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07:27   |   14K+ views   |   07/21/2018 at 17:14


  • hello you naked oh no it's very funny my
  • name is Jessie urge a game and welcome
  • back to today's video where we are going
  • to be making some actually some stops
  • because it is a special day today for my
  • girlfriend not me well we're gonna
  • celebrate it but today is my
  • girlfriend's birthday all right guys I
  • got the balloon I don't know if you guys
  • can see it it has 20 on it but I have it
  • like tied up to my hand just in case it
  • like blows away and then I also got her
  • this put the game in it and stuff but
  • let me just see how much stuff this in
  • here okay I don't get pulled over got in
  • there
  • balloons fuckin'-a get in there it's
  • just gonna pop most likely oh shit I've
  • had that happen before brah
  • I literally put it in here and it popped
  • stay in there fucking my keys in there
  • okay
  • stay all right guys I got two things
  • done I have balloons in the back and
  • then the back hopefully I don't get
  • pulled over but let's go to Toys R Us
  • and get this key all right guys we're
  • currently at Toys R Us and there's a
  • there's a sign over there that makes me
  • really sit next thing we have on the
  • list that I got from Toys R Us just now
  • you guys can practically see what's
  • inside hmm monopoly Mario Edition the
  • game audition come with Mario fish Yoshi
  • and doctor calm bitch eh well there you
  • go yeah she's been really wanting
  • monopoly so I decided hey why not get a
  • fair birthday I got everything I needed
  • I also got this cake I just didn't show
  • you because like I wanted to get home
  • fast this is gonna melt which is ice
  • cream but let's get inside
  • hey why you guys fighting
  • all right here y'all yo you y'all need
  • like an interview or something why do
  • you hate him
  • he's your brother he loves you right
  • all right Lex you love him and you
  • should love you ya need love love ins
  • those will make me wait for like hello
  • you naked oh you are naked mmm I guess I
  • am going to go like this a drink
  • quick-fire don't mind if I do go catch
  • on fire my fucking oh there it is there
  • it is there it is there it is okay
  • shit yeah digging in there's like ice
  • cream cakes is like hard as hell to do
  • you're gonna fall
  • hey you go the next one hear that sizzle
  • but 20 my girl 2010 looking nice looking
  • nice
  • she shouldn't be naked now song buggers
  • are you naked okay well your titties out
  • though yo hey hey hey doggies what's up
  • so this is her outfit look you know Joey
  • here stunning on everybody but oh let me
  • see this line come over here come over
  • here
  • woo Toronto alright yeah well shoot my
  • hair isn't done yet guys follow me as
  • you can see nothing yet
  • [Music]
  • let's have your book thank you
  • Valley wait we're smile alright so now
  • you gotta make the wish and their wish
  • that my bug is one she gonna get some
  • happy birthday happy birthday to buggies
  • happy birthday to my buggies happy
  • birthday to buggies all right so
  • whenever you wanna but I like this
  • alright you're twenty is melting
  • 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 18 19 20
  • got it yeah
  • but they buddy's birthday let me go
  • solid be on camera now thank you so much
  • for watching yes thank you guys so much
  • for watching I wanted to do this little
  • special video for Ashley give her a
  • happy birthday what's your happy
  • birthday down the comment section below
  • and if you guys can't come over here
  • babe we're gonna give you a nice little
  • shout out if you guys didn't know
  • actually has her own channel where she
  • does her beautiful ask me look at this
  • where she does her beautiful eyes makeup
  • you ask him go subscribe to her at
  • Ashley Sosa first link in the
  • description down below there but thank
  • you guys again so much for watching the
  • video if you look sexy is oh like that
  • and you look like you just got do
  • something guys so hey thank you again if
  • you guys enjoyed this video make sure
  • you like subscribe if new here and hit
  • that notification button so you never
  • miss on the video and I'll see you guys
  • in the next one peace out

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