, we talked about this you were like I don't really know what...I know I'm like the worst,
  • I feel like most pregnant women are like 'I want this crib, I want this stroller' I'm like I don't know.
  • I don't know how to do this, I've never done this before. I feel like I'm the only mom in the world who isn't
  • planning every single aspect of my baby nursery so a lot of this is gonna be a surprise, I have no idea
  • what's coming. Your husband is like a creative type. Almost husband....Fiance.....Baby daddy.
  • By the time this comes I think we'll be married, so husband, fiance human. Eric is my baby daddy,
  • he's my hubby, my man. He's my everything. Eric is working today, he's a working actor,
  • he's super talented so he's not here today but he will be here for the reveal I'm not letting him miss that.
  • So Eric is super artsy. He's more rustic too, so that's what we talked about. The combo of your
  • sort of all white color palette with his love of wood and all that. He loves wood? He loves wood, oh my god.
  • He will stop and pick up any wood on the street and be like he can make something of this. I love that!
  • Alright you know how we normally paint? We're gonna skip that
  • and guess what we have. What do you have? Wood! Oh my god Eric is gonna be so excited!
  • We need to make sure we Eric's rustic vibe in here. So we are putting up this amazing featured wall
  • of worn reclaimed wood but it's a total compromise because this
  • worn reclaimed wood is white wash with a beautiful kind of grey tone white.
  • So it still has that monochromatic look to it. But we're bringing in so much texture, so much personality.
  • So this is going to be our center. We are going to build our chevron pattern on this. We'll start in the middle
  • and then we'll work our way out. I thought Chevron was just a gas station so this is very surprising for
  • me to that it's actually a design and I think it's super cool. It's totally different.
  • I think Eric's gonna love it I love it. And the baby won't
  • know anything because he's a baby and he poops himself.
  • Alright so basically what we did was we found the middle of the room.
  • And we are working our way outwards
  • so that way we're symmetrical. If we need to trim on the edges we can just trim on the edges once we get
  • to them. So I just use a laser level to shoot a straight line up the middle of the room and then we're going
  • to just take off our first pieces and
  • Hopefully get them right because this is going to be the foundation of the entire wall.
  • It's gonna look messy as we start it because obviously it's not fully filled in but once it's like
  • Oh, he's redoing what I did. I messed it up. No, I just want to make sure we're nice and tight
  • Okay, so is it tight enough yeah, it's we'll correct it as we go
  • Okay, so wood wall project is going really well
  • Joey can just like take over because I have
  • Some DIYs plan with Colleen that I definitely want to get done and then we have to you know
  • Kick her out and let her go nap because she's like very very pregnant
  • and I do not want to make her do too much stuff
  • in this room
  • You're blocking your laser
  • Okay, I feel like... How did you know where to start?
  • How do you know this is the middle? Well thankfully Joey is continuing this project and finishing this project.
  • I use a tape measurer
  • Oh so you knew where the center was? Yeah. Okay. I thought you just eyeballed
  • Brave, I have two DIYs. Let me set up downstairs to do. Whoa
  • Okay
  • I feel like this is already taking shape too much and I don't want you to see it like
  • But take a step back. Take a step back and look at it's good. Ya I know. It's so cool
  • And Eric's gonna like it right? Eric's gonna flip. Okay. All right. All right come with me. All right
  • This is the last time you'll be in the room. Goodbye room until it's done.
  • All right, I'm gonna go into hyperdrive here. Yeah
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  • Let's get back to decorating
  • Okay, we're prepped. Are you ready? I'm ready baby's ready. He's kicking me a lot right now. Really? Yeah, he's ready. He's excited
  • Yeah, he's like over here. I don't know if he might do it for you
  • Okay, these DIYs are really fun and Colleen emphasized to us
  • Just how important family is to her and Eric. My family is everything to me
  • So it's important to me that we are able to incorporate family into this room somehow
  • So you sent me all these pictures and they were all a bunch of you know, amazing shots of obviously
  • Everyone you've got your nephews niece here
  • Literally so cute so I just got them all printed
  • But I did them all in black and white sometimes if you have a ton of photos
  • Arranged in a collage and they're all different colors. It's just kind of like too much happening
  • So the black and white just kind of makes them all part of the same
  • Color palette now so that even though they were taken obviously at different times in all different places.
  • They now are all friends
  • and so the thought is we have three of these square frames which I'm gonna stack like in a
  • Vertical row. Okay, so the thought is we could collage
  • the photos into two of them
  • Okay
  • and then I printed two options from what you sent me for a center photo
  • I thought these were so cute of you guys
  • This is from your gender reveal
  • Which was so special and like you open your eyes and then obviously this one I just like loved the vibe
  • Yeah, I love it, too. Yeah, these two pictures are both amazing
  • It's so hard for me to pick but I feel like I have no choice I have to do the one where Eric is jumping
  • In the air excited about this baby, right? I love it. So
  • playful like Eric just yeah, I mean, I think it has to be this I love
  • And it's from this shoot that they did together while Colleen is obviously very pregnant with baby
  • So really it is a picture of the three of them. So this one's easy
  • I'm just gonna pop that in one of the frame
  • Okay, so that you know, like the whole story that's happening here once baby's old enough and you're like
  • he knows who's who and then you can be like showing him like that's
  • Blah blah blah or whatever and I love this DIY project. There's pictures of my family all over my house
  • So I'm happy that that bleeds into the baby room so that he can grow up seeing these faces
  • and getting familiar with them
  • that one is so cute with your family laughing
  • Also Miranda, yeah, she's part of his legacy. I know that's how Eric and I met
  • That's when they found out you are a boy
  • No, it's so it's so hard to name a human Hey, that's a big responsibility. Yeah
  • It's gonna be his name forever. Are you gonna wait to meet him? I like I don't
  • Know, you know cuz I talked to him. Hey, how you doing?
  • So I want to be able to say his name and like if he's giving me a hard day
  • I want to be like hey, yeah
  • fill in the blank Oh
  • Eric yes, that's his brother Chris and Brooks. I love that
  • so it's really just kind of creating a map and like I would do your layout first and
  • Okay, so this is looking so cute now that the layouts all done
  • I'm just gonna use some strong mounting tape to get these pictures secured, but I can do that later. I'll frame them
  • It'll be easy. Let's move on to the next DIY
  • Okay
  • So I wanted you to obviously play around with some of the DIYs
  • Because I want you to have your hands on things that you're gonna be looking at everyday in that room
  • with baby. Yeah, so I thought to do a cloud mobile. Oh cute
  • Okay, so we're just gonna do some very sort of primitive, you know
  • Shapes of clouds and then we'll mirror image it and then once we have it almost done,
  • we'll stuff in some pillow stuffing
  • Okay, like an actually padded lip tube. This DIY project is right up
  • My alley to do a little craft is my favorite thing in the world
  • So to be able to make this cute little cloud mobile for the little baby
  • Is it just it's exciting to know that I had some part in this room so when he grows up
  • I can be like I need that cloud
  • So you're due in a couple months, yes
  • I'm due in January
  • Is this cloudish? That's so cute. Look we kind of made the same vibe. Okay cute
  • No, yours is super cute. And then I just double it? Yeah, so exactly just double it. Okay, and are you gonna do a
  • Hospital birth, that's the plan. I'm we'll see who knows where this kid's gonna pop out
  • There's so much like judgment and ridicule around like having a baby, which I never knew was part of it
  • Everyone has an opinion. Like where you should deliver
  • What kind of delivery you should do, right?
  • everyone has an opinion and so I just want him to come out and I want to be safe and I want him to be safe and
  • so my first trimester I was really really nauseous every day and could barely stand up and then
  • My second trimester was when I was like in bad shape, in and out of a wheelchair and
  • Fainting a lot and or just it was a very dramatic few months, but during that time. I released my book
  • And I went on a huge bus tour all over America. Oh, you just released your lips. Yeah, so there's a lot happen
  • There's been a lot of releases. Yeah, you're right
  • I want to release him the most, like get out you are getting evicted now
  • We're sewing them together with embroidery thread
  • and a needle we're getting the stitching all around the perimeter and then we're just leaving a little
  • Opening to then put the pillow stuffing inside
  • Okay, so are you ready to stop I think I'm there just shove it all in there
  • When is your nursery coming? Oh my god, I don't know
  • I ain't getting any younger
  • It'll have to be at some point soon or someday, or maybe I'll just have another cat
  • That's always the answer. Yeah. So now that these are all nice and sealed up and you have just
  • monofilament, you know what that is? Definitely not it sounds like science
  • It's basically fishing wire. So this we'll use
  • to actually hang the
  • clouds from the mobile
  • So again, we have like a more Airy look to it Oh cute as opposed to the white strings exactly
  • All right. So Colleen and I are just gonna finish this DIY. You'll see the mobile when it's up in the baby's room
  • We'll tie these on and then we'll tie a few then hang from the ceiling. Okay, and then that's it
  • Then you're not allowed in the room, you can go nap
  • Okay, good, whatever, I'm sure you have something to edit or something I do
  • Okay. Perfect. Colleen is gonna go edit videos nap
  • Whatever we're gonna see her in Eric tomorrow because we have a lot more to do in this room
  • So I'm gonna go check on Joey. Bye everyone. Oh
  • You moved on to painting, uh, yeah because I want to get these done so that we can
  • So they're dry yea that's smart.
  • With the wall paint I didn't really want to go extreme at all. We're just freshening it up
  • it's just like a very very light shade of gray and those need to dry in order for us to get the
  • Decals of the dinosaurs up on the wall. Kate painted these really cool watercolor dinosaurs
  • We blew them up into giant decals and we are going to place those on the wall
  • I think I'm gonna just like tape them into place. So I'll
  • trunk
  • Sure
  • So that that stain dries come in here finish this okay
  • so when we first came over to meet with Colleen and look at this room, there were a lot of
  • Random things in here, so we pretty much just cleared out the whole room
  • the only thing we've left in the room is this
  • Trunk that Colleen has had passed down to her from her grandmother to her mother and now it's hers
  • So she said if there was a way we could work it into the final design like she would be stoked
  • Colleen said she was totally cool with refinishing it. She had planned on doing it for a while her and Eric
  • Thought it'd be cool to refinish it but they've just never got around to it. So we're gonna refinish it for her
  • Okay, so we have a ton of stuff left to do today
  • I'm gonna finish the decals - Joey's gonna work on finishing the wood wall. Good plan
  • Wait, so what am I doing? The trunk, Grandma's trunk. Okay
  • So I'm sanding the entire trunk down the trunk is made with a wood veneer
  • Which is just a thin piece of wood. Actually, this is a cedar trunk
  • So it's wood underneath but I actually like the veneer because it has a pattern to it
  • So I'm just gonna sand the gloss off the veneer
  • I'm not gonna sand too deep because I don't want to take the veneer off
  • I just want to get life off of the top
  • So we're gonna take this trunk and we're just going to sand it down
  • And we are going to apply a white stain to it. So that is going to basically
  • Put a light white finish on it
  • You're still gonna see
  • The wood show through it's gonna go great with that
  • white washed barn wood that we're putting on the paneling wall
  • It's gonna just further bring in Collen's desire for that calm natural vibe in here
  • But it's also great because we're gonna get to we use their family heirloom baby's gonna grow up with it
  • And then maybe he'll put it in his nursery when he gets older
  • All right, so these wall decals I'm so excited about okay, so
  • Eric and Colleen really emphasized
  • their love of dinosaurs when we were talking to them about the design
  • Apparently Eric had dinosaurs painted on his wall when he was little his mom's an artist
  • So they definitely wanted to make sure that there was some sort of dinosaur
  • something going on in the room. Of course
  • We're not gonna put any decals on the wood wall because that's like its own thing
  • but the decals will be placed elsewhere throughout the room and
  • Because we have to bring in furniture. We'll have to kind of cut out the pterodactyl wing around the molding
  • But like I love how that looks because it kind of makes them look that much more part of like the space
  • I know, right so pterodactyl up there right and then this is the
  • Yeah, so like over here. Oh, those are so cool. So cute. He's coming from the door
  • All right to apply a decal it's super simple
  • You just want to have some sort of squeegee device because the name
  • of the game is getting the air bubbles out it comes with
  • a sticky back and then another film over the front of it you start on one edge you pull your backing off and you
  • Squeegee as you pull it off and make sure there's no air bubbles in it
  • Once the backside is completely adhered we are now peeling off the front of it to reveal
  • It's so cool. Oh my gosh
  • And it's a sleeping. It looks so cool I like the way it's vectorized
  • oh my gosh these look so cool like
  • We should probably sell these these look like something you would buy at a store.
  • Ok, two more friends for it
  • Oh my gosh, you look great
  • Alright, we got a lot to do for the rest of the day
  • We still got a lot of planks to put up on that wood plank feature wall
  • We'll put maybe another coat of stain on the trunk. Let it dry. And then tomorrow we will just finish final touches
  • I think we have some shelves some big pieces of furniture
  • We're gonna bring in we're putting up a new epic light and then we get to reveal it to her
  • Alright guys, we are back day two you might start your day off with a cup of coffee
  • We start our days off with a rug cuddle. Now. This rug we are rolling out is a
  • Beautiful braided gray wool rug and it is so mushy. You guys just take it from me have my shoes off
  • Oh my gosh, but look at how beautiful, right It's a soft and rich
  • It's beautiful. Well, okay. So let's just talk about this rugs and how also you get the shape of the braid
  • What does it look like?
  • I mean how good does that look?
  • It looks so good like the high ceilings in here
  • They were just begging for a statement wall cuz it just like makes this room feel so much bigger
  • I mean that and then your hand-painted decals look so good. I know
  • And that light, it looks so cool. That's such a moment
  • Previously all they had going on in this room was four recessed lights of the ceiling
  • We're giving them this really cool feature chandelier hanging it right in the middle of the room
  • It's a chandelier, of course because it's you know
  • Chandelier size but it just has a really nice sculptural look to it
  • It's got a black frame and then a little bit of brass,
  • you know, we're bringing in the brass from then the brass ring
  • That's gonna come in with the cloud mobile. We need to get the shelving up on that wall
  • Yeah
  • But I want to place the dresser and the trunk first and
  • then with the shelving up, crib over here, glider in the corner
  • With ottoman storage. Your DIY thing over there. Yep, mobile there. Oh my gosh fun things
  • Glider
  • How good do our framed pictures look like? I just love that whole
  • row and then the pterodactyl almost looks like he's like
  • peering down and
  • Approving it. We installed the blackout blind
  • The one thing you'll notice about this room is there are no windows
  • The only window to the outside is actually a glass door and it is a very big glass door
  • We got a custom roller shade made. It's a blackout roller shade blocking out
  • The light is important for baby when he's gonna sleep or
  • nap during the day and they might want to have it blacked out in
  • There so yay roller shade. How good did this turn out? I know the pickling scene is so pretty
  • Grandma's bench has gotten a facelift and it looks so good
  • It's so much more now Colleen style with that beautiful whitewash look to it
  • Okay, so we're placing the dresser in the trunk as well
  • Cuz I want to make sure that the floating shelf is centered above
  • these two pieces of furniture right here. Yes. Yeah. Let's see
  • So this is our dresser
  • With changing table attachments and what's cool about this is this is removable
  • So obviously this changing table is nice and secure it on there
  • It has a pad you can seat belt and then if they're too squarely up there
  • But then they can take off the changing pad once he's out of diapers and it becomes a regular dresser
  • The shelf is going a little bit over the changing table. So we just have to make sure that it's nice and high up
  • So that it's not like reachable by baby while he's getting his diaper changed and maybe flailing around
  • or peeing in the air
  • Since I wanted to make the dinosaur decals so big like look like they're kind of in the room with you
  • You know moving about to space. I also got obsessed with the idea of putting a moon in there
  • so you just mount it on the wall and it's like a nightlight and you can turn it on and make it match the
  • Phases of the real moon and it's also a sound machine and makes like nighttime noises like chirping
  • It's just really cool. Like I want one. You got it plugged in? Yeah. Oh my god. Try it out. Okay
  • She's gonna love this because she wants a really comfy chair. Plus it has a phone charger
  • So obviously in a nursery one of the big things that Colleen and Eric
  • gonna be doing is they're gonna be nursing cuddly
  • Well Eric's not gonna be nursing and he will be assisting in the nursing Colleen didn't ask for much in the space
  • She was kind of like I don't know. I'm not that picky. I like all white
  • And you know, I just really want a comfy chair.
  • So I was like I got you girl comfy chair check. This glider is so comfy
  • not only is it a glider rocking situation, but it has an electronic recliner and
  • a phone charger
  • That's the ultimate lazy boy right there. This is a baby napping
  • Chair and then to top it off in front of that
  • We're giving that gliding ottoman you put your legs up and your whole world is just like here. It's just incredible
  • So then that's really a good spot for it so they can lean back. Okay so then let's get the crib in
  • Okay, the crib, I mean hello, probably the most important piece of furniture in the nursery.
  • We are bringing this beautiful white
  • Crib, it was just a pretty classic looking crib. You know, what's great about this too is that it is a
  • conversion conversion
  • Transitional so this thing lowers like they can have the mattress at different heights, right as the baby grows up
  • They lower it down, right, And then once he's a toddler they take off this front piece
  • Put this here and it becomes a toddler bed. So this will last him like
  • Probably until he's I don't know four or five
  • Let me tell you this is the best crib mattress money can buy, its organic
  • No off-gassing
  • In the corner Kate's got these like really cool baskets. It's just another touch of that
  • Organic earthy feel okay, but then look wait. There's more. Oh, what's in the box wait
  • Okay, so and I also do have a smaller size too. I mean, this is like ultimate toy
  • Stowage right? Yeah, it's super cute. It'll be a way for him to keep the neutral vibes going in here
  • You know, it's like toys are so colorful and hectic looking sometimes and these storage baskets have lids on them
  • Which is so key
  • so all of these empty baskets will be where they can just
  • Chuck all of those toys when they've spread out all over the ground and they just want to tidy up
  • Put a lid on it out of sight out of mind. Do you have a USB charger so I can plug my phone in. Joey
  • You don't need that
  • Our favorite mistake to me. Where's that going? A layered situation. It's not going under the furniture
  • That's fine. No it
  • It's a little bit. Oops, I forgot
  • Okay
  • We usually do this we make this mistake where we put in the furniture and then remember that we have a rug
  • Because I forgot that I wanted to layer this fuzzy rug over the gray rug
  • It's just so fuzzy and so soft and this will be perfect for tummy time for baby
  • You wanna cuddle with us? No no he's not invited
  • Why you're invited I'm not into that no
  • Creeper
  • You're gonna have so much fun with a little drooly baby on you getting all kinds of drool all over your head
  • It's gonna be great
  • Joey's hanging the mobile it turned out so
  • cute like it's the perfect Vibe for in here and it's such a tall ceiling like we needed a very
  • Long string to make sure that it could reach all the way up
  • But it looks so good. And I'm also creating just a fun little quote in a frame. I am baby hear me roar
  • because you know dinosaurs and
  • babies roar
  • They cry sometimes
  • Next to the glider and placing the side table is just like a brass
  • base with a beautiful marble top and inside the crib
  • I'm styling, you know just for a little accent for a fun little moment
  • this really cute fuzzy sloth feels like reaching up and a dinosaur and
  • Obviously they can take those out if it's not good for sleeping. But if they look really cute right now
  • Isn't this so cute I know right I could so rock this
  • What is this all the Wish stuff? Yeah, so all the Wish struff came.
  • Look how cute you need this. What is it? Why don't we bib you while you eat?
  • Isn't it cute? Okay. So this is the baby monitor.
  • I mean obviously they can position it wherever they want
  • But I'll put it on the shelf and then this is like for like hand and foot prints. That's cute
  • Yeah, isn't it cute? So when he's first born these are like the little ink pads and then paper
  • to do his hand and foot prints
  • And then a variety of color options
  • Grandma's trunk is amazing because there's so much storage inside of it.
  • Obviously for when he's a baby opening and closing
  • That is like a little bit of a finger risk
  • so that'll be for parents to open and close and store stuff in but on top I really want to style it as a bench because
  • Colleen has a giant family. I'm sure there's gonna be people over
  • so even though we're putting the glider in the corner for the parents to sit read to baby clean can nurse there
  • Having the bench there with like additional seating will be really nice
  • So someone can sit on the other side of the room when they're hanging out in there
  • Styling shelf is so fun
  • I'm just adding baby books and also some rustic wood accents as well to make sure we bring in that rustic vibe
  • That's happening over on the wall over on to the other side of the room and oh my gosh
  • Hello this light like this dinosaur little nightlight thing.
  • It's like a miniature version of the big brontosaurus we have on the wall
  • Okay, guys this room is done I'm so happy with it I feel like we
  • Accomplished the combo of the serene all-white kind of monochromatic vibe
  • That Colleen loves and then of course bringing the rustic and the dinosaur stuff that Eric loves and yeah
  • I feel like we're ready to show them
  • Eric's here. This is my baby daddy. Eric Stockland. I did it. It was me. Imagine what the room looked like before
  • One....Two....Three
  • We made him into decals in my childhood bedroom, my mom had actually painted this really
  • awesome my mom's a painter
  • dinosaur mural on the wall that I had when I was the kids so to see that for
  • For our son. I don't know. It's just really awesome. It's cool
  • Oh my god, I don't even feel like I'm in my house like this is...You made that oh
  • I know I put up some of those. Oh
  • You did a great job on the mobile, yeah
  • You did a really good job on that
  • Thank you can't wait for him to look up at those clouds and fall asleep, hopefully, please sleep
  • when you come out please
  • This is wild
  • This is making it like oh we're having a baby like and there it's in one of those
  • Baby's in one of those? Oh god
  • It's like a room for like a new roommate that we haven't met yet
  • Oh this looks great!
  • We did a white pickling to keep that heirloom in here like
  • whites and neutrals but also some woods for Eric like there was like
  • You know had to be a marriage of the two very different styles
  • And dinosaurs. Oh spy camera.
  • We have the receiver at our house
  • oh and that moon light It changes with the actual phases of the Moon.
  • Oh my gosh, I'm such a hermit crab in my house
  • I never know what the moon is doing cuz I don't like going outside
  • So now I can just go into my baby's room and I'm always like hey you got to see the moon
  • Come outside, check out moon tonight
  • I'll just look in the baby's room
  • Obviously a changing table with lots of storage. Yes. Oh my god, this is so wild
  • We've got a comfy chair and then this crib is also adjustable
  • So like basically you can adjust the mattress down as the baby grows
  • Because as they stand you want it lower so they're right like hopping out check out your glider
  • I see buttons, you see an usb outlet
  • What is happening here?
  • You know when you're like chilling and your at 1%
  • You can sit in it. Yeah sit in it, sit in it
  • It's nice
  • This is also this is also a foot glider
  • When you and Eric are chilling in there, Eric can sit there and there
  • Go ahead. Press the button. Which one?
  • Yeah, you can charge your phone in the chair to. Oh my god. This is the fanciest thing. Yes. This is so fancy
  • Oh my god
  • basically
  • I've never been in a chair that has like buttons that are
  • Mechanical and a USB port so I can charge my phone like and it feels really nice
  • it kind of feels like on a cloud or
  • Something it's that's a good chair
  • You feel cool? You feel like a cool dad?
  • Look succulents your favorite. I love a succulent
  • Your artwork turned out really cute like the black and white collages
  • So there's the family oh
  • Yeah, you didn't see that's the three of you and also I loved how like
  • you're pose Eric is kind of like the dinosaur
  • You guys are both sort of levitating
  • Oh I love it, this is so awesome
  • It's cozy, it's perfect. It's so cute. I love this. Yeah
  • And we put it on a dimmer too so nice. Yeah, this is just amazing
  • I love every I feel like I'm like discovering things as I just look around like the rug is so cool
  • Yeah, it's really mushy and just so great for tummy time. Is it belly time. Tummy time time
  • Well now I know what Tummy time is see you're learning things about having a baby boy
  • through the decorations of this room
  • Yeah now I'm totally ready
  • This is awesome thank you so much. It was such an honor, Thank you. It looks amazing.
  • Thank you so much. Your welcome, it's amazing.
  • We're gonna have a baby. I know. Is it not sitting in?
  • Now it's real
  • We'll leave you to have a baby. Okay bye guys, it's your turn now. We've got work to do.
  • This is awesome
  • We're so grateful that Kate and Joey helped us with this room and now I feel like we're ready to have this baby sort of
  • This makes it a little bit easier. Oh my gosh, is it happening now?
  • It's on camera. Push That's what I'm supposed to say, right?
  • That was so fun, so fun. Oh my gosh guys what a crazy honor to get to do their nursery
  • It was such a good marriage between their two styles. It's peaceful in there. It's very like welcoming the guys
  • What did you think? Thumbs up If you liked it? I think they loved it. I think they loved it
  • So good. Guys, so special and babies around the corner like going to make his grand debut very soon
  • So I'm so glad that we got to get that room done just in the nick of time huge
  • thanks to Wish for sponsoring today's episode. Yeah guys. Thanks so much for watching if you're from Colleen's Channel
  • welcome
  • Hit that subscribe button. Join our family
  • We do lots of fun videos like this if you guys haven't already go over and check out her stuff, obviously
  • Yeah, and go follow Eric too. So you can keep up with all his acting stuff
  • We will now leave you but we'll leave you on this note
  • Stay creative, stay weird, stay you. We love you bye

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