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Video TRADITIONAL Korean STREET FOOD Market Tour in Busan South Korea
19:53   |   01/22/2019 at 18:21


  • I'm so happy every time I come to Korea
  • whoa whoa I'm feeling
  • [Music]
  • my chin I am here iam boosts are the
  • second-largest city in Korea and yes I
  • take up here by trying and no I do not
  • think I was bitten by zombies
  • anyway the city is a really popular
  • tourist destination in the summer people
  • come here for the beach in the winter
  • apparently they also come here for the
  • beach and people also come here for the
  • unique eats that really only exists in
  • this city and of course that's what I'm
  • here for as well and right now I'm
  • standing in the middle of a bunch of
  • different markets when you see behind me
  • is the guns home market which is a bunch
  • of streets it just filled with clothing
  • drinks veggies and a bunch of little
  • delicious-looking fruit stalls that was
  • really interesting about this market is
  • that during the daytime the food is
  • different than at night because at night
  • a night market actually pops up in the
  • middle of streets and that's when this
  • place really gets busy but right now
  • there's not a lot of people here
  • something in less food competition that
  • equals more food for me so let's go eat
  • [Music]
  • my first stop is this famous no bulky
  • place like I actually try to come here
  • last night
  • six o'clock completely sold out it's
  • really interesting I've had to boki
  • before but I never had it where like
  • bride items are also mixed in it so as
  • you can see here that the funkiest cell
  • base is massive like a being column over
  • the bulky first potted fruit of the day
  • supposed to be the best bouquet in Busan
  • that was a mouthful what's unique about
  • that the bokya job I feel like it is
  • much much here or what sugar then any
  • other two bogeys I've had so far that's
  • true oh there's so ridiculously spring
  • in a nice sauce I feel like it's not an
  • extreme of anything it's it's not overly
  • spicy it's not overly sweet kind of
  • perfect right in the middle and the
  • batter chili amide evoke a before
  • like that that I love because the
  • batter's soaked up all that delicious
  • sauce not sure I want to try this this
  • is so still a little bit of crunchy and
  • I'm gonna just dip that in the sauce a
  • little bit little bit more I love that I
  • love the crunchy of the outside batter
  • I love how ridiculously smoky and fresh
  • to pepper ish
  • even though it's deep-fried the sauce
  • really balances off do you boil I didn't
  • know you guys should do this and a
  • dumpling look at this no bit Cristiano
  • shop my name was just filled with this
  • amazing sauce and what's really
  • interesting about this sauce has to
  • happen you can see how thick it is
  • that's because this place doesn't really
  • add any water in their sauce
  • it's just radish juice so you get a nice
  • little hint of radish flavor and really
  • it is it's not watery at all is just so
  • gooey and nice
  • there's some of the festival Gavin I
  • mean not die he does a lot so this is a
  • pretty darn man movie I just had a piece
  • that was pricey wheat hmm I love that
  • price you eat flavor in the sauce no
  • digging crude is it's kind of like
  • digging for treasure on the beach this
  • has been a great start to my day so far
  • let's keep eating something whose son is
  • really known for is different types of
  • fish can actually shift fish gigs all
  • over Korea and right here this is really
  • interesting you guys see like all the
  • different colors identity sticks these
  • represent like the red indicates spicy
  • and in case veggie yellow is mild and
  • blue is seaweed look at its well I've
  • been three types of sauces so I want to
  • grab one of these and these stalls you
  • can just walk up and then just take
  • whatever you want to eat and then you
  • pay for it later and what you can also
  • do and you can just take some broad and
  • put it into a cup that smells really
  • [Music]
  • it's chewy ridiculously screams but I
  • also love how spicier this just a hint
  • of sweet sauce without adding the bomb
  • meanest face it was a broth such a great
  • company I love this brought so much eye
  • shadow
  • I wonder I'm gonna get some spicy broth
  • and it looks really cloudy on the bottom
  • I want some of that pour it right over
  • my fish cake
  • you gotta come here and try some of this
  • broth I'm in love with this broth right
  • now this is awesome all that that
  • massive score and I guess it's much soup
  • as you can drink a thousand won a dollar
  • there's one of the greatest skills here
  • like seriously
  • so ridiculously but truly one of the
  • best fish cakes I've ever had and
  • definitely so the best fish cake Rock
  • I've ever had so if you really like fish
  • sticks comfortable son try one of these
  • things so I was walking by this game and
  • I thought she was making gram burgers
  • well it sort of is a Korean burger but
  • it's not what I thought this is actually
  • galbi so it's meat from the ribs and
  • this is mixed in with rice cake so I
  • guess it's gonna taste a little mochi
  • asked there's some chili sauce on it
  • smells ridiculous but this is just like
  • a ridiculously delicious chewy pork
  • burger patty it's a bit sweet the sauce
  • is a bit sweet the pennies themselves
  • are ridiculously bouncy and juicy can we
  • shut up fun right now because I think
  • this will actually go great for the
  • further bone some lettuce and tomatoes
  • some pickles let's make hang up a burger
  • now this is clever and after the rice
  • cake and it's although they're both
  • delicious my sticking out so ami so I
  • gotta watch myself because because I
  • want to be putting more good food in
  • here you know there's a lady selling
  • well literally can be translated as beef
  • fired sushi it's just blowtorching we're
  • literally it's just a thin slice cut of
  • beef on top of rice and then the rice
  • itself is a bit charred as well it looks
  • really interesting
  • honestly this is not half bad
  • the meat is lightly charged so it does
  • have a little bit of a bitter flavor and
  • that's where there's a little sauce it's
  • a little sweet on here so it kind of
  • balances out the bitterness I like that
  • nice little char I like to write and I
  • like to on you should put on top let me
  • just change this meat on showing her
  • this tender little juicy I like it
  • please I walked my last now is a cute
  • boy they're making pork belly or
  • basically bacon kimbap so they all go
  • here is literally cooking up I never see
  • I love on see over there it gotta be
  • nice to her she's the one I put the
  • biggest embed I roll out first I like
  • the sauce they put into this I think
  • there's some kind of fermented bean
  • sauce I like to crunch up the veggies
  • that bacon is nice and smoky also I love
  • I love that sesame on top and you get
  • that beautiful fragrance sesame flavor
  • it's kind of like I'm eating a bacon
  • each one she break when seaweed sleeping
  • bag
  • oh it just like this no shoe massive
  • walks in the front right there I knew
  • whatever was in those walks I'm gonna
  • have to eat it and it was steamed
  • dumplings one thing I love about Korea
  • is their dumplings I feel like the
  • biggest difference is and they're just
  • so massive and there's stuff the
  • fillings are just compact now suppose
  • that I'm gonna add some chili let's give
  • it a little dunkaroo it is incredibly
  • minced you almost don't have to chew the
  • filling look at how delicate it is the
  • meat is ground so finally it's almost
  • like I'm eating some sort of protein
  • paste I mean I think it's just like
  • breaking up in my mouth without really
  • having a true at all
  • I can't really tell you guys if I if I'd
  • like this for that I mean so weird is
  • what else was right I think I like it
  • I'm just not quite sure but it's so
  • incredibly soft texture the sky I love
  • very bouncy very shocking this one maybe
  • you guys come to this market try this
  • out let me know if you like it or not I
  • was walking past by this blue stop you
  • know and and I separately smelled it
  • before I saw it because they're selling
  • pigskin and pig dinners and man this is
  • pungent stuff I mean I love pig innards
  • I love every part of a pig this is the
  • poor skin
  • oh man I wish I might coat back
  • and she Alysha is really really good you
  • guys never have or scam it is soldier
  • platanus Lee I mean this thing every why
  • you get a nice fatty ports flavor I
  • don't know if I'm able to sell you guys
  • a poor scam but hey if you're wanting to
  • give it a try you may actually like it
  • now of course uh this is probably the
  • source of the smell the porky the pig
  • inners yep that's it let me stop take a
  • fresh breath the air here
  • that's actually pretty good as well
  • I think it's chewy I think what's fried
  • before it was it was co-chair the end I
  • think it's pungent really really
  • delicious
  • yeah oh that tastes so good but it
  • smells so bad
  • and of course rice cake is like
  • everywhere here wow you can really taste
  • the difference in quality of rice cake
  • from this place compared to the bookie I
  • had when I first came to this market I
  • mean this is good but that one was just
  • glorious but I actually really loved
  • everything they gave me here if you guys
  • can get pets us now this is a really
  • good food stall if you guys want to know
  • where this food stall is within the
  • market all you got to do is walk around
  • and when you smell what seems like like
  • a pig that has a showered in a week then
  • you know you're here after that take a
  • deep breath hold it eat this you'll be
  • pretty happy I had to come back and get
  • another order of the book this is like
  • I've been thinking about this thing I
  • see a lot of people give me a corn dog
  • here okay it just seems like a regular
  • corn doclet
  • I think it's covered in sugar
  • [Music]
  • that's exactly what this is it's a corn
  • dog covered in sugar and ketchup but it
  • kind of works because the batter on the
  • outside actually really really sweets so
  • the sugar just kind of hangs is that
  • charged really good I mean the outside
  • nice and crunchy but that's that a
  • little sweet if you like corn dogs and I
  • do
  • I think it'll love this and of course
  • another word of debulking I'm just
  • loving the heck out of this sauce and
  • this thing the rest kick is up I'm so
  • unbelievably sure you can get addicted
  • to this saucer love the chili
  • basically everything the sausage is
  • turns delicious shall we uh I think we
  • shall tip does corndog
  • Oh into the sauce here you know this is
  • either gonna taste really gross weird
  • it's gonna turn out to be super epic
  • [Music]
  • I think that's pretty epic like I said I
  • think anything that touches the sauce
  • the deliciousness factor just go up by
  • like ten poles
  • anyway this corndog already pretty
  • delicious with the sauce it's still
  • sweet still a bit crunchy but now a
  • little bit spicy oh man
  • the dole the batter on the outside
  • actually absorbs this delicious dish
  • sauce
  • I did not know you could eat corn dogs
  • like this last bite
  • so good sauce so glad I came here if
  • this stop you definitely must try when
  • you come to this mark ever just steps
  • away from the condo market it's a mock
  • jump coma which literally means let's
  • eat Ally and as you can see it's an
  • alley just full of food vendors and this
  • is the beginning right here what does he
  • write a bunch of aunties and they're
  • selling essentially the same thing grasp
  • noodle which is something you can really
  • only find them who sucks one of the
  • indigenous most popular food items here
  • so III don't know which which auntie
  • sells it of bezu I'm just gonna randomly
  • sit down somewhere and I'm gonna taste
  • this thing so these are the noodles
  • right here our magazine some carrots
  • some radish pickle radish spinach and
  • different types of noodles
  • he's putting my bones in a plastic bag
  • my noodles just went into the water see
  • some chilies some sauce and that's it
  • this is ready to go
  • this bag thing is something I haven't
  • seen since as I lived in China and
  • Deonte is upset with me because I was
  • taking up some videos of the noodles
  • before I eat and she's had to eat right
  • away the smells really good smells
  • really sesame
  • these are Mumbi needles she says she
  • boiled it in fish broth Wow
  • mmm-hmm look there's a lot of sesame
  • flavor here
  • I actually really like this me is a
  • super simple dish Mumbi noodles have a
  • nice flavor of the seafood broth
  • noodles taste like the broth a little
  • bit of fish flavor up what I really like
  • about this
  • I love the smooth texture of these
  • noodles and also the carrots and radish
  • provides a nice crunch but the number
  • one thing that's really getting me here
  • is that the awesome fragrant sesame
  • flavor of these noodles I'm trying to
  • talk work quickly because auntie here is
  • looking at me just like I can feel her
  • really me to finish this right now
  • because she's already upset that I let
  • this sit around more than she likes you
  • I mean it's not one of the best noodles
  • I've ever had but it is really unique in
  • his own right but it does taste good and
  • it's really unique I like to spicy chili
  • stir garlic I think the bottom of the
  • ball that's where most of the flavor is
  • there's somebody something would strive
  • you're in Busan not bad
  • I mean a city policy pudding boy
  • this hotdog place they say they use
  • seven different types of seas that they
  • put on the outside of it so then they
  • basically cut the hotdogs open and just
  • look how much Caesar dumping inside a
  • lot of season and most of these stands
  • behind me they're all selling in hook
  • talk and they all got something special
  • about them this one I got I mean they
  • just stuffed this full seize like you
  • could grow a four as well the Seas they
  • stuck in here don't wonder all the
  • pigeons are just warming around because
  • I just dropped like a handful of seeds
  • just taking it out of the cup the
  • outside of this is completely krispies
  • hot look at all the Seas as in here I
  • mean I kind of wish I had more hotdogs
  • for my sees this is completely different
  • than the one I had in salt that one was
  • much bigger it was more of a chewy
  • texture this is almost completely
  • crunchy this is really not chewy
  • whatsoever it's got a nice crunchy shell
  • but then you just have the sugar and the
  • seeds I'm gonna be honest I feel like
  • the one I had in salt it's actually
  • better than this because I'm really not
  • tasting much of the pink I'm just kind
  • of tasting all seeds here doesn't mean
  • as bad as your definitely tried as we're
  • here in Busan about a hundred percent
  • get the ones over in sauce well let me
  • know what you guys like better you know
  • what I know a way to make this better
  • give me a second I'll talk me McDonald's
  • ice cream and it's not like I have a
  • preference to McDonald's ice cream it
  • just supposes thing near mean some of
  • this pancake some of the saucer
  • [Music]
  • that's awesome that's actually beyond
  • awesome I mean this thing is deep fries
  • a bit oily a lot of C's that means it
  • has a lot fattiness to it little ice
  • cream there's the perfect ice imbalance
  • that this pancake means
  • I really think you know when they're
  • cutting this thing open and stuffing it
  • with seeds there should be a stall that
  • stuff it with seeds and ice cream I mean
  • it won't melt really quickly but at the
  • Ostrom because this this is a great
  • combo the dumping leg our shop really
  • not much bullying here I feel like maybe
  • just a little bit of sky a little bit of
  • tribes but the edge of the dumpees are
  • so nice and crispy this whole thing is
  • doughy is chewy it's almost like a
  • little pancake here and then you add the
  • cabbage and chili sauce which is spicy a
  • little sweet
  • this little dumpling is really the
  • perfect vehicle for this cabbage the
  • texture of the spiciness of the sauce is
  • definitely couple of things I love most
  • about this dish and honestly this is
  • something that really surprised me I
  • don't like cabbage all that much and
  • again that dumpling itself really
  • doesn't have much fillings do it but
  • this whole combo just putting the
  • cabbage on the dumpling pulling it up
  • eating it
  • this whole thing just works for me
  • love love love the crunch of the outer
  • edge of these dumplings a Swiss very
  • nice - what if they can tell me what I'm
  • gonna eat next because I really don't
  • have any idea right now so much stuff
  • [Music]
  • like God sorry little buddy I know this
  • might not be the best way I don't think
  • this guy's very well Missy what's wrong
  • oh oh oh were you I was I mean I'm so
  • sorry buddy
  • he pooped I know I'm gonna eat this is
  • just so
  • hello mochi my sweet march on in time I
  • thought I was without fun well feel like
  • that was a pretty good taste of busan so
  • far I mean I had some of the best a book
  • he ever had in my life a bunch of things
  • cooked by blue torches and I made a
  • little mochi Dole guide poop matcha oh
  • no I think that was a pretty fun fruit
  • day my favorite things today like I
  • mentioned it's a bulky I love love the
  • pigskin in the pig innards although it
  • smells like something died and fell in
  • there and also I really loved the bacon
  • gimbap but honestly most most the stuff
  • I had it was pretty good but I really
  • did enjoy my initial taste of Busan and
  • there are more markets who explores but
  • right now I gotta go back to my hotel
  • and take a nap as always all the
  • locations I went to is listed for you
  • guys in my description box below thank
  • you so much for watching let's how we
  • get again I'll see you later

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I had some Korea videos and forgot to share this great food adventure with you. This was during my trip to Korea in December 2017, where I went to Busan. And while in Busan I had to check out the street food markets. Enjoy! :-)

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