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Video Chris Marrou returning to KENS 5 with a historic new role
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  • it's a voice that commanded the
  • attention of San Antonio for decades and
  • when you listen to if you grew up in
  • South Texas now the voice of Chris Maru
  • returns to Ken's five Eyewitness News
  • Deborah Knapp caught up with the former
  • Kings five anchor about a new book and a
  • reason for you to stay tuned San
  • Antonio's top-rated newscast eight years
  • after his retirement
  • we asked Chris Murrow to come back to
  • Ken's five you've really modernized it
  • looks great I wish we could have
  • afforded this back in the old old days
  • date to 1973 when Chris began anchoring
  • at Ken's five for 36 years
  • Eyewitness News had one voice that made
  • the 10 p.m. news the highest-rated
  • newscast in the nation good evening I'm
  • Chris Maru we begin tonight with
  • breaking news quick wit and fun with
  • sportscaster Dan cook Dan was a
  • weatherman before they had television
  • yes he used to have windup TVs made it
  • appointment television time for a look
  • at tonight's Eyewitness News reel along
  • with his signature news reels even if a
  • picture is was ten thousand words then
  • he even took on a variety of jobs with
  • Murrow in my shoes oh man it's a Harley
  • need to get her a funnel this baby is
  • hungry how do i how do I get over from
  • here
  • its popularity with lasting quality
  • Chris is still instantly recognized
  • across the city I'm a little surprised
  • I'm Chris Marui bringing you the Texas
  • Monitor Week in Review
  • he's back on camera anchoring a weekly
  • online newscast guess what there's
  • always stuff to talk about when it comes
  • to political corruption in Texas he's
  • written two books and is working on a
  • documentary I've driven this road many
  • times and each time I find something new
  • about the people who live along Highway
  • 281 from Mexico to Canada and meeting
  • the authentic people of highway 281
  • while anchoring the news Chris also got
  • his law degree in 2010 and practiced for
  • a bit I enjoyed being a municipal judge
  • for a while and and in doing that I was
  • able to actually be part of both the
  • girls wedding ceremonies and he's taken
  • on a new role grandfather to
  • one-year-old Carson what's it like being
  • a grandparent it's it's fun I you know
  • it didn't hit me it's just like when I
  • became a parent it took a while I don't
  • know you know some people like he
  • celebrates his 70th birthday next month
  • still full of plans you know when you
  • get to be my age five years from now you
  • say I don't want to be dead I would like
  • to be into more of movie production
  • documentary production and in hopes that
  • I don't want to be on camera you know
  • I'll be glad to to help produce it to
  • write that sort of thing and a big
  • announcement we're excited about here at
  • Cannes 5 he'll be joining the Eyewitness
  • News team once again as we celebrate San
  • Antonio's tri Centennial contributing
  • special reports for our 300th
  • anniversary you despite the publicity I
  • wasn't here for the 100th but I was here
  • for the 250th went to HemisFair got my
  • first press card there he will help us
  • tell the city's history much of which
  • he's reported and lived there was a
  • four-way stop at what was then loop 13
  • in San Pedro and it didn't need anymore
  • you know every day or so you'd see a car
  • go by but well it'll be great to have
  • you involved with her 300 go to look
  • forward to Deborah Knapp cans 5
  • Eyewitness News you know it's great to
  • see him he clearly still has a great
  • sense of humor and a great voice yeah
  • gonna be good to have him back for the
  • 300 reports he looks so good and we
  • Cathy both it was great to catch up
  • right yeah yeah so birthday for San
  • Antonio coverage gets

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On Friday, Chris Marrou and KENS 5 announced a partnership to cover one of San Antonio's biggest milestones.



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