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Video Here's Why the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Costs $85,000
24:28   |   today at 15:07


  • this is a 2018 Toyota Landcruiser and it
  • costs $85,000 yes that's right
  • Toyota the same company that makes a
  • $25,000 rav4 SUV also makes an $85,000
  • luxury SUV that costs more than almost
  • every SUV from mercedes-benz and Land
  • Rover and BMW today I'm going to explain
  • why I've borrowed this Land Cruiser from
  • a viewer here in the San Diego area and
  • yes this car starts at around $85,000
  • Toyotas
  • online configurator officially says
  • eighty six thousand and sixty dollars
  • with shipping so how do you justify
  • spending eighty five thousand dollars on
  • a Toyota SUV what makes this thing worth
  • so much money you could buy two and a
  • half Highlanders for the price of this
  • it's all about durability the Highlander
  • is a great family car for the suburbs
  • that take your kids to soccer practice
  • but the Land Cruiser can literally go
  • anywhere and it can literally do
  • anything and it can give you a luxury
  • experience while you're getting there a
  • little history the Land Cruiser first
  • came out decades ago and the original
  • one looked like a Jeep eventually it was
  • refined in the 1980s that it was refined
  • again in the 1990s and then it was
  • refined again in the 2000s and then
  • eventually they got to this and this is
  • truly one of the most capable and
  • durable vehicles on the road it's often
  • said that most automakers engineer their
  • parts to last 10 maybe 15 years whereas
  • everything on the Land Cruiser is over
  • built and designed to last for 25 years
  • that means you should be able to be
  • driving this thing around in 2043
  • without it really wearing out all that
  • much and it also means you should be
  • able to get into a 1993 Land Cruiser and
  • have most things still working which
  • frankly is true if you've ever tried to
  • buy a used 1990s Land Cruiser and you've
  • seen how expensive and how sought-after
  • they still are and it's more than just
  • that the Land Cruiser is tremendously
  • reliable yes but it's also immensely
  • capable it can go basic
  • everywhere because it has every
  • off-roading extra and accessory you
  • could want directly from the factory and
  • it's incredibly luxurious with basically
  • every luxury feature and amenity you
  • could possibly want basically it has
  • everything and it's ready to go anywhere
  • if you were to ask me to pick one car to
  • take a trip around the world or to drive
  • to the Arctic Circle or to ride out a
  • hurricane
  • I wouldn't even hesitate give me a land
  • cruiser and let's get going and with
  • that in mind today I'm going to take you
  • on a tour of the most capable durable
  • new car on earth I'm gonna show you all
  • of the interesting quirks and features
  • of the 2018 Land Cruiser and then I'm
  • gonna get it out on the road and drive
  • it and then I'm going to give it a dug
  • score and for more of my thoughts on the
  • landcruiser click the link below to
  • visit slash oversteer
  • where I've also rounded up a list of the
  • most expensive cars built by normal
  • mainstream automakers
  • now I want to start leek works and
  • features with the discussion of probably
  • the Land Cruisers biggest quirk and that
  • is its simplicity and some of the more
  • simple durable features you'll find on
  • this car that are a little unusual for
  • it's $85,000 price point and I want to
  • start under the hood what you see here
  • is a 5.7 liter v8 380 horsepower 400
  • pound-feet of torque
  • there is no turbo charging and this
  • engine like there isn't so many other
  • cars there's no diesel there's no hybrid
  • there's no plug-in hybrid you just get a
  • big old naturally aspirated v8 because
  • it lasts a long time so that's what you
  • put in a car that is designed to last a
  • long time
  • styling is another example of the lane
  • cruisers focus on simplicity this cars
  • mechanical twin the Lexus lx570 takes a
  • shall we say different styling approach
  • to put it charitably the Land Cruiser on
  • the other hand is just more subtle more
  • restrained if you were driving next to
  • this car behind this car on the road and
  • you didn't know you would just assume
  • you're next to another Toyota and in
  • talking to people who own these that's
  • one of the things that they like best
  • it's a really nice car but it just
  • blends in and that simplicity has
  • carried over to several items in the
  • interior the most obvious of which is
  • the parking brake almost every car at
  • this price point has an electronic
  • parking brake but this thing still has
  • the old-school parking brake lever like
  • in an old car from the 1990s it is
  • unbelievably surprising to see that in
  • an $85,000 vehicle but one thing you can
  • promise about this parking brake versus
  • an electronic one
  • it isn't gonna break and there are other
  • examples of it all throughout the car
  • for instance you can see the clock in
  • the center still uses that old 1980s
  • clock font instead of a nice new LCD
  • screen Toyota has put in a couple of LCD
  • screens because you have to in modern
  • times and modern vehicles especially at
  • this price point but the stuff you
  • actually need the clock and the climate
  • control temperature is this old simple
  • clock font that Toyota has developed so
  • that it won't break same with the
  • odometer there is a full-color screen in
  • the gauge cluster but the odometer
  • itself is just this old-school
  • screen that seems to last forever in
  • Toyotas going back decades and same day
  • with the gear lever the gear lever and
  • most cars at this price point has become
  • like a little electronic push-button
  • thing that you move in tap in certain
  • ways and it goes into gear this thing
  • it's this big ol lever you pull it into
  • gear it might not look good but it's
  • functional it's simple and again it
  • works so that's what the landcruiser has
  • now with all this said I don't want to
  • make it steam like this car has no
  • amenities for $85,000 you are paying a
  • lot of money and so you are getting a
  • lot of stuff now for instance this car
  • has a 360 degree camera top-down view
  • just like you would expect from a car at
  • this price point it also has all the
  • other modern safety features that you
  • would want and frankly sort of expect
  • from a car at this price point for
  • instance it has radar cruise control so
  • it will slow down and speed up depending
  • on the speed of the car in front of you
  • automatic braking if you're about to get
  • in an accident has a blind spot monitor
  • has lane departure warning all that
  • stuff that most cars are adding nowadays
  • the Land Cruiser has well another cool
  • feature of this car has you've heard of
  • automatic climate control where you just
  • set a desired temperature and then the
  • system does the rest to get the interior
  • at the exact temperature you want well
  • this car has automatic climate control
  • seats you turn on the seats heated or
  • cooled and it does whatever is necessary
  • to get the seat temperature to your
  • exact liking that is a pretty nice
  • luxury touch also in terms of features
  • one of the most important things to talk
  • about with this car is the off-roading
  • features because it has a ton of them it
  • has locking differentials that has low
  • range gearing and it has my favorite
  • item crawl control now I did a video a
  • long time ago where I off roaded one of
  • these the latest Land Cruiser and I'm
  • going to link that video below so you
  • can see this stuff in action but
  • basically a simple explanation of crawl
  • control is it's like cruise control when
  • you're off-roading it senses the terrain
  • you're on and you can choose exactly
  • what speed you want to go and it will
  • basically crawl at that speed knowing
  • that it's on rocks and so it has to be a
  • little more careful the really cool
  • thing about crawl control though is it
  • can basically get the car unstuck I've
  • seen videos online where they've buried
  • these things in sand up to the hubs and
  • roll control has these sensors that send
  • exactly the right amount of power to the
  • wheels in order to sort of lift the car
  • up from being stuck and drive away it's
  • a lot better than you kind of flooring
  • it with the gas pedal and just kind of
  • hoping the car digs itself out next I'm
  • moving on to a couple of other
  • interesting quirks in the interior one
  • interesting item in this interior that I
  • absolutely hate is adjusting the air
  • flow and the climate controls this car
  • is all about simplicity and so it's easy
  • to change the temperature is just an
  • old-school button it's also easy to
  • change where the air is coming out etc
  • the one thing you can't change with a
  • button though is how much air is coming
  • out to do that you have to press climate
  • then go into the screen and then you can
  • adjust the air flow this is a big
  • mistake frankly I think Toyota should
  • have just put a little button down here
  • somewhere that allows you to manually
  • adjust the air flow without having to go
  • into the screen other interesting items
  • in the interior of the landcruiser back
  • to the old school parking brake how
  • about the fact that the parking brake
  • has a little leather boot on the bottom
  • of it and that little leather boot has a
  • zipper on it which seems a little bit
  • odd hey Kenya can you unzip my parking
  • brake please I mean I have seen some
  • parking brake zippers and old school
  • cars but not in a modern one that costs
  • $85,000 another interesting item at the
  • landcruiser is its key and now for years
  • the Land Cruiser used the same key as
  • basically every other Toyota which
  • frankly is a little unbecoming of the
  • expensive luxury car the Land Cruiser
  • has turned into now it finally has a
  • nicer key and if you flip it over it
  • says Land Cruiser on the back with
  • little tire treads to emphasize the fact
  • that you can take this off road and that
  • key is the start of your journey another
  • cool feature of the Land Cruiser is that
  • the center console is cooled the climate
  • vents actually come into here and they
  • can keep cool whatever you have you go
  • pick up a sandwich and you want to keep
  • it cool or water bottles whatever and a
  • very cool feature of this is the fact
  • that it is completely silent even it max
  • cool check this out right now it's
  • silent inside the car but you open it up
  • and it's max cooling whatever you
  • they're closed again and again it's
  • silent you don't hear it on at all but
  • when you open it you can hear that it is
  • doing its job and keeping cool whatever
  • you need to be kept cool next up moving
  • on to the second row the rear seats in
  • the landcruiser nothing particularly
  • unusual or surprising back here although
  • I will say that I love the leather
  • seating material in this card is
  • tremendously soft more so than in most
  • other luxury cars and it feels just like
  • a nice place to sit a couple of items
  • worth noting in the rear of the
  • landcruiser one is the surprisingly
  • impractical center armrest you can fold
  • it down and obviously it works as an
  • armrest but not much more than that you
  • open it up for storage and there
  • basically is no storage it gives you
  • like a quarter of an inch of the depth
  • so then you see this plastic bit on the
  • top and you're like well great there's a
  • wireless charging pad for rear
  • passengers that's pretty cool well no
  • it's it's just a plastic bit on the top
  • have no idea what it's doing there
  • fortunately the center armrest does have
  • a little cup holders you push them and
  • then they pop out next up we move around
  • to the rear of the Land Cruiser were
  • there a couple of interesting items back
  • here starting with the tailgate now you
  • can open up the tailgate automatically
  • by pressing a little button on the key
  • and when you do you will notice that
  • only the upper half of the tailgate
  • opens that's because the landcruiser
  • still features a split tailgate the
  • lower half has its own little latch and
  • then it opens independently the theory
  • here is that if you're out having a
  • picnic or foxhunting or whatever people
  • with lane cruisers do you can sit back
  • here on the clamshell and a lower part
  • of the tailgate and enjoy your picnic
  • lunch which is a really cool idea and I
  • have to say my old Range Rover have this
  • exact same feature and I use it all the
  • time it is brilliant
  • most automakers don't do it because
  • obviously it's costly to divide the
  • tailgate into two pieces but in a car
  • like this it's tremendously practical
  • now if you look over in the passenger
  • side on the cargo area you will find an
  • incredibly complex explanation of how to
  • lower the third row of seats it just
  • goes on and on it's one of the most
  • complex labels that I've ever seen
  • placed in any vehicle which is kind of
  • funny because actually lowering the
  • seats is incredibly easy you pull this
  • thing they go down you pull this thing
  • they go up that's it
  • it takes four seconds but Toyota felt
  • that they had the need to put that very
  • complex label on the back now once the
  • seat is in place you can see it's just
  • folded up against the window which is a
  • really stupid place for it in most
  • modern cars you can just fold the seats
  • right into the floor and then they go
  • away and it doesn't take away any of
  • your visibility so why did poyo to do
  • this it's a good question the reason is
  • if you look under the car you will see
  • down here there is a rear differential
  • there is a full-size spare tire stuff
  • you'll need when you actually go
  • off-roading and Toyota couldn't relocate
  • that stuff and so the seats can't go
  • into the floor because they need the
  • stuff that's under there so instead they
  • did the next best thing which is put the
  • seats up here it's not ideal but it
  • works in a car where off-roading is one
  • of its primary benefits now there are a
  • couple of other interesting items in the
  • back of the Land Cruiser one of which is
  • accessing the toolkit with like the tire
  • changing tools this is a hilarious
  • example of how stupidly overbuilt the
  • Land Cruiser is the toolkit is in here
  • and in order to access it you have to
  • first unlock two plastic clips not one
  • but two even though one would have been
  • fine then you move out this carpeted
  • piece and then there are two plastic
  • snaps that you must undo so you undo
  • those and you can pull out the toolkit
  • and once you've pulled out the toolkit
  • there are two more plastic clips that
  • you have to open in order to actually
  • access the tire changing tools it is a
  • six step process of unlatching stuff
  • just to get to the tire changing tools
  • most cars just throw it under the load
  • floor and call it a day this thing has
  • it snapped into place in six different
  • places because just everything is
  • overdone more than it needs to be what
  • other interesting item you'll find back
  • here is the Toyota first aid kit it's
  • actually unusual to see a first aid kit
  • in a Japanese car it's pretty common in
  • German cars because most European
  • governments require vehicles to keep a
  • first aid kit with them but the
  • landcruiser has one because you might be
  • off-roading and get bitten by a snake
  • and then maybe you'll need these scissor
  • next up we move back inside or move on
  • to the infotainment system which has a
  • couple of interesting quirks one is the
  • fact that I love that the infotainment
  • system adjusts the clock so as you tap
  • this very nice modern screen you can see
  • this old 1980s looking clock font
  • changing below you in real time it's
  • just kind of funny that the really nice
  • screen is doing the adjusting of the
  • really crappy old one
  • I guess Toyota got tired of the little H
  • and M buttons they used to have or you
  • can adjust the clock and instead they
  • decided to go with something a little
  • bit more modern another thing I like
  • about this car is that you can train the
  • voice recognition system to understand
  • your voice it gives you a series of
  • different sentences to say and then you
  • say them and then it kind of understands
  • your diction the way that you speak and
  • that makes it easier to recognize your
  • voice unfortunately I find it to be a
  • little more exciting to do something a
  • little bit different with the voice
  • recognition system please say the phrase
  • reserve a table at 8 p.m. for 4 people
  • at horseback Steakhouse kill five
  • dinosaurs before 9 p.m. at horseback
  • Steakhouse pardon another thing I love
  • in navigation settings this car gives
  • you the option of choosing areas to
  • avoid which I find to be hilarious your
  • expensive luxury SUV you can choose
  • areas that you don't want to drive in oh
  • it's because of the traffic I don't want
  • to go over there not for any other
  • reason
  • another strange option the navigation
  • system gives you is the 3d map view
  • angle if you have the map set to the 3d
  • view you can change the angle and you
  • can change it like ever so slightly with
  • like 10 different possible angles just
  • in case you find it to be just a little
  • too high oh no no it's a little too low
  • ah yes that's the precise 3d map angle I
  • want it seems odd that that's
  • configurable mixed we move on to the
  • maintenance reminder now in your car you
  • might have a thing that comes on and
  • tells you that it's time to get an oil
  • change a lot of newer cars have that in
  • this car you can set a maintenance
  • reminder for everything look at this
  • screen of stuff you can choose you can
  • select an oil change
  • obviously but you can also select an air
  • filter a tire rotation brake fluid
  • transmission fluid basically anything
  • that might need to be replaced in this
  • car you can select a reminder for when
  • it needs to happen now you have to go in
  • and set all this stuff manually like
  • when you change the wipers you go and
  • tell the car you did it and when you
  • want to be reminded to do it again but
  • the benefit is you don't have to save
  • all the paperwork from all your service
  • visits and kind of figure out oh it's
  • been 5,000 miles instead it's all right
  • here and I mean it's all right here that
  • is a really impressive feature and that
  • feature doesn't only work for just
  • service and maintenance there are also
  • three little icons for personal where
  • you can add in a personal date that you
  • want to be reminded for example an
  • anniversary or a birthday you can plug
  • it in to your Toyota infotainment system
  • and then it will remind you that that
  • date has arrived one other interesting
  • infotainment system quirk I noticed when
  • you go to adjust the brightness it shows
  • a map of the greatest city in the world
  • Washington DC and you can adjust the
  • brightness and you can see how it
  • changes on the screen fair enough but
  • when you go to adjust the camera
  • brightness instead of showing the camera
  • in action it shows this weird display of
  • red yellow blue all the colors and then
  • grayscale and then when you adjust you
  • can see it on there I'm not sure why it
  • doesn't just pop up the camera so you
  • can see how the changes you're making
  • actually affect what you see but well
  • for some reason it doesn't and so those
  • are the quirks and features of the 2018
  • Land Cruiser now it's time to get it out
  • on the road and drive it
  • all right driving the 2018 Land Cruiser
  • I love this vehicle more than almost
  • every vehicle that I review in part
  • because I feel like I am the Land
  • Cruiser you know you guys always make
  • fun of me for wearing two t-shirts and I
  • wearing because I sweat and when I tell
  • people that they're like well you should
  • wear this microfiber special and I'm
  • like look I wear two t-shirts it works
  • and that's the landcruiser I mean stuff
  • in this car yeah you could have an
  • electronic parking brake and it's more
  • modern it frees up more space in here
  • but like this works
  • how do you fight that it works well I'm
  • gonna keep doing it now the one thing
  • that doesn't work the one thing that I
  • wish they would do better on is fuel
  • economy yeah this thing's got this giant
  • old za from a Tundra to run forever it
  • can pull anything but I mean this
  • thing's getting like 12 13 miles per
  • gallon and that was okay when this truck
  • came out in a wait with this engine but
  • it's been 10 years
  • everybody has figured out a way to do
  • better and you know even if you can
  • afford the fuel and I think most people
  • who have one of these probably can it's
  • just kind of a mental thing now like you
  • don't have to get 12 miles per gallon to
  • drive a big pickup or to drive a big SUV
  • and it's just you just don't feel like
  • you could be doing better for the world
  • than this way that said I'm for it here
  • same moves it halts it really holds I
  • mean it's not fast like a sports car but
  • like for a massive SUV the size of this
  • thing that is a lot of power and it
  • feels like it has power for every
  • situation so I complain about the fuel
  • economy in one sense but in another
  • sense I'm like I kind of like that v8 in
  • terms of driving this car is
  • tremendously smooth really really really
  • luxury car smooth um you know I drove
  • the new Lincoln Navigator I've done the
  • new Range Rover both feel fantastic I
  • wouldn't necessarily say that this feels
  • better but it certainly isn't worse
  • there's a little bit more wind rush it's
  • not quite as perfectly well built in
  • terms of like high quality materials
  • since they're going more for durability
  • there's more plastic in here it's not
  • quite as nice but it is longevity is
  • sort of the idea with this car but this
  • truck has two massive benefits over the
  • Range Rover namely its reliable which
  • the Range Rover absolutely isn't and
  • maybe more importantly it's just really
  • good at holding its value these things
  • have a tremendous following in the
  • off-roader world so as they become less
  • valuable as a luxury SUV then the
  • off-roaders want to pick them up and
  • they do pick them up and you'll never
  • have trouble selling one of these even
  • if it's 15-20 years old because it'll
  • still be worth $20,000 to someone who's
  • gonna lift it up and take it into the
  • canyons and off-road with it
  • next decade or so it turns us steering
  • and handling it's not so bad it actually
  • body rolls a lot less than you would
  • think given its size that its heft it
  • does actually do a pretty good job with
  • controlling body roll better than I
  • would have expected one annoyance for me
  • is that the adaptive cruise control
  • system in this truck can't bring it to a
  • full stop I would actually love to get
  • one of these
  • but adaptive cruise control I like to
  • use in heavy traffic to kind of do stop
  • and go for me so I don't have to do my
  • footwork and in this truck it turns off
  • below 20 miles an hour which is kind of
  • annoying it's a great SUV and I love the
  • idea of it and I love that it exists and
  • I think it is truly one of the best SUVs
  • that you can buy and I sincerely hope
  • that Toyota decides to continue selling
  • a Land Cruiser in the United States I
  • know that there is some concern that
  • maybe they won't redesign it and just
  • stick us with a Lexus version but to me
  • the Toyota is just this name that brand
  • Toyota Landcruiser is one of the
  • strongest ever and I hope it lasts
  • forever just like I know this truck will
  • and so that's the 2018 Toyota
  • Landcruiser
  • it is ridiculous to spend $85,000 on a
  • Toyota in a segment that also includes
  • the new Range Rover and the new Lincoln
  • Navigator and the Lexus lx570 which is
  • Lexus's own Hui toidy luxury v version
  • of this exact car but some people don't
  • want a luxury brand name some people
  • want to focus on dependability
  • reliability longevity and capability and
  • if you're looking for that kind of brand
  • name then there is none better than Land
  • Cruiser and now it's time to give this
  • car a dug score starting with the
  • weekend categories and styling the Land
  • Cruiser is bland but that's kind of the
  • point it's understated it's subtle and
  • it gets a 5 out of 10 acceleration to 0
  • to 60 and 6.7 seconds which is quick but
  • it lags behind the class leaders and it
  • gets a 2 out of 10 handling is ok it's
  • not sporty but it's secure enough with
  • relatively minimal body roll and it gets
  • a 3 out of 10 fun factor is better than
  • rivals the Land Cruiser isn't more
  • to drive but it's far more capable
  • off-road which adds a dimension of
  • excitement and it gets a 5 out of 10
  • finally a cool factor if it were me
  • personally deciding this I'd give it a
  • high score as my friends and I get
  • really excited when we see these but
  • most normal people have exactly the
  • opposite reaction it is after all just a
  • Toyota SUV it gets a 5 out of 10 for a
  • total weekend score of 20 out of 50 next
  • up are the daily categories started with
  • features the Land Cruiser has a lot of
  • luxury stuff but it's also missing a few
  • things the best SUVs in this segment
  • have like Lane keep assist and any sort
  • of self-driving features not to mention
  • any technology to improve its fuel
  • economy it gets a 7 out of 10
  • comfort is very good and it gets a 7 out
  • of 10 quality is high the Land Cruiser
  • will truly last forever and its
  • dependability is legendary but it isn't
  • exactly beautiful inside it still gets
  • an 8 out of 10 practicality is high it's
  • a capable three row SUV with lots of
  • cargo space it's hampered only by fuel
  • economy and it gets a 9 out of 10
  • finally value these things hold their
  • value well which is a good thing but
  • it's also an $85,000 Toyota with a
  • dinosaur engine so it's right in the
  • middle with a 6 out of 10 add up the
  • daily categories and it gets a 37 out of
  • 50 add it all up in the dug score is 57
  • out of 100 which places it right here
  • among big SUVs and I also threw in some
  • luxury pickup trucks to the Land Cruiser
  • can't match the overall package of the
  • Range Rover or the Lincoln Navigator but
  • it's more durable and it has better
  • resale value two important items to a
  • small slice of the car buying population

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The 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser is an $85,000 Toyota SUV. That may seem crazy -- but today I'm reviewing the Toyota Land Cruiser to show you why a new Land Cruiser is so expensive, and why the 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser is so great.


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3 Alan Walker

Lost Control flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Alan Walker;Thomas Troelsen;Mood Melodies;Sorana;Fredrik Borch Olsen;Magnus "Magnify" Martinsen.
4 Skylar Grey

Everything I Need flac

Skylar Grey. 2018. Writer: Elliott Taylor;Rupert Gregson-Williams;Skylar Grey.
5 Alec Benjamin

Let Me Down Slowly flac

Alec Benjamin. 2019. Writer: Alec Benjamin;Sir Nolan;Michael Pollack.
6 Westlife

Hello My Love flac

Westlife. 2019. Writer: Steve Mac;Ed Sheeran.
7 Sam Smith

Fire On Fire flac

Sam Smith. 2018. Writer: Steve Mac;Sam Smith.
8 Conor Maynard

Way Back Home (Sam Feldt Edit) flac

Conor Maynard. 2018. Writer: Ji Hye Lee;Shaun.
9 Post Malone

Sunflower flac

Post Malone. 2018. Writer: Carl Rosen;Louis Bell;Billy Walsh;Carter Lang;Swae Lee;Post Malone.
10 Alan Walker

Different World flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Shy Nodi;Alan Walker;Fredrik Borch Olsen;James Njie;Marcus Arnbekk;Gunnar Greve Pettersen;K-391;Corsak;Shy Martin;Magnus Bertelsen.
11 Normani

Dancing With A Stranger flac

Normani. 2019. Writer: Mikkel S. Eriksen;Tor Hermansen;Jimmy Napes;Normani;Sam Smith.
12 The Chainsmokers

Hope flac

The Chainsmokers. 2018. Writer: Kate Morgan;Chris Lyon;Alex Pall;Andrew Taggart.
13 Imagine Dragons

Believer flac

Imagine Dragons. 2019. Writer: Dan Reynolds;Lil Wayne;Wayne Sermon;Ben McKee;Daniel Platzman;Robin Fredriksson;Mattias Larsson;Justin Tranter.
14 Slushii

Never Let You Go flac

Slushii. 2019. Writer: Sofía Reyes;Slushii;Aviella Winder.
15 Skrillex

Face My Fears flac

Skrillex. 2019. Writer: Poo Bear;Skrillex;Utada Hikaru.
16 Alan Walker

I Don't Wanna Go flac

Alan Walker. 2018.
17 Mike Perry

Runaway flac

Mike Perry. 2019. Writer: Andreas Wiman;Dimitri Vangelis;Richard Müller;Sasha Rangas;Stefan Van Leijsen;Mike Perry.
18 Hozier

Almost (Sweet Music) flac

Hozier. 2019. Writer: Hozier.
19 Gesaffelstein

Lost In The Fire flac

Gesaffelstein. 2019. Writer: Ahmad Balshe;Nate Donmoyer;Gesaffelstein;DaHeala;The Weeknd.
20 Maren Morris

Girl flac

Maren Morris. 2019. Writer: Maren Morris;Sarah Aarons;Greg Kurstin.

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