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Video Can A Baseball Break Bullet Proof Glass? IRL Baseball Challenge
13:09   |   2M+ views   |   today at 12:44


  • once everybody's more money go back
  • again with another in real life baseball
  • video today we got another freakin
  • banger let me show you what we got so we
  • went online on the old eBay we were
  • looking at stuff that we could throw
  • baseballs out we did this in the past
  • with like milk jugs freakin two-liter
  • sodas all that crap and today we got
  • something that is freakin amazing
  • we have freakin bulletproof glass
  • bulletproof that's right
  • you guys might this is fake but look at
  • that that baby is thick AF that's what
  • she said and we're gonna throw baseballs
  • at it
  • we're gonna hit baseballs at it we're
  • gonna throw golf balls at it we're gonna
  • forget hit golf balls that we're just
  • gonna frickin try to destroy this thing
  • um I don't think it's gonna break sus it
  • is a bulletproof glass I mean I do throw
  • harder than a gunshot but I just don't
  • know if I could break I literally have
  • no idea let me know in the comment
  • section below right now if you guys
  • think I can actually break this freakin
  • thing it's gonna be amazing
  • once again we're hitting balls throwing
  • balls and if we can't break it we're
  • probably to take a freaking metal bat to
  • it at the end but yeah boys visuals
  • video like I said slap a like on if you
  • do it that sub button also let me on the
  • cops Expo up we're gonna break this
  • thing literally have no idea but let's
  • freaky do the sad
  • alright yeah this is how we have it set
  • up we have two little buckets a piece of
  • wood and then the freakin bulletproof
  • glass on it we're gonna start by
  • throwing the balls then we're gonna hit
  • them and then now we're gonna take the
  • freaking metal bat to it like this could
  • break instantly I don't know what's
  • gonna suck though is this like it's
  • barely staying on there so I'm gonna
  • Tate it really hard for it to for it to
  • break but I guess let's just freakin hop
  • right into it I see yeah there is a
  • bulletproof glass right there we're
  • probably like 30 feet away or something
  • like that just to get as much veto on
  • I'm not gonna throw as hard as I can
  • because I don't wanna get Tommy John
  • again but here we go
  • bulletproof glass versus baseball a tip
  • number one it's so hot but here we go
  • hold lay I don't completely miss this
  • thing come on baby I barely missed it
  • what if this like normal glasses like
  • the bulletproof they just scared me here
  • we go oh god oh god that day I missed it
  • again better baseball this base was
  • gonna nail I guarantee it
  • come on baby yeah I tipped the top right
  • let's go take a look
  • all right thinking it either right here
  • or right here no damage so far let's
  • freakin do it again all right so the
  • first attempt obviously uh obviously
  • didn't go as well as we thought but here
  • we go okay we're gonna go again I barely
  • hit that one so we're gonna hit this one
  • right in the middle now hopefully we get
  • a little chip or a little crack yep that
  • one nailed it
  • that one nailed it yeah yep
  • as you see no damage once again you're
  • freaking kidding me
  • I don't throw that slow alright let's go
  • one more and then let's switch it up to
  • like the softball or something alright
  • here we go I'm going to take a crow hop
  • on this one and just some mash this
  • thing so here we go come on alright I
  • missed our who are y'all get yeah
  • alright come on baby alright oh my god I
  • can't hit anything we're going again
  • freaking out boys like 170 out here we
  • go boys right alright oh four three
  • Marv's you'll fall off here we go temp
  • number like 17 come on baby
  • this has got me the one it's gonna be a
  • one oh god oh well the glass is still
  • good but I broke the freaking wood
  • really well I guess let's going yet
  • alright
  • I broke the freaking sad this is stupid
  • how how this one's gonna hit the glass
  • come on baby that nails it yep
  • absolutely nothing all right well
  • obviously the baseball did nothing to
  • that we're gonna switch it up this
  • softball bigger bull hopefully a bigger
  • crack or something I don't know but here
  • we go
  • sup ball attempt one well I I guess sup
  • ball is dead - hey that was dick
  • that was the most square hit of the day
  • I just don't think it did anything
  • honestly that thing did absolutely
  • nothing alright yeah so far
  • we weren't scammed this thing is not
  • cracking breaking I mean that thing hit
  • it square right in the face and it did
  • nothing so we're gonna go again with a
  • softball and then we're gonna go to the
  • 10th or the the golf ball this might be
  • impossible boys I wanna well let's do it
  • again why does everything get bracket I
  • broke the freaking bin god damn and
  • sea-doos I would definitely be hitting
  • it more if my goal is just to hit it but
  • since I want to try to break it I really
  • have to put everything into it and I'm
  • missing a lot but I'm destroying stuff
  • that's not the bulletproof glass but
  • here we go the final softball throw
  • we're freaky going again dude I'm
  • bragging I say alright keep missing this
  • is here we go come on ha it's still
  • perfect in dish literally not even a
  • scuff my god
  • off to the freaking golf balls alright
  • baseball and softball
  • we're both defeated by the freaky
  • bulletproof glass we're gonna try it out
  • with the mother effing golf balls
  • hopefully these break it find out
  • alright oh god please golf balls she's
  • freaking break the glass okay the glass
  • wasn't cheap but I've never wanted
  • something to break in my life except
  • this so freakin break come on golf ball
  • nail right in the face why do I keep
  • hitting the freakin wood thing there we
  • go
  • yeah maybe no more golf balls I didn't
  • know that I think came back Oh God yeah
  • once again no cracks dude this this is
  • probably the most sturdy thing I've ever
  • seen in my life I've never had
  • bulletproof glass before but wow wow I
  • would literally put this out to my face
  • and let someone shoot a gun at it and I
  • would completely be safe sick and tired
  • there's crap not break it we're going to
  • the freakin tee we're gonna break this
  • freakin thing and it's gonna be awesome
  • let's go yeah dudes answer seeing that
  • golf ball ricochet I'm actually
  • terrified right now to hit the ball
  • against this thing I hope I don't get
  • squared up in the nuts or the face
  • anywhere else I'm fine with but here we
  • go
  • [Applause]
  • I'm so sketched out I'm so scared I
  • don't want to do this all right clearly
  • I missed I was just high on that first
  • one but uh we're gonna go again
  • hopefully we actually hit it huh god I
  • keep dropping my back shoulder right you
  • know what I'm tired of you a little baby
  • okay freakin mighty go okay I'm not
  • scared come on
  • are you friend what is up with
  • everything right but the bulletproof
  • glass oh my god well it looks like we
  • might be done with the tea here boys are
  • you getting back to the freakin tile of
  • the video can I break bulletproof glass
  • with a baseball no we can't we could
  • break a freakin tee a freakin wood piece
  • a piece of a hook and then freaking
  • bucket oh my god dude
  • all right surprisingly my brother came
  • up with a great idea he said take this
  • thing out flip it upside down so that's
  • what we did we're going for the glass
  • again come on please all right I'm
  • scooting back a little bit I can't hit
  • anything up close Scott date oh I
  • literally got enough juice in me to hit
  • two more balls I've been at her for like
  • no joke 20 minutes Ryan hit this friggin
  • thing just can't do it it's just not my
  • day but we got two more shots and then
  • we're breaking this freaking glass I
  • don't care we're breaking it let's go
  • Wow all right 687 4 good boy
  • the I Do's I'm 90 the life it's tired
  • 107 107 out my boys it is freaking hot
  • it's 107 we're directly in the Sun
  • there's barely even a breeze and I mean
  • the breeze is like frickin a hundred
  • ninety degrees it's not even this like
  • having a freaking hairdryer on your face
  • but yeah I might be done hitting the
  • ball off the tee I might do it twice
  • more times or something I don't know but
  • then we're gonna freakin smack the
  • bulletproof glass at the bat that's what
  • we're gonna do all right we took a good
  • two minute break I'm feeling a little
  • refreshed not really it's still goddamn
  • hot out but we're gonna do three more
  • baseballs if I don't hit it with any of
  • these three we're just gonna take it
  • back to the freakin bulletproof glass er
  • right so here we go I get with y'all
  • baby attempt one of three here come on
  • one time I just don't know how I miss it
  • I thought I'm squirting it right out but
  • I keep missing it alright let's head to
  • place gooks you probably hit better than
  • me right now alright here we go last
  • attempt here with the baseball come on
  • baby yeah that's all I can say about
  • that nice how are we gonna carry our
  • crap back now great alright so far today
  • we broken the tee the wood the freakin
  • bucket thing we were using to hold it
  • all we have yet to break is the freaking
  • glass that was the main goal that is
  • what we're gonna do now how this bat is
  • so hot it was sitting right in the Sun
  • the whole time great now my hands are
  • burnt to the freakin flaming hot bat I
  • literally can't hold it it's like 200
  • degrees against I think I'm just gonna
  • tap it once to see what it looks like
  • and then we'll go from there
  • all right here we go I'm gonna barely
  • touch it see what happens
  • Jesus Christ
  • I'm freaking her I didn't even do
  • anything to it alright we've got to
  • swing a little harder the bat is still
  • flaming hot we're gonna swing a little
  • bit harder here
  • ah that hurts so bad it broke out yeah
  • pretty beautiful it broke so amazing
  • now let's frickin dub - should we hit it
  • again I think we hit one more time
  • there's a back cooled off yet nope
  • definitely not oh God I see how we broke
  • it
  • pretty dope we're gonna go one more time
  • now we're gonna hit on the bottom of it
  • we're gonna zoom in right on the glass
  • to try to get a six out slow-mo shot but
  • here we go yeah that hurts that freakin
  • hurt ok last my boys wow yeah boys I'm
  • not kidding that dick freakin sucked I
  • hurt a lot look at my hands they're all
  • red it like felt like the worst like
  • jammed they said ever but we broke it we
  • set out to break to sing and we freaking
  • did it let's yeah here's a final damage
  • on the bulletproof glass this one you
  • can kind of feel the glass but up here
  • you definitely can feel it so we
  • obviously shouldn't be touching that
  • like I just did cool yeah there you go
  • it barely even broke the first piece
  • there's still like four more pieces of
  • glass behind it so uh yeah we're
  • actually moving to Texas soon we're
  • gonna get a bunch of land and once I'm
  • out there you best believe I'm gonna
  • shoot this with a freaking gun so stay
  • tuned for that this is the heaviest
  • bucket I've ever seen in my life this is
  • what we do for you guys so slap that
  • like button
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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