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Video KOREAN McDonald's VS. Burger King in Seoul South Korea
22:52   |   02/22/2019 at 22:30


  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • hey guys good morning
  • whatever I'm in so I love staying around
  • and I'm in malaria because you got the
  • traditional market which just amazing
  • through there and then you got melon
  • dolls you want to look around so it's
  • always something to do within walking
  • distance but today I'm really excited to
  • try something now this is not some
  • traditional Korean food is actually I'm
  • going through the local McDonald's here
  • a lot of you guys been asking me to try
  • it out and after looking at that meeting
  • you I gotta tell you I'm kind of excited
  • about this cuz there's some burgers and
  • flavors on the menu that's just
  • incredibly unique let me show you
  • [Music]
  • there's apple pie in Korea there's corn
  • pie here we go automated watering system
  • as always I'm only gonna get the items
  • are unique to Korea McDonald's and this
  • is what I'm talking about here Leah does
  • make spicy Shanghai burger I don't know
  • what a Shanghai burger is but I want it
  • when I wanted a Shanghai burger this
  • popped up what is that sure thrill
  • mushroom burger golden egg cheeseburger
  • there show me one of these things with
  • every single burger I buy no thank you
  • grilled mushroom burger glitch fries oh
  • here we go
  • horn pie this is really interesting
  • bacon tomato Deluxe burger and a 1955
  • what is is like a time-traveling burger
  • supreme shrimp burger crispy oriental
  • chicken burger all my dog bulgogi burger
  • and a hamburger stealer golga burger and
  • we've got to get this corn pie on a
  • strawberry call so a Hambach burger
  • golden key we know cooking queuing
  • so here's my McDonald's order and make
  • spicy Shanghai the toy golden
  • cheeseburger bacon tomato deluxe 1955
  • burger shrimp burger or an insole burger
  • bug Oogie humba key weeks okay there's a
  • lot of stuff here hold all about 50
  • dollars that's my McDonald's lunch
  • [Music]
  • what is this that like a little burger
  • construction fortification wall around
  • it this looks like the tomato bacon
  • Deluxe burger with a kind of a sad
  • little piece of bacon Wow
  • ton of lettuce big size beef patty
  • look at that fried egg on top Oh huge a
  • slice of bacon fresh onions lettuce this
  • looks like something I want to be
  • sinking my teeth into but have the name
  • Shanghai sesame bun tons of tons of mail
  • on this one in a crispy fried chicken
  • piece of chicken on the bottom
  • 19:55 egg I've yet to fully understand
  • the deeper meaning behind this what a
  • 1955 burger means like what I'm thinking
  • right now is just like a traditional
  • burger I guess like this is how burgers
  • came at McDonald's in Korea in 1955 so
  • some caramelized onions lettuce and
  • tomatoes on a sesame bun crispy oriental
  • chicken burger you can pray not vain
  • this burger how they named it anywhere
  • except for in Asia this is a massive
  • size chicken sandwich burger lettuce
  • tomatoes look at the size of that piece
  • of fried chicken oh it's nice and crispy
  • on the outside too on the bottom you got
  • mayonnaise and pickles
  • this is nice really it's very nice and
  • crispy this is the one I was really
  • really intrigued about the mixed spicy
  • Shanghai burger obviously you know
  • Shanghai is not known for burgers some
  • really curious to see why it would have
  • the name Shanghai sesame bun tons of
  • tons of mail on this one in a crispy
  • fried chicken piece of chicken on the
  • bottom so it looks like a mail bomb
  • exploded on it and Hamburg is a Japanese
  • steak kind like a Salisbury steak just
  • looks like this thing just looks like a
  • regular hamburger with some barbecue
  • sauce and chopped onions
  • finally it wouldn't be Korea
  • it didn't have a pagoda burger looks
  • like a regular hamburger looks like a
  • very lightly colored burger this is a
  • pork burger with a tons of bulgogi sauce
  • I don't think I've been more excited to
  • die a McDonald's in my life anywhere in
  • the world there's so many burgers at the
  • curry McDonald's that I'm so so excited
  • at ryebeck because the flavor just seems
  • so unique all right let the Korean
  • mcdonald experience begin first things
  • first I'm actually not going for a
  • burger I'm going for the pie because
  • this thing is piping high and I want it
  • that is hottest and again this is a corn
  • pie never had a corn pie
  • okay first impression extremely
  • extremely flaky I mean just nice and
  • crispy on the outside
  • this worn inside in this country horn
  • plays a very important role in his
  • pastries and dessert
  • we've heard the front drive was it a
  • punchy and flakey pastry I'm not crazy
  • about the sweet cream they're using in
  • here but I love the juicy sweet popcorn
  • from the forum definitely take the
  • outside pastry in the floor coating Kiwi
  • chiller also dummy a little weight this
  • is the little lying rabbit thing he's
  • eating McDonald's fries I mean is this I
  • don't know this guy supposed to do
  • anything besides sitting there looking
  • all cute a hole it's a it's a little
  • lying rabid fan yeah apparently battery
  • not included let's start with a golden
  • egg burger because there's a obviously
  • an egg sitting here in this egg it's a
  • fried over hard egg and it kind of looks
  • like a and it kind of looks like a
  • little burger airplane with that for the
  • wings here
  • [Music]
  • a local program every bite you get this
  • massive beefy flavor and the egg is
  • actually really really yummy to yolk all
  • those a little hard and it's still
  • creamy and eggy I like the nice crunch
  • from the veggies I mean this is a very
  • substantial very very meaty burger this
  • burger ain't no nonsense going on here
  • loving the crispy onions as well the
  • patty although not the juiciest burger
  • and I wasn't expecting that from
  • McDonald's but I was expecting beefy and
  • there's definitely delivers next up I
  • really want to try this oriental chicken
  • sandwich looks like a bunch of mustard
  • lettuce tomato some cores Mayo pickle
  • baby is a big ol piece of fried chicken
  • it's a good chicken sandwich very crispy
  • on the outside too chicken is tender and
  • juicy and it's a hefty piece of chicken
  • a lot of flavors I like the mustard I
  • love the crunch of the pickles the only
  • thing I'm not really quite sure about
  • there's why this is called a holy into a
  • chicken sandwich besides the fact that
  • it's made here in Korea there's nothing
  • really worried intially about this
  • chicken sandwich
  • tastes like a regular chicken sandwich
  • well I liked it I just don't really
  • understand it this is something I wanna
  • try says last time I was in Korea
  • there's the spicy Shanghai chicken
  • sandwich and I really hope it's called
  • that for a reason this is a delicious
  • chicken sandwich because this thing will
  • bite your mouth on fire perfectly crispy
  • on the outside and a nice and tender
  • chicken pad eight tons of heat tons of
  • spices but again just like the Oriental
  • chicken sandwich a couple of things I
  • don't understand about this first of all
  • Shanghai is is not a city known for
  • spicy food in China so I don't see the
  • connection there because this is a
  • really spicy Santelli a lot of people in
  • Shanghai can actually eat this sandwich
  • I mean it's delicious but it's just a
  • spicy chicken sandwich this is a
  • hamburger though very simple-looking
  • burger
  • mmm was powder you're so tender this
  • might be the best patty I've been into
  • today I mean the sauce is a little sweet
  • I like the crunch from the chopped up
  • onions but this patty it's a really
  • gentle patty it got a nice beef flavor I
  • mean this thing is massaging my tongue
  • right now especially for like a simple
  • hamburger we did absolutely menu so this
  • is a 1955 burger which looks like a
  • quarter pounder with cheese and bacon
  • and tomatoes see it's got a nice bun
  • though
  • I really like to sleep juicy tomatoes an
  • inverter Hannah McDonald beef patty the
  • beef patty here and Korea does taste
  • like to be patty in America it's not
  • gonna be juicy it's gonna have an okay
  • beef flavor that's sweet juicy tomatoes
  • making all the difference right now
  • coming out bacon
  • it's sort of an afterthought wait tiny
  • it's not crispy it's one of those things
  • where you know it's there you see it but
  • it doesn't make much of an impact so
  • bacon this 1955 burger is more Canadian
  • bacon it's got a sweeter sauce to it it
  • looks like it has the Thousand Island
  • dressing in ketchup
  • there's a good burger I might just be
  • missing the historic aspect of it
  • because have a sad was important 1955
  • and so I don't really know what per girl
  • was like in 1955 so basically this is a
  • traditional old-fashioned really
  • old-fashioned Korean burger decided to
  • try the shrimp burger
  • huge shrimp flavor what's different
  • about this burger and what I had in
  • Japan is that the shrimp is mixed with
  • me much more started in this burger I'm
  • tasting a lot of the batter and a lot of
  • the star says holding the pieces of
  • shrimp together all right got to be
  • honest with you guys I am slightly
  • disappointed
  • it might McDonald experience here today
  • mainly because maybe I am over hyped it
  • in my own mind because when I hear the
  • words like spicy Shanghai chicken
  • sandwich or oriental chicken sandwich I
  • don't know in my mind I was expecting
  • like peppercorn sauce or a mysterious
  • Shanghai flavor I'm not even familiar
  • away I mean don't get me wrong
  • the Shanghai spicy chicken sandwich it's
  • really really good especially if you
  • like a lot of heat that think you
  • deliver but there's really nothing
  • Shanghai about it I think my favorite
  • burger today might actually be the Heung
  • Bok burger I love to tender patty it was
  • good value for the buck and my second
  • favorite might be a tie between the
  • spicy chicken sandwich and the golden
  • egg burger that egg really gave a burger
  • a nice level in terms of meat quality
  • like I said I feel like when McDonald's
  • the beat Cudi's is pretty similar to
  • where you're gonna find in the States
  • and finally the sinneth burger is good
  • but fall short to what I had in Japan so
  • there you go guys that's my review of
  • the McDonald's here is South Korea and
  • before I go just it's gotta go one more
  • thing can I get some ice cream this is
  • amazing creamy new strawberry flavor
  • perfect ending to a fun mcdonald
  • experience here in south korea
  • alright guys hopefully you enjoyed this
  • video on toe eat again see you later
  • [Music]
  • alright so McDonald's in Korea not bad
  • not great but honestly I do prefer
  • Burger King way more than McDonald's in
  • general so you guys want to you guys
  • want to see what a Burger King is like
  • in Korea let's give this a try buy one
  • get one free fries be able to utilize
  • this same automated menu English please
  • let's take a look at the burgers alright
  • this one's not in English balanced
  • chicken burger short monster X tongue
  • shrimp steak burgers wow yeah
  • a monster whopper wow this is a monster
  • X okay so basically this is a chicken
  • sandwich this is a monster burger
  • meeting that chicken sandwich let's go
  • these truffle mushroom burger heck yeah
  • whoo the Kogi Walker this is interesting
  • wat throat Cheeseman so there's like a
  • four cheese Walker I'm thinking oh sweet
  • garlic burger for three dollars this is
  • insane this is a 21 centimeter cheese
  • steak for $1 coconut shrimp a Burger
  • King yeah way more condensed in my
  • McDonald's receipt
  • [Music]
  • Wow I got all my burgers and all my side
  • dishes I think I'm Way more excited
  • about burger team that I am about
  • McDonald's look at this stuff I got
  • seven burgers and these are burgers I
  • think are completely we also got some
  • side dishes coleslaw coconut shrimp I
  • got to get started with this thing this
  • is a 21 centimeter cheese stick that
  • that cost $1 so basically an 8 inch
  • fried piece of cheese I mean it's just a
  • cheese stick but at the same time it's a
  • long cheese stick so
  • pushed me on the outside cheese is nice
  • and pulley I'm going just a cheese stick
  • pop that's a good cheese step
  • well Burger King here who loves the use
  • of truffles truffle fries not the
  • crispiest mmm ja chops are surprisingly
  • good mmm
  • wow that is truffle ewwww I mean the
  • fries me better if there were a lot more
  • crispy for the truffle sauce mmm smells
  • like getting punched in the face by
  • expensive mushroom oh ma
  • oh it's a mascara mmm no muss gets this
  • is an apple mingle Jillian is basically
  • sparkling mango juice little bits of
  • mingle jelly upset gray Wow already my
  • experience in Burger King is so much
  • better to McDonald's let's check out
  • these coconut shrimps first impression
  • nice and crispy outer shell that's
  • always a good start dip it in a sweet
  • spicy sauce mmm
  • just you like Philippe punchy I'm like
  • I'm very coconutty shrimp tastes fresh
  • I'm handed outer shell sprite perfectly
  • with a nice fragrant coconut flavor I'm
  • really sure it probably perfectly now my
  • hopes are high for a delicious meal and
  • let's start with this bat boy this is
  • probably the most unique burger here
  • this is the shrimp steak burger
  • beautiful bun lettuce tomatoes onions
  • and check this out shrimp on this
  • massive steak of a burger look how thick
  • that patty is and the shrimp is covered
  • in some kind of this might be a a sweet
  • and spicy sauce I think an amazing
  • looking giant burger this is the
  • ultimate surf and turf burger right here
  • I mean I've had shrimp burgers now
  • McDonald's in Japan and Korea but never
  • shrimps with me on top of a burger
  • that's all you guys I love this burger
  • it was really trippy I mean let me
  • rescue someone my fallen shrimp here the
  • shrimp out she tastes really fresh and
  • snappy the burger me not try at all nice
  • and tender oh my god that sauce a little
  • sweet very fiery I mean in terms of surf
  • and turf ghosts this is a great combo I
  • mean that's her pure is good to serve
  • here is great and the spicy sauce mmm
  • Moses such a winner hmm in a lot of this
  • burger really relies on the freshness of
  • a shrimp but like I said the shrimp is
  • snappy it's a little sweet I flew home
  • run all right that's gonna be hard to
  • follow but let's try this thing out this
  • is the monster expert her and just
  • looking at this terrifies me sting is
  • giant with oh my gosh just a massive
  • fried chicken patty on top of a
  • humungous steak burger with bacon and
  • cheese this thing both makes me hungry
  • and terrifies me at the same time this
  • this will fill you up I mean already
  • it's a workout how do you start biting a
  • monster
  • my first bite attempt failed because
  • unfortunately I can't hinge my jaw I
  • gotta tell ya I was expecting this to be
  • pretty bad
  • a massive chicken patty on top of a
  • massive beef burger
  • I'll suspected this to be really really
  • dry but both patties remarkably tender
  • also they have some crazy fiery heat on
  • this burger
  • actually tastes like habanero chilies or
  • something on this burger does they
  • really pack some heat but beef patty the
  • juiciest no it's not they're still
  • really really tender I'm busy I almost
  • think the chicken patty tastes better
  • than it beep at it not as good as the
  • shrimp burger but pretty Charlotte this
  • is the hash brown burger hmm what
  • delightful crunch - Brown was really
  • really crunchy but I think the problem
  • with this burger is I don't really taste
  • the beef patty at all and I really just
  • taste the hash browns which is fantastic
  • but the beet pretty much disappears I
  • really like the spicy sauce they use and
  • they use it on a lot of burgers really
  • do enjoy the sauce but yeah good hash
  • brown and that's so much on the patty
  • table this is the big ugly burger oh
  • look at that shoe patty sweet bogie
  • sauce on top of the burgers oh man this
  • is a saucy burger
  • well really really sweet bogey sauce
  • this is a meaty burger the first thing
  • that jumps out at you here is the B deep
  • delicious patty mm-hmm really tender
  • beef team smoky bulgogi patty if you
  • like burgers that's all about the beef
  • yeah that's this baby right here this is
  • the Quatro cheese whopper I'm not really
  • sure what kind of cheese is in here I
  • got to tell you about I love whoppers I
  • remember a few years after me and my
  • family continued as we were still really
  • really poor but this point I think we're
  • living in a poor Dodge Iowa we could
  • really afford fast food I mean that's
  • how poor we were they want perspective
  • like five bucks so one day my mom felt
  • like up five whopper for five dollar
  • deal like an ad coupon in the paper and
  • she took him to you bobbers and we got
  • five walkers for five bucks and we ate
  • it in the car and I remember that was by
  • far the greatest thing I've ever had in
  • the u.s. and guys I kitchen on i-84
  • Walker's I remember this my mom ain't
  • one and I ate the rest o so even today
  • every single time I bite into a whopper
  • it takes me back so I am a little biased
  • for whoppers out of love Walker's this
  • whopper
  • seeing great flames world tastes a lot
  • of cheese now I can't really tell what
  • kind of cheese they have in here it just
  • tastes all gooey and cheesy at this
  • point I'm really anticipating this
  • burger here this is the truffle burger
  • okay
  • layers of onions tomatoes truffle sauce
  • on a huge beefsteak Patti now I had a
  • taste of the the truffle sauce with the
  • trouble fries here at Burger King and
  • already I know there's gonna be a
  • mushroom just thaw out of burger yeah I
  • did not see this when I was examining
  • the burger
  • I always tell myself I should be more
  • careful with my burger examination so
  • this is why I can never be a doctor you
  • look at this whole mushroom on the
  • burger feel like there's gonna be
  • something special
  • oh my god this inertia burger
  • my two favorite burgers and Burger King
  • oh my gosh this is oh my oh it's falling
  • out they actually put quite a lot of
  • mushrooms in this burger and the truffle
  • sauce they used I mean for Burger King
  • that's pretty awesome every single bite
  • hmm awesome truffle flavor truffle
  • fragrance just completely engulfs you
  • love the crisp from the lettuce also the
  • mushrooms hey I heard that
  • no that's a punchy mushrooms oh man this
  • is what happens when you Super Saiyan
  • eyes a regular much of murder we did the
  • stroller burger I think it's a truffle
  • sauce right
  • you slap down on anything it's gonna
  • make it taste amazing mmm truffle sauce
  • covered bacon lastly the book bogey
  • whopper this is what happens when Burger
  • King in Korea had a baby
  • it justit's like a whopper with bulgogi
  • sauce really really really sweet burger
  • Razak that's like putting a barrel
  • danger as a Halle Berry that the
  • beautiful just got more beautiful
  • [Music]
  • conclusion
  • Burger King Korea much better than
  • McDonald's in Korea hands down buzz try
  • Burgers shrimp burger for sure I think
  • that's still my number one most favorite
  • burger here I tried today second gotta
  • get the truffle burger and whatever you
  • do
  • we gotta pair it up with some trouble
  • fresh there in general comparing like
  • the fast food in Japan and Korea I feel
  • like that the bread bun quality of Japan
  • it's all matched I mean look at this
  • it's like the Japanese McDonald's got
  • these funds from from the buns of steel
  • video but in Korea the use of that spicy
  • sweet sauce I think sweet and spicy it's
  • very iconic Korean flavoring used in a
  • lot of dishes and applying that on their
  • burgers worked magic
  • I like the Fed that they just kind of
  • threw the shrimp on top of a burger and
  • made it a surfacer thing I mean that was
  • mind-blowing any good but guys that's my
  • review of McDonald's and Burger King
  • here in Korea hopefully you enjoyed it
  • and let me know if you've been to Korea
  • which one do you like better are you
  • team McDonald's routine Burger King I
  • think after this meal for Shirley's in
  • Korea I'm Team Burger King all right
  • guys who still have crispy shrimp left
  • all right guys I'm gonna go pour into a
  • deep burger and just hung up right now
  • still one more I was happy I find food
  • anyway thank you again so much for
  • watching until we eat again oh there

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Many of you guys asked me to try out the McDonald's in South Korea and I was super excited as well. With burgers such as the Shanghai burger, I was expecting great things. After eating at McDonald's I also stopped at Burger King in Seoul and tried out some of the interesting items there.

So here is my review and comparison of Korean McDonald's and Burger King in South Korea.

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