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Video Best Cars at SEMA?? Sh*tcar and Shartkart Party Time at Endless Summer of Shred
10:47   |   today at 15:23


  • [Music]
  • all right it is bright and early in the
  • morning here a beautiful Las Vegas
  • what's up la la yeah it's me danger Dan
  • we got our man Forrest Hoonigan racing
  • division actual professional and we're
  • here at SEMA 2018 and we've got our
  • endless silver and front lot this is our
  • space here at SEMA so we figured what
  • better way to kick off SEMA and kick off
  • our little event here and warm it up
  • with a little car shark card action
  • [Music]
  • a magic Dan why don't you tell us what
  • we got going on here cuz you're
  • obviously our hero cars these are our
  • favorite cars I've been working until 3
  • a.m. every night to make both of these
  • things rush I was gonna fire it up
  • exhaust for its shark art is an unreal
  • now so I had to kind of give some love
  • to car because this thing made 270
  • wheel horsepower tell him again 270
  • wheel horsepower 212 470 wheel
  • horsepower
  • a lot for Miata especially Miata with
  • nobody on we had an old tired 1.6 liter
  • rip that out got a 1.8 liter from JD in
  • California just a great motor because
  • when we put this on the dyno the first
  • time it had 214 wheel horsepower and we
  • ran out of injectors so now that's hold
  • on that's with the new motor and
  • supercharged what did it make before of
  • stock Miata with a 1.6 with this thing
  • came in 2690 doors Knight 90 90 90
  • now she's to seven had to get new
  • injectors Erin from Jeff motion saved us
  • on that one got us some thousand CC
  • injectors while we're at the dyno I made
  • a call at the last minute to just switch
  • to D 85 so I switched to e85 so she's
  • running core now and Andrew we tuned it
  • at a mulatto so she's a lot of power
  • she's corn-fed she's cooling fed and it
  • runs really good it runs a lot cooler
  • than it was okay this thing looks really
  • good like it's tight Yankee walk the
  • shoe somebody's lost two nights
  • is this like about driven turbocharged
  • thank all that significant American
  • turbo so I cleaned up some of the piping
  • because the stock piping was meant to go
  • through the bumpers and all around that
  • from skunkworks which is actually really
  • cool to fit a stock me on it but I
  • cleaned it up I made a little bit bigger
  • piping and more direct so it should have
  • made a little more power off of that my
  • buddy Jose came in and helped me out so
  • he tucked some of the wiring harness we
  • got deleted a bunch of stupid practice
  • we didn't he
  • and all that and yeah obviously Kyle and
  • I went through and made some good
  • brackets and stuff like that for some
  • bracing because before and we were
  • hitting right here who's going into the
  • wheel and stuff like that so it should
  • be a lot stronger new dashboard the hall
  • tech lead 750 IV that makes a huge
  • difference does now week actually
  • continue so this is a race car now
  • now what's up we got new wheels and
  • tires it looks like so what's up with
  • that
  • these are heritage Aikido that's three
  • piece wheel USA that's their own wheel
  • it's 15 by 8 negative 15 so widen the
  • track with about four inches overall it
  • looks amazing
  • they're a great wheel then we got them
  • wrapped in BF Goodrich g-force sports
  • which is probably too much grip for this
  • little lot I'm gonna explore all of this
  • little line and is this big country labs
  • wing might get knocked off on the
  • container or forced space we might be
  • touching as long as I can push this
  • that's just so nice I think they should
  • hand you a stick while they're on the
  • next one spray paint cuz you know you
  • look at this really all yeah it's really
  • cheaper than like you actually well
  • really well so Kyle did someone on this
  • - I think it's Nick water from here I
  • use a battery and jumper cables yeah can
  • we talk about this I actually have it
  • BMW it's not quite as nice as this but
  • you know this can work
  • you watch your mouth here HRD this is a
  • high-class racing vehicle that rock
  • better turbo this does pretty much
  • nothing I think I got it to see five
  • pounds of boost on my dyno which was me
  • revving it and brake boosting it on the
  • right lift
  • oh it was like three in the morning
  • that's why I put new mufflers on it
  • cause it is so loud tough lot going on
  • there yeah and it's got about 300 feet
  • of intercooler piping so I come from
  • here over the roof which is absolutely
  • useless and we have its own oil cooler
  • and fan that comes through with the rate
  • intercooler okay I did have two
  • batteries because this thing was sucking
  • a lot but we put an interstate battery
  • in it and that was just one interstate
  • battery thanks to so it took a little
  • weight out I changed the diff out
  • because the diff was way too tall of a
  • gear so now it's a little bit shorter it
  • should have a little snappy feel to it
  • and if it doesn't then we'll just crank
  • the nitrous up and you can do it over oh
  • yeah I was told just button up yeah
  • actually don't know a shot we put in it
  • because I didn't keep track and Brad did
  • so it's probably a hundred shot cuz I
  • know Brad Brad drag race see Brad just
  • said switch on I don't know if you'll be
  • good actually I'm not tested anything
  • nope I'll be good at is your fingers is
  • on fire expect you to put it out with
  • your own body cuz we love this guy yeah
  • we should this pot you know there's this
  • mask off the hood off so we can drive it
  • because uh oh and it sticks the Prados
  • superlight really lightweight
  • this is not what yeah that's probably
  • yeah I probably could boost leak yeah
  • that could have something to do with why
  • I wasn't running really good earlier
  • this is why we test tried it we're
  • testing right now listen catching the
  • Test section oh sorry baby what let's
  • get kicked out of seats
  • hey hey no job listen I wasn't kidding
  • I've never done anything tearing up my
  • marriage over a car the volunteer yeah
  • yeah yeah yeah beside making excuses
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • there's a big old fire
  • [Music]

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We bring our finest creations from the Donut Garage to SEMA 2018: the infamous Sh*tcar and Shartkart. Because there ain't no party like a sub-$500 shred car party.


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