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Video Apple Smart Glasses coming in 2017!!!
01:42   |   20K+ views   |   today at 02:14


  • we've come across a brand new smart
  • glasses concept one that's branded Apple
  • meet the Apple glass concept and looking
  • like a pretty fashionable piece of gear
  • since wearables have become so big that
  • Apple has gone to watch way why not do
  • the same with glasses the headset shown
  • here a sophisticated
  • slim and discreet it could easily be
  • confused with a pair of regular glasses
  • to be honest the design is oriented to
  • the conventional eyeglasses and the
  • device comes with a variety of lenses
  • there is a special projector in the mix
  • that combined with an adaptive last tech
  • will allow the user to check out the
  • latest info she needs without losing any
  • part of the viewing space sensors will
  • also be included
  • make sure the brightness is set
  • perfectly and the data is shown with no
  • problem even in sunlight there are three
  • switches at the top of the Apple glass
  • used to change all
  • you're on off the device there is a
  • microphone built-in and in your speaker
  • and support for Syrian voice calls
  • basically it's like having a pair of
  • hipster glasses with a small pen glued
  • to the side if you want a rough
  • comparison expect to become real around
  • 2018 according to the designer

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