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Video Ben Carson Refutes Donald Trump's Allegations
05:04   |   601 views   |   08/19/2018 at 17:37


  • let me ask you about what Donald Trump
  • was doing and saying last night I'm sure
  • you've heard about it dr. Carson uh let
  • film in well he said this about your
  • self described pathological temper he
  • said that's a big problem because you
  • don't cure that as an example child
  • molesting you don't cure these people
  • you don't cure a child molester
  • pathological there's no cure for that
  • what do you make of Donald Trump sort of
  • comparing your issues with that of a
  • child molester well I guess someone
  • needs to tell him what pathological
  • actually means because it doesn't mean
  • that it can't be cured so perhaps some
  • of his advisors can actually go talk to
  • some people understand what that term
  • means and educate him and then he
  • wouldn't say things like that what do
  • you think of the fact that he he stood
  • in front of a crowd and said those
  • things or actually set it on a
  • television show well you know
  • traditional politics is the politics of
  • personal destruction you tried to
  • destroy your opponent's you know I'm not
  • a part of that will never become a part
  • of that I'm not going to get into the
  • mud pit just because somebody says
  • something you know about me I'm not
  • going to retaliate that's what I used to
  • do when I was a kid you know I've moved
  • far beyond that stage now there are so
  • many important things to deal with in
  • our nation well what do you think of
  • Donald Trump these days and it's sort of
  • the way he's conducting himself I think
  • he's acting like Donald Trump and what
  • does that mean to you you know loud
  • brash um you know that's that's just the
  • way he is and is it really mad no
  • doesn't make me mad at all come on yeah
  • you know I got over my anger when I was
  • a teenager when I almost stabbed someone
  • and I stayed in that bathroom for three
  • hours contemplating my life and
  • recognizing that to lash out at someone
  • was not a sign of stress it's actually a
  • sign of weakness it means that you can
  • be manipulated you can be manipulated by
  • their words you can be manipulated by
  • their deeds it
  • she means that you're weak person not a
  • strong person it also means that you're
  • selfish if you're always getting angry
  • because always about me my and I
  • somebody did this to me they took my
  • thing I want this so if you can step out
  • of the center of the circle and let it
  • be about someone else you're very
  • unlikely to get angry Donald Trump also
  • went after you on immigration tweeting
  • that you favor amnesty on a path to
  • citizenship you've said you believe in a
  • program that allows illegal immigrants
  • to stay in this country as guest workers
  • if they have a pristine record I think a
  • six months period you said so are you
  • worried that your position on
  • immigration may alienate the Republican
  • base I don't think so i haven't found
  • that communication i've talked about my
  • position on immigration and I don't
  • change it because I'm in front of a
  • different audience either you know when
  • I spoke at nelio you know I you know
  • national organization Latino elected
  • officials I tell them the same thing
  • that I tell everybody else we do have an
  • illegal immigration problem here and
  • it's eminently solvable all we have to
  • do is secure borders we know we can do
  • that because of the experience in yuma
  • county arizona cut em illegal
  • immigration down by ninety-seven percent
  • you know so we know we can do it we have
  • to eliminate the incentives for people
  • to even want to try to get across that
  • vary but for the people who are still
  • here you know we have to be pragmatic
  • you know one of the things you learn as
  • a doctor is to be pragmatic there's
  • idealism and there's pragmatism now
  • recognize that most of these people are
  • hard working individuals many of them
  • don't even know any other place how they
  • know and they also provide tremendous
  • service in terms of farm workers
  • hospitality workers and doing many jobs
  • that Americans do not wish to do so I
  • would give them a six month period in
  • which to get registered
  • they have to get registered if they
  • don't register then they are illegal and
  • will be treated as such but they have to
  • pay a back tax penalty they have to pay
  • taxes going forward but now they're
  • above ground no longer have to hide they
  • don't get the vote they're not American
  • citizens and there is no pathway for
  • them to become American citizens unless
  • they go through the same pathway that
  • everybody else in the world has to go
  • and that would require them to leave the
  • country and apply yes and unless the
  • American people indicate that they would
  • prefer something other than that I think
  • that's the system that should be
  • utilized

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Ben Carson's reaction to Donald Trump's statements about himself (from this video /watch?v=KBGEq6cbxG8) Carson's views on imigration and economics.

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