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Video Los Angeles Lakers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | January 9, 2019 | FreeDawkins
10:09   |   views   |   01/09/2019


  • [Applause]
  • Lakers right now 8th in the West 2 wins
  • since James went down on Christmas Day
  • with a groin injury he will be
  • reevaluated here in Los Angeles on
  • Friday will not make the trip to Utah
  • with a team but Luke one left open the
  • possibility of him flying on his own to
  • Salt Lake as Ingram soars to the rim for
  • the game's first points bottom line is
  • compete defend be aggressive and be the
  • same player when the front is a bonus to
  • have LeBron James block nails a three
  • it's an adjustment period but when this
  • team is at its best with LeBron or
  • without LeBron is when they're pushing
  • the basketball is Josh hot with a
  • stellar move as Jackson takes it to the
  • rim and finds drum and his scoops it off
  • the window look at tourists by putting
  • on the Jets at the last second and
  • getting to the basket people probably
  • listening to say well what's the
  • different between Lonzo ball and Andre
  • Drummond
  • well one guy has to shoot it to make us
  • cool absolutely Kuzma beautiful fake got
  • Griffin on his feet and Kyle Kuzma has 6
  • points Griffin doing work on the low
  • block his first basket I've only asked
  • him before the game whose favorite
  • piston was he said I thought he's gonna
  • say like Isaiah Jodie maybe even Grant
  • Hill as Reggie Jackson it's a three he
  • goes tayshaun prince and then you forget
  • Kuzma was 7 years old when the Pistons
  • won the title
  • nice play by him icky that time and then
  • Kyle Guzman with a smart play cutting to
  • the rim
  • Wayne Casey's former team the Toronto
  • Raptors the best record in the lake
  • Kuzma down Clark gifts the easy to as
  • the Pistons then get back this is
  • Johnson when it's shake and bake puts it
  • up he puts it in Josh pulls up we put
  • our jumper Meadowlands not bad
  • Detroit colossal executing 41% reporting
  • and scoring is different
  • he puts it out that could be a goaltend
  • I know for sure he's looking around see
  • which way he wants to happen Chloe this
  • times that job at somehow caught up
  • against the oldest dista I'm banking it
  • in from straightaway as John silligans
  • ooh he's got sit scores it the bucket of
  • Alderaan turn which is it Michael BZ by
  • the way it's his birthday
  • there is landed up a tent with the left
  • hand as you say he's so good with either
  • hand right around the rulers back they
  • do need to check out of their hotel
  • we're gonna go up to Sacramento then
  • jump right back to LA and play the
  • Clippers is Bernard picks one for three
  • nice Beasley left Wow leave it sit down
  • Stevie finds the corner cave give up a
  • layup at the other end DePaul is Cunard
  • never gives up on the play
  • what
  • what a play by zone do that point lead
  • changes in the game pls dagoth gotta
  • talked a little bit on this end of the
  • floor Rolla older McGee had the assist
  • to Blake Griffin to the McGee he started
  • to slam it the helm onto it laid it in
  • softly off the glass later in the
  • mansion they went right through it guns
  • it to the other side it finds the corner
  • three men all because of the double-team
  • means Blake Ingram in deep that's
  • blocked by trauma secondary defender
  • brandy has to keep that in mind he has a
  • smaller garment by Blake Griffin like is
  • attacking you 23rd when to mention the
  • NBA shifting his way in and finding with
  • the left hand the fuck it is the crafty
  • very nice move by Brandon is up by
  • hitting a three and he showed a little
  • bit of emotion doesn't normally show
  • much but it did after he made it comes
  • OH
  • tax-driven due to rising fire for the
  • rain down with the basketball
  • courtesy of wait for vanity or he goes
  • to the river uses the board again what
  • purpose going to the room used a look
  • zone be the last line of defense but
  • negotiated well by jeong-ho light into
  • the passing lane read by Jackson relief
  • is 51:42 and it's McKee finishing after
  • the perfect dish
  • he gets the basket up behind you bro
  • Lakers
  • that stars is the instinctive reaction
  • is when to make those kind of plays
  • sighs Oh reporter live right yeah but
  • downtown where is Johnson that's a
  • painting up slam by drumming up offense
  • in their arsenal to get it done every
  • time but right out of the gate first
  • possession it's Reggie Jackson with a
  • jump shot for an intro he's gonna charge
  • baseline did seem to the key with the
  • one hand it's time run against our
  • videos right there gotta be that hard to
  • sound they're gonna count this they are
  • that's close charge block the other one
  • of those calls that the officials have
  • to make instantaneously that you
  • actually the quick five points to open
  • up the Spurs to the pizza
  • what a pass by zone yes sir most a slap
  • pass under theytheythey travail this
  • five of the residents go away
  • seven-point lead podiatrist booze but
  • two games without a clock ronzo gives it
  • up I'm out Detroit this time it's brown
  • pretty playing short clubs which means
  • of two pieces I will take it and make it
  • yes it's his night ladies and gentlemen
  • that's gonna count it's gonna be a four
  • point one point like this yeah does that
  • seven point what's yeah all of a sudden
  • at fifteen point lead down to eight hits
  • the 15-footer bad little closer next
  • bounced up Liberia's posted up as an
  • indecision attack three Lakers empty
  • weak side in the score by Brown go to
  • war for Koosman he's got 36 in the game
  • matter he's in front of keys tonight
  • anyway he's going with a little hook
  • shot
  • let's go is it applause there's a time
  • is clear huh 38 they only have 12 off
  • the pitch we've got both teams make it
  • 14 after that basket though neither
  • bench is really producing at a high rate
  • silence I about the started basically
  • she pees on it's red top of the queue
  • gotta get a great bounce up the top of
  • the boards sat on its way that's pretty
  • from Langston Galloway as he's got a
  • very quick position he is not fast
  • four-point opportunity it's tonight Karl
  • Kuzma caldwell-pope in the way explores
  • it he's with a blower nice intact by
  • Colin Bailey with to number nine
  • Galloway where's he been he's got two
  • for to thank all the matters on Pizza
  • guys it it's read the three
  • forget about that six-game slope he's
  • out of it that's what he does Martha
  • wrong just bounce miss Drummond stolen
  • fees he's got they've got time before
  • with three of Caldwell pull a prank by
  • the Lakers
  • don'ts now though usually the post lob
  • under the sea that's good recognition he
  • was on a mission he's being guarded by
  • Calderon and then they just couldn't get
  • back with Warren Beasley great
  • it's a Lance Stephenson really to look
  • at a scratch tonight underneath Oh again
  • easily he's got it he turns on his
  • birthday he's got another basket he's
  • leads his disciples later she worth it
  • is not brother Gordon fees he knows it's
  • a new scholarship yes sir
  • look at this play out meant to Beasley
  • touchdown makers the leave tomorrow
  • afternoon affect their way to Utah
  • interested to see how the Jazz play
  • that's a season high for Michael Beasley
  • on his birthday
  • hey CPH Beasley to 13 for 18 30 points 8
  • rebounds 7 assists to watch the bun yeah
  • I talked about them combining 4:30 I
  • mean especially kcpt's he must be trying
  • to get the assist award he's got for him
  • that was a cyst upper 30s won last year
  • was his best scoring average stuff like
  • that with the left-handed sweep Galloway
  • he's taking a few big a hugger get the
  • chance he's 5 for 5 from the three-point
  • line given it to Beasley
  • the storing moment beautiful soft touch
  • for the party
  • [Applause]
  • but the skaters are deleg on anyway
  • whicker's 101 13a 100 we got in love it

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Los Angeles Lakers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | January 9, 2019 | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'

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