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Video Kevin Garnett's Wife LEAVES After Securing The Bag From Him
12:23   |   857K+ views   |   10/16/2018 at 18:31


  • what's going on everybody Jada black
  • here back with another video shout out
  • to everybody that is tuning in hopefully
  • y'all like this video share it and they
  • are gonna have a lot to say in the
  • comment section of course like always
  • you know this particular story is
  • something that I have this particular
  • divorce between Kevin Garnett and his
  • now ex-wife it's something that I have
  • said about a lot of these pro athletes
  • once their careers are over the wife no
  • longer wants to be around them they want
  • these dudes out of the house and you
  • would say to yourself why would a woman
  • get married to a man and did not want
  • him around but that happens a lot in
  • these particular relationships now
  • according I'm looking at two different
  • articles okay the first one is gonna be
  • from TMZ all right it says ex-nba star
  • Kevin Garnett wife files for divorce and
  • this is AZ of b12 and I'm just not
  • saying this mm be a star Kevin Garnett
  • is heading for divorce after 14 years of
  • marriage TMZ has learned according to a
  • new legal doc or documents brandy
  • Padilla filed the divorce papers
  • Thursday in LA padilla reportedly lists
  • irreconcilable differences as to reasons
  • for their split the couple dated for a
  • long time before tying the knot back in
  • July of 2004 they have two daughters
  • together ages 10 and 5 brandy reportedly
  • is asking for physical custody with
  • Kevin getting visitation and of course
  • she is seeking spousal support now I
  • want to say this why is it that
  • these women want to get 100% custody you
  • didn't even want to be around kevin
  • garnett 100% of the time and when you
  • were around him 100% of the time you
  • divorced them but you want 100% full
  • custody and the only reason why she
  • wants full custody is because she wants
  • more spousal support a small child whom
  • she probably own and that doesn't say
  • child support but I believe she wants to
  • get more spousal support okay she wants
  • all that money to be in the spousal
  • support I don't know I guess if it was
  • joint she she'd had he'd have to page
  • house where I don't know maybe maybe it
  • still worked out that way
  • but what I want to know is this why
  • these women always want to get 100%
  • custody and only give the father who
  • financially is supporting them still
  • after the divorce wants to get 100%
  • custody I mean Kevin Garnett is a
  • retired basketball player okay he has
  • he's at home work now I can understand
  • if he's on the road but he's on he's at
  • home as a matter of fact he's part of
  • the NBA TV crew over there on TNT so
  • he's at home war okay I don't understand
  • why you still want 100% of the custody
  • of the kids as if you're gonna be taking
  • care of those kids by yourself you're
  • gonna have nannies you're gonna have
  • family members who are gonna be helping
  • you there's no way this woman is gonna
  • be taking care of those kids by herself
  • a majority of the time
  • Garnett retired from the NBA in
  • September of 2016
  • after 21 seasons an NBA MVP award and a
  • championship with the Celtics back in
  • 2008
  • okay let's check out this other other
  • article from the blast
  • it says former Sultan stop goddamn it
  • for the Boston Celtics star Kevin
  • Garnett's wife just filed for divorce
  • after 14 years of marriage and setting
  • up a possible nasty custody war and the
  • reason why I was gonna be nasty is
  • because he's at home again he's at home
  • he's a retired basketball player he has
  • more time on his hands she wants to get
  • the kids for herself so she can get more
  • money from him according to court
  • records obtained by the blast brandy for
  • deal for our documents Thursday in Los
  • Angeles against kg the couple has two
  • daughters ten-year-old Capri and not a
  • five year old Cavalli and according to
  • the petition Brandon runs physical
  • custody of both kids with Garnett
  • getting visitation that's that's
  • completely unfair she's requesting joint
  • legal custody so she wants physical
  • custody with him just having visited
  • visitation
  • [Music]
  • you know if kevin garnett is smart he
  • will try to get full custody himself
  • because he can do it I mean again he's
  • at home work a lot of these guys need to
  • start setting examples because you got
  • so many of these women following a
  • script okay
  • they're following the script and the
  • script is I'm going to deal with you
  • once your career is over once you're not
  • making the same amount of money then I'm
  • going to leave you I'm going to take
  • whatever you have left half at least and
  • leave and also take the kids with me so
  • you know I'm saying leave you with
  • nothing hardly or leaving you to have to
  • rebuild what you had and what's funny is
  • that when you're able to rebuild your
  • life these women are gonna come back
  • wanting more money has happened before
  • you see we've seen women literally
  • divorce men and they stayed they
  • separate from those guys for years and
  • then all of a sudden when that woman
  • realized that man isn't broken when he's
  • dating more attractive women when he's
  • about to get remarried he or she goes
  • going back to court seeking more money
  • [Music]
  • because she hasn't broken him women want
  • to break men they want to break men's
  • spirits they want to break men's pockets
  • and this is the price that we pay to put
  • a ring on these women's finger they
  • needs women wonder why we don't want to
  • get married
  • but I think also something that has not
  • said is that a lot of these pro athletes
  • unfortunately they marry women who don't
  • like them like that these women only get
  • with these guys because of the money
  • that they have and the fame that they
  • have but once that is gone
  • those women are gone kevin garnett
  • retired in 2016
  • it's 2018 and she's already filing for
  • divorce she couldn't handle being with
  • him being at home for more than what a
  • year and Alan was two years now she's
  • filing divorce see these women want to
  • be part-time wives you know I'm saying
  • they want to be your off-season wife but
  • they don't want to be your full you know
  • full year on wife but then again you're
  • gonna have women that's gonna say you
  • know we still want to get married you
  • should marry us they get angry with us
  • when we tell other men that maybe you
  • shouldn't get married bro especially
  • when you have a lot to lose we have a
  • lot to lose and you know that females
  • trying to secure that bag which is what
  • his wife did they're gonna leave when
  • they know they can't get anything much
  • out of here she's seeking spousal
  • support and requesting the court
  • terminate Garnett stability collection
  • support the deal was a longtime
  • girlfriend of Garnett and the two tied
  • the knot in July of 20 2004 during a
  • private ceremony in California in fact
  • kg skipped competing in Athens Olympic
  • Games because of this wedding you know
  • as Anderson she filed for divorce the
  • same month that she got married I don't
  • think I'll say a coincidence
  • these women married these men for what
  • they have not for who they are and she's
  • one of them
  • she still sees herself as an attractive
  • woman who can land another successful
  • man you know she wants to be able to
  • live a solo life she wants to go out and
  • party she wants to get flown out yes she
  • does she wants to get flown out she
  • wants to party with her female friends
  • she wants to try being with other men
  • she stayed with you because of the
  • security that you gave her but this is
  • gonna come a time with the female
  • especially if she's attractive when
  • she's no longer gonna care about your
  • financial security she's gonna want to
  • go out and do you know have her phase
  • where she just partying and sleeping
  • with different men and you know be you
  • know sad just living a desert lifestyle
  • these married women envy single women
  • I'm telling you they may brag about
  • their marriage but they want to be able
  • to do what a lot of these single women
  • are doing these women who are posting up
  • in different hotel rooms and different
  • countries now we got to discuss the
  • matter of them getting those places but
  • anyway being a different vacation spots
  • you know hugging up with different dudes
  • and not have to worry about the husband
  • getting jealous now some women do it
  • anyway right you know
  • so we know this stuff already
  • she wanted to secure that bag and she
  • was able not only is she gonna be able
  • to secure a bag for the long haul cos
  • her children are young she's gonna see
  • she's gonna secure bags she's gonna go
  • out there and she's gonna be sleeping
  • around with all these different dudes
  • probably some of his ex teammates or
  • friends in the league because that's the
  • lifestyle she wants and you're gonna
  • help her secure that the support that
  • she gets from him is gonna secure her
  • taking care of her daughters and that's
  • what a lot of these females do they get
  • with these guys until they financially
  • are secured and then they get out of
  • those relationships when they can when
  • the money is still there and that is
  • what she's known and that's why a lot
  • more men are waking up a lot more men
  • are understanding that this is a hustle
  • that you have women out there hustling
  • you got women out there trying to secure
  • their bags so they can go out and live
  • that single lifestyle because a lot of
  • times when these when these guys are
  • away during the season these women are
  • single they're on social media they're
  • always displace in that place but you're
  • gonna do this home they can't really do
  • that you know especially if he's home
  • you're wrong these women got side dudes
  • I mean they probably got dudes all in
  • the house they probably given money to
  • do tricky they probably stay tricking
  • money off you know they are going to a
  • different club club every couple of days
  • a week shopping spending this money up
  • but once he at home you know some of
  • that stuff is not gonna be the same like
  • I was watching a show thing is called
  • football-wise or something and
  • [Music]
  • I'm looking at this show football wives
  • and Michael Vick in his wife I'm talking
  • and she is basically warning him out the
  • house she wants him to go do something
  • she doesn't want him to be there that
  • much because she's so used to him not
  • being there I eat when he was locked up
  • in federal prison and when he was
  • playing means playing in the NFL these
  • women get used to y'all not being there
  • that's why I don't understand why you
  • would marry these women when are you
  • gonna marry somebody who you're not even
  • around most of the time who don't even
  • want you around so what is the point of
  • you marry her oh I know to secure her
  • bag
  • [Laughter]

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Ex NBA Player Kevin Garnett's Wife Files For Divorce After 14 Yrs & Making Sure She Gets Support

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