Video Shane Dawson Controls My Life For A Day

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Shane Dawson Controls My Life For A Day
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  • what's up everybody welcome back to my channel hi good morning the worst intro
  • ever I'm so sorry really bad ok should we try again take two what's up
  • everybody welcome back to my channel hi
  • today Shane you're back I don't know why I am... I'm scared
  • no what come on I just want to say I'm really grateful that you got me a pink
  • background to match my Pig aesthetic fully and you know really helping me
  • embrace my Pig side I hate how I look right now sorry I just saw myself in a
  • monitor the monitor oh look at my highlight though it's so pretty oh look
  • at my ok can I be honest this fixes everything
  • what is that look at your cheekbone now oh it's so pretty
  • it just looks like more sweat God all right so we all know that I did Shane's
  • makeup last time we filmed here and I thought it would be cool if maybe you
  • did mine so I thought wipe it off give me a full look here's the thing I love
  • you um but I don't want to see you without makeup in front of me I'm not
  • ready ok good I get that a lot I was actually thinking okay so here's the
  • thing we did a series for my channel it's not out yet it's coming I heard a
  • rumor that you do we had all the footage how did you leave every offensive thing
  • that was said it was like 30 seconds left it was 30 seconds series okay
  • sounds a good intro and then we'll do the apology okay
  • apology yes okay no but our series really is coming I'm really excited
  • about it it's just taking a minute and I have a lot of reasons why but it's
  • boring I won't go into it so I thought we should do something like to get
  • people ready to see how much we both changed through the experience of that
  • series okay okay so in the series I had to be rich for a day yeah it was
  • exhausting there's a lot more to it yeah that's a part of it uh-huh
  • now for your channel today um I think we need to humble you a little bit okay so
  • I don't want to do your makeup I want to take you to Walmart and I want to put
  • you in something that I would wear oh okay I want you to live a day in the
  • life of somebody who doesn't make 100 billion dollars okay
  • you'll hey I'm just remember - that caller just told me a deep breathing
  • when you get really anxious have you ever been ever like even back when
  • you're broke like was that a place you oh yeah true story when I was touring on
  • the road doing music Walmart's were great stops to stock up the whole tour
  • bus full of snacks got blankies get like water coolers and like ice cream bars so
  • I've been to Walmart I used to be one of those people that was the Boyar and I'd
  • love to watch the people of walmart calm I just love to see what kind of people
  • are out there you seem like the person who's waiting in a bathroom stall on
  • your knees that sounds like my early twenties that was because I was Lori
  • hole-high across America but now that that's a series buck so you've never
  • have you ever worked like a normal job like have you ever worked to like a
  • Walmart or like we're gonna target but my first job was Matt cosmetics and then
  • myspace happened and I've been self-employed ever since so on a real
  • level no so I worked at the mall I did a lot of other things which we'll talk
  • about in Shane's series that are very dark and depressing
  • buckle up on the Rue my brand uh-huh so you'll learn a lot more about my history
  • in that one but not no okay not really sorry I think working at the mall no
  • then maybe we can also figure out maybe you being a Walmart greeter because
  • that's been my dream job okay and with YouTube ads right now it might be soon
  • okay for me uh-huh all right oh I love this okay
  • okay so is there a Walmart in LA I don't mm-hmm there has to be if I type in like
  • Walmart on Yelp will it like remember it and tell mom and dad's her biggest
  • scandal
  • taking away all that Chanel makeup adds away from my father
  • four miles away I'm moving that's perfect wait so you okay what you're
  • wearing right now can I guess how much this was calculating okay so we got the
  • belt bag the shoes the sweater the knee leggings what do you keep in a bag like
  • that cuz like what do you need that for in here we have like my inhaler my
  • favorite lipstick my black card and a PT blender so are you okay with that cuz
  • like yes we could do your makeup that's Oh hahaha funny but I'm gonna humble you
  • a little bit I would love to get out of the house I'm like always here on my
  • knees so I would love to get on your knees there yeah perfect will you do it
  • together okay great what kind of clothes do they have there she big ones they're
  • the only store the only retailer that has 4x I would know Oh finally my asking
  • Fitness everything okay let's go to Walmart jesus take the wheel
  • am i okay I've never tried daddy okay so here's the deal I have a big question I
  • know wait you should come in here oh yeah Rylands here he drives me he's my
  • uber okay now I've seen a violin do a video at
  • Walmart there's a Gucci Walmart MoMA and irony of this whole whole thing do they
  • let you film there I've never some stores get crazy like some supporters
  • are down yep some of them right so that's the thing I've gotten shut down
  • every single time and I walk by myself you have somebody with a legit camera if
  • we get kicked out what are we gonna do because like what's the backup are we
  • gonna go somewhere else do we like ask the manager to see if
  • they're a jeffree star fan well like could we like three I'm trying
  • like a mile away is Louie Vuitton this turns into shopping we do it at Target
  • okay look I've done this before I'm a hipster I don't wanna say which one I
  • have a solution
  • what are you gonna plow my dildo yeah okay we're not gonna offer them coke I
  • have a little incentive this will work you don't want to let us film hey you
  • know we could change your tune girl I have some sweat - can I try - why did
  • you think this much was necessary though like a hundred dollars would make
  • anyone's day I mean maybe we're gonna go buy weed earlier I don't even remember
  • okay maybe I was gonna like I think that could work again okay so I'm ready to go
  • take a hundred degrees in Los Angeles and I'm scared but let's do it okay
  • here's my other problem okay I want you to have a really humble day completely
  • right okay so like what kind of car do you have
  • what's your cheapest car do you have anything like humble
  • okay if we're all gonna want to fit in the car let's just take the rolls-royce
  • okay this is that like a cheaper Larry Lake how much is the most expensive car
  • mm mm I'm trying to figure what shoes to wear do we have like in Oklahoma about
  • mine what's your really cheap shoes I mean these are little moccasin these are
  • the cheapest things down here whether they $10,000 $10,000 oh my god that's my
  • rims wait what about those are those oh those are names like little running
  • shoes here's the bigger foot thing me in a bigger dick so we're not getting that
  • same Jeff we forgot his keys because he doesn't have an assistant with him today
  • so he's doing things himself and he's trying he's being humble but he's
  • fucking everything up because he doesn't know how to do anything so we're waiting
  • it's hot outside there's a lot going on here
  • I want to let you guys know watching I don't understand this life either so
  • just know that and I'm experiencing it for you how much money do you think he
  • has right now just like well in cash there is at least 5 mmm like these 4
  • grand more than I have in my account maybe
  • he'll sponsor one of my video is this the car is this what we're taking yeah
  • don't look that expensive right what is taking job god damn it Jeffrey okay oh
  • wait that's confusing okay are you sure I can sit in here oh shut up
  • oh there's stars why it's yeah it's fiber optics come in it looks cooler
  • when it's dark out don't touch your door I got it why you want my poor to rub off
  • oh my god hide your asset world my mom's minivan
  • does that too whoa yeah look at the stars in the sky I mean we make them
  • brighter for you I'm so sorry so embarrassed whoo you guys have your own
  • like thing back here what is this yeah they don't air
  • I don't want Shane put this button right here it will massage your ass on the way
  • to Walmart really yeah we good first one-day year my ass hurts
  • I'm sure I'm so glad that my neighbor something I was hanging out
  • with hoodlums yeah I don't want him to think I was hanging out anyone weird
  • wait you know where Walmart is oh we're about to loot we're gonna about to
  • illegally look on our phones hey Chloe head Kourtney's hey Kylie
  • we were just talking about something off camera and you didn't want to talk about
  • it on camera because you're like I don't want or whatever but I do want to talk
  • about this okay because we're gonna get a lot of shit from people being like oh
  • you're making fun of Walmart making fun of whatever even though I do shelter
  • yeah I mean at the end of the day I okay go ahead sorry I just always tried man
  • what I was gonna say is I was like okay well we should think of like a charity
  • or something to do like to tie it in be like oh we're donating whatever but then
  • you were saying earlier are you okay with me saying this yeah go ahead
  • I don't know you're saying well today you were just at the LGBT Center yeah
  • and you donated how much 125 thousand which is crazy yes fuck times money and
  • then one thing you said you were just like you know oh I donated it was like
  • you know I was crying all these things and you were talking about other
  • companies there yeah donated who were huge billion to our companies who
  • donated literally nothing yeah and it was like it made you maybe actually cry
  • and get so emotional because I couldn't believe that a huge company I don't I
  • don't think we should say their name but we're talking like a massive media
  • company and they donated like I mean I just hate staying in a mount coz and
  • then where do people like well it's better than nothing but it's like when
  • they're a billion dollar company and I'm just a self-made you know I'm self-made
  • company and there's this company don't need a two grand and it's like less than
  • like one of their items that you can buy and I like actually this made me really
  • sad and I think was crying about it well the reason I wanted to bring it up
  • because that pisses me off because I've I'm having my own issues right now with
  • brands and yeah I hate them but what makes me mad is knowing that like this
  • video is gonna get shit right for us like I'll make it better cut to like you
  • donating that much money cut to other big companies who pretend
  • like they give a fuck donating nothing yeah this location is
  • so busy I'm a little shook gonna take that spot I don't want to get keyed so
  • I'm gonna I'm gonna just let my wait I just realized you're parking a four
  • hundred thousand dollar car oh yeah good title should we park in the neighborhood
  • and uber end I love a sister that has an innovative idea oh actually don't mind I
  • live for a moment there I'm just scared of this is really far away from the door
  • and yeah that's a lot of walking oh stop it Shan Shan wait Jeffrey's money what
  • are you doing someone's like out in the road and like not moving run them over
  • and then you get my under dollars and you say oh I loved God you're in my life
  • oh this cooker is not staying next to my car I don't think we're allowed in
  • because it's saying that you have to talk straight you know I don't I don't
  • think that's happened of a shame say goodbye say goodbye to the Spirit of
  • Ecstasy what it's not
  • that was my penis hey guys that was mine after I came out of the wall alright
  • shop with that yeah let's move the cart away from mine I would rather have you
  • baby looking like a tall glass of water in the same
  • I can't wait for Nate to watch this and break up with me second the day that old
  • man
  • go into the I'm James Charles Larry on the economic side they're on to us we
  • I'm scared off into a size seven or maybe not the fast I don't think it's
  • booty it down here your I think this is gonna fit into this we're not a baby
  • store like we're gonna say B section well yeah we are the actual like men's
  • oh I never know what gender too soft for
  • watching chains Connery Kathy Griffin everything but last night no nowhere
  • they were here it's like BAM so we're trying to find Jeffrey an outfit to
  • tumble him a little bit more Walmart they want me out of the South Bay and
  • the only dress two things I'm good and what what
  • look dude what gender should we be in is there an in-between Larry just saw him
  • I'm gonna grab them shouldn't be watching me write a little that's I'm
  • ruining it ruining his childhood wallets and boxes before they listen listen
  • before the manager gets here if she ever gets in trouble I'll hire on my company
  • oh well she can walk past waste 40 I'm home we could get you guys matching
  • outfits what if they'll have my sign waves how
  • much what he said they won't you're 26 yeah don't scream it out loud no this
  • game yeah 28 or 20s day and then you just have to
  • tighten them real tight yeah wait that's five of you sorry no that's a 38 the
  • head legs are so thin I'm gonna look like I'm drowning and I'm whatever let's
  • do it that's people me drown so it's good you're right humbling yeah
  • find me a table that's interesting you know oh my god Nate we actually died if
  • I wore this what is not Oh so worse yes this isn't this isn't shocking that
  • looks good Chi yeah you're right some plaid I haven't worn plaid since sixth
  • grade unless it was like a dress it should be
  • fine with the camouflage oh you're gonna do me like what's your color come on
  • it's my size kind of warning do not touch my tools or my daughter
  • that's so icon it and I also love this just like a us a moment
  • Wow and then I could take it afterward cuz it's double okay well well
  • Riley pick these out for me I think that's more of like a middle of America
  • dad's day shames twitching but why are these actually kind of cute I would wear
  • those so we should now look so yeah those are carry yeah I pop that body out
  • oh yeah mom okay how do I keep my body in those shoes bitch headband something
  • funny link oh I got it she was little Oh shoes
  • oh and shoes wait shoes are issued yeah we're shoes on Oh
  • Shane's over here
  • underwear and socks so far I found this cat he's an astronaut I'm a guessing
  • it's he's a katstra not I don't know but I also wanted something that like I
  • actually like these I'm gonna give you this for me okay oh my god this up
  • nervous boxer-brief boxers or you don't know what I'm talking about do you okay
  • I'm like g-string edible underwear oh I got another graphic tee just as an
  • option okay yeah don't need to show them at anyone a lot what is that when I was
  • really young I would look at like the underwear ads and like JC Penney and
  • jackoff I found out I was gay cuz I got turned on by this
  • yes okay I would look at my brothers let's get shoes okay great
  • give it brother huh give a brother I wish I'm watching right now what kind of
  • shoes you think I'm trying to humble Geoffrey yeah so what kind of shoes do
  • you think Geoffrey should get like what's a good damn shoe aisle is right
  • over here let's go love ya come on we're not trying to get kicked out this kind
  • of looks like um okay yeah this is like the Walmart version of a Gucci bag okay
  • shopkins some real men's shoes are women why are you changed I've been doing
  • do they have high heels oh this is a camel and I'm gay I mean I'm down I like
  • mixing books saying way but there's everything we need what
  • size are you with a Oh
  • okay let's do it
  • this is that moment great chillin this hi I like these two cuz I feel like
  • these are like all in the run Oh
  • oh my god thank you wait but you know that's too fashionable jealous those are
  • the ugliest songs I've ever seen get him away from me I'm starting to panic
  • no we need hoes should we get treats
  • by Lady of course
  • here's
  • sorry you know they sew toilet seats that's exciting
  • okay sorry I got distracted I'm trying to find like snacks or treats or like
  • what Geoffrey has to eat Walmart for a day right where it eat it everything I
  • call it but I called the owner ahead of time Norway Mikey was just there oh my
  • god we were dissing Norway this is so cool this is more successful than ten
  • o'clock okay let's find me she's not gonna last outfit okay so like my
  • grandma is a who grandma's dead same Parkinson's is a bitch that's so dark
  • rest in peace Eileen okay so big guy okay
  • for Nate please what else okay we got a hair spray any accessories we need
  • makeup oh my god right all right I get it okay where's the makeup section I
  • don't that way ice cream makers that shouldn't I don't like Steve now I
  • live for Maybelline I hate this is free right cuz it's broken or no I don't know
  • have things look at the other Sade damn the purple doesn't have a good
  • formula the pot - your you mice Katy Perry here or what's going on
  • she's just living her life man she's a collab with pepper garage site I
  • don't know what any of that means okay I got hot hues for your hair oh my
  • god it's temporary and I got on this head wrap you can wear in different
  • styles they all look the same but she's she's happy about all of it so yeah what
  • else I'm hot and I'm sweating how much did were together should we
  • check out I'm nervous they're gonna kick us out oh sorry I thought this match
  • okay we gotta go no oh there's just uneven lighting we gotta go no no no
  • stop it don't you see the line how many people
  • we've been kicked out and that's okay I'm used to it you feel bit quite at
  • that I believe the proffy out we're outside though we kill our property
  • where's not that
  • sorry impede where's the bill it's our treat it's your birthday
  • shame I don't know if I can do this
  • Gucci we don't care about her rats

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel!! In today's video Shane Dawson and Ryland come over for something I never knew could happen... I let Shane control my life for a day and he takes me to Walmart for a MAKEOVER... Yes, you're reading that correctly. LOT happens in this video, Shane almost gets arrested and they kicked him and my camera guy Christian, out of Walmart! Watch PART ONE and see what happens.....

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