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Video How To Stop Parents from Comparing Kids (ft. Miranda Sings)
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  • Lilly, why are you doing this to us? Huh?
  • You say you want to make video. We say okay, fine.
  • We not gonna tell you anymore.
  • We tired saying same thing you make video
  • But now, you getting bloody spoiled, okay?
  • What this.. What you doing, huh? What you dress as? why cant you be normal?
  • He right.
  • Dad its funny man
  • its for a video relax
  • Lilly don't you want us feeling proud going telling people oh my daughter
  • So nice pretty woman, so nice. Yeah
  • So tell them. How I'm supposed to tell them huh when you always looking bloody ugly huh looking like daddy
  • Yeah, hey, you say ugly
  • No I'm just saying. OK can you guys stop
  • Everyone does stupid stuff like this. I never see any other kid do like this, okay none of your friend do like this
  • (WHATEVER) yeah, yeah, none of your friend do like this. Whats that girls name so nice girl WHATS HER NAME
  • Youre friend Noshni Yes. Such a good girl that girl
  • You know she's always looking nice pretty girl
  • So sweet soft spoken she so you know what time she Lilly one time she make me chaa (tea). I take her chaa
  • I feel like somebody shoot me, okay, because chaa so good I feel I'm in heaven yeah. Yeah, that's right. It's true
  • Her chaa so bloody good I see God yeah yeah
  • Why can't you be like that? Huh? Okay? See this is it right here
  • Stop comparing me to other kids because they're all crazy too. You just don't know it.You know everybody else have nice daughter
  • I have joker okay. I have two joker only two joker and all day I'm living with both
  • Yeah, Yeah hey you say two joker. (Lilly sighs) I dont know, I dont know, I dont know. Nobody else do like this OK
  • All right
  • Mom, Dad
  • I thought a lot about what you said last night and
  • You're right
  • I mean you guys let me make videos you let me live out my dreams and the least I could do is be a little bit
  • Respectful and try to be a bit more graceful and normal like all the other kids
  • Good!
  • I'm so proud of you, Yeah so I've decided to invite over a friend in hopes that I can learn some proper behavior. That's my daughter!
  • That's her right now. Good, Fantastic. See she growing up.This is gonna be great. This is my friend
  • Miranda
  • How do you know Lilly huh? Um obviously I know her very well because of those secrets
  • So what your parents do huh? Everything a lot of secret things but mostly they just steal stuff
  • Or borrow things. OK Miranda what do you do? I do a lot of things: I eat,
  • I sleep, I dance I model. I'm a magician but mostly I just walk
  • Actually, Miranda is a great singer! Yes, I'm a really good singer
  • Really? oh that's alright. You know I singing I love singing, you know that one girl Whats her name?
  • Beyonce (QUEEN)
  • Yes Beyonce she walking with that one ROCJ looking like this that one walking with the egg sign
  • You know he doing like this you know Beyonce I Love she great. I'm way better than Beyonce
  • you better than Beyonce( you better than Beyonce. OH HELL NAH ) Yes I'm way better than Beyonce I'm way more talented than she is. Really show me, show me right now
  • Lilly: WOW!! Right!
  • Okay, how everybody day, Lilly how you're day huh? Can you guys please stop talking I'm trying to eat
  • She telling me, she telling me (offened AF)
  • You know what time it is? You know It's getting late Miranda you should go you're parents may be thinking you lost maybe they worried huh
  • Right right, you know we don't wanna get their hopes up
  • Ok well it was great having you. She's the best!!
  • Goodbye Miranda. Thank you so much for coming.Thank you for having me. See you later
  • Don't touch. Bye . Bye
  • (Indulging the shrilliest goodbye song ever!)
  • Sit down
  • What's up? Is it because she's awesome, she's awesome, I told you she's awesome. Yeah, Yeah no good, she
  • Yeah, yeah
  • Yeah, very nice. Okay Lilly listen. Okay? I'm very proud of you me your mommy very proud of you. OK I'm sorry ever thinking that you know no good, You BEST! You Excellent OK
  • You do whatever you want, you want to be man , you want to be whatever, you want to draw everything, you want to make video
  • You do, you do, you be like that, you just do it. But please
  • Please. I don't
  • want you hanging out with these kind of peoples , okay?
  • Yeah, yeah, puut (daughter) you know it's not that she not nice, she very nice ok
  • It's not that we don't like her.We little bit hate her.
  • oh
  • Listen
  • I just want to make you proud okay?
  • If you don't want me hanging out with Miranda, then I won't, your good girl ok. I'm proud of you.
  • I'm gonna go to my room. Goodnight
  • We best parents ok you know why? We Smart
  • Dude, you totally kill that Colleen. I mean Miranda. Anytime DUDE (we so sneaky)
  • Okay, so you told your parents. I'll be there in 20 right? No. I told them Manjeet would be there
  • Gotcha I'm on it. See you soon. Bye (sneaky plan wink)
  • Hey, I hope you enjoy that video if you liked it make sure you subscribe down below give thumbs up and comment and make sure make sure
  • You bloody click on this one right here.Yes of course click on my face. Click on this one. Click on me(Miranda in singsong)
  • Miranda. I love clicking on people. Better than Beyonce this one ok (yeah right Manjeet says) (I am better Miranda coming in hot) Yes we also make video here you click
  • Yes clicking click. Don't touch me! okay. Bye

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