Video Final four NHL teams don't have a player making more than $8 million

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Final four NHL teams don't have a player making more than $8 million
Final four NHL teams don't have a player making more than $8 million thumb Final four NHL teams don't have a player making more than $8 million thumb Final four NHL teams don't have a player making more than $8 million thumb


  • used posted an article today noticing an
  • innocent read among the final four tell
  • us about that I can't say I noticed it
  • myself it was it was pointed out to me
  • by a Western Conference executive but I
  • did write about a Gino and the reason is
  • I don't know if this is a one-off or
  • something we should pay attention to
  • that was his question to me as well all
  • four teams the highest paid player
  • between them is Brent burns and eight
  • million should we read into that highest
  • paid player in st. Louis
  • both the royalty and Tarasenko at seven
  • 1/2 Krejci highest-paid player in Boston
  • what a bargain
  • Topher's Ryan and Marsha are of course
  • and Jordan Staal highest-paid player
  • Carolina the lowest payroll gannets all
  • the point is Boston st. Louis and San
  • Jose our yearly contenders and have
  • locked up most of their core players two
  • deals that are going to be under what
  • we're going to see here continue this
  • summer next in terms of the shifting
  • marketplace so maybe that timing was on
  • their side when they sign these deals
  • and now now the marketplace is popping
  • which is not good news for Winnipeg in
  • Toronto and Tampa Bay among others or
  • it's also shrewd management but the
  • bottom line is let's take the lease as
  • an example if they end up giving Martin
  • or double digit salary to go along with
  • 11 million dollar John Tavares and
  • eleven point six three four million
  • Austin Matthews can you win a cup with
  • three players in double digits what will
  • the Jets do with Connor and lion E and
  • Trueba and Myers on a team that already
  • has some signed players it's an
  • interesting debate I'm not saying I have
  • the answer but the four teams left right
  • now in the NHL playoffs don't have a guy
  • making more than eight million you know
  • up here when you talk about that though
  • and you consider that like great three
  • players for every team in the league has
  • five or six good players you know that's
  • not gonna win you you need depth you
  • need to go down your lineup and you need
  • to get productivity down on your lineup
  • so these are the hard decisions that
  • have to be made but if you spent too
  • much on the top then it gives you less
  • money for the rest of that's what he's
  • saying can you afford can you afford a
  • top your payroll going to four or five
  • players I would suggest that is not an
  • equation that's going to work on what I
  • just don't think it can work period
  • we're gonna find over the next couple
  • years because a lot of teams now facing
  • some serious increases I'm just gonna
  • say Pittsburgh did win on the top heavy
  • lineup but the key is they're cheap
  • players were impactful Jake canceled
  • this that's for the minors a couple
  • years ago you need that if you're going
  • that kind of line rust that exhaust
  • types of players connor shiri
  • you

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The most expensive player left in the Stanley Cup playoffs makes eight million a year, which is less than what some RFAs will sign for this summer. Is it a coincidence or not? That's Hockey weighs in.

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