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Video INSANE 1V1 Battle VS NINJA in Fortnite (BEST PLAYER)
07:29   |   3M+ views   |   today at 03:03


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  • help him improve his channel he is my second most favourite youtuber
  • I kept seeing these two comments the first one said to watch his tasty blue video by searching silent gamer tasty blue
  • Which makes no sense because I usually read my comments but this one made me feel weird and second one was ninja killed me
  • Then I still keep seeing comments, but it's not me who plays video games accept fortnite btw i will give 500 dollars if you watch his tasty blue video type i subscribed
  • This is my controller it is very dope like his channel tasty blue vid was sooo good
  • I saw so many people say like how is he clicking build and jump, so this is my aiming button right?
  • There's no way I'm picking up my phone and going to his channel unless he is my fan
  • This is how I jump and this is how I press subscribe button like i am pressing the button and watch his videos
  • aim you know what I mean tapping his video like tapping Sommer rays booty
  • So many people keep saying I'm a fan you know but that guy I met was so chill you know what i mean he just wanted me to give him a shoutout i you want a shoutout subscribe and type give me a shoutout
  • if u guys expose me for not clicking subscribe it means you are not selected so dont get salty but i will subscribe to some of you
  • Back to daily video schedule sub to silent gamer
  • But I wanted to entertain you guys with some deeply why talk back at it again with the controller camp guys
  • Just don't look at like my nut sack area. Just look at the controller like it's just kind of weird
  • I know cuz I put the controller on my lap all right, so it's kind of like that anyway so yesterday
  • I talked about the second best fortnite player today
  • I'm talking about the first or I'm not sure if he's like the best
  • I know he's the most popular most well-known anyways this guy didn't
  • This is like a picture and there's a clip on of him killing these
  • Rice come okay, so it's interesting because I play this game a lot
  • And I kill a lot of people and ninja even plays that game even more than me because like he's good at the game
  • so he plays even more it's like I don't even pay attention to the people that I
  • Kill, I never checked the name so for him to say my name, man
  • He's like the most popular for now you know person so I feel pretty honored all this girl here
  • I feel pretty honored
  • But like guys like I don't think he killed me though like I know the guy has an identical name is BMS tripping me out
  • but I'm playing on ps4 but I
  • Was mad slowest to pull my gun wise and
  • Talk to my beautiful lovely
  • Oh
  • Good this guy's no chill, but yeah
  • I don't think it's me because like a playground controller has he played on PC so that makes no sense
  • But like it's it's the same name as me hold on you guys
  • I'm a killer Wow, but here's where things get interesting not only was that clip on PC, and I play on ps4
  • But it was posted on the 10th on the 10th. I was in Africa on top of that though
  • It's the same exact name spelt the same exact way
  • I don't think anyone has his name like you know I'm saying hold on come here boy
  • Oh headshot ting but it's like it's the same exact name if you look closely
  • It's the same outfit like that's something I would wear in those last videos like that's my outfit
  • Also what he killed me in that clip there was like five people left right so I hardly ever lose
  • But what I do you know it's always
  • Boy
  • Like I don't think it's me, but like it could be me
  • I don't know
  • I guess more on the story is like you never know who you gone up against so you gotta treat everyone like their Michael Jordan
  • Or like their ninja or like someone you're good
  • People keep saying I have a ghost player for me louia by shock. That's just practice alright guys. I know there's a people left
  • My stomach is killing me yo yo, I know there's any people I wonder when they gave to you guys
  • But I just got to do it. I got I gotta take a break
  • I need to go to drop o2 I needed to do anything drop. I do do a poo poo a do-si-do
  • Alright guys, I'm back. Oh god. I didn't wash my hands. I didn't flush the toilet because I was just running back
  • I wasn't trying to die. You know I'm saying oh my god
  • I just a guided yo get off of me like guys look at my fingers like that's me building
  • But it comes get off look at me y'all about to push this guy's anyways man
  • I would really like relive that moment and I
  • wouldn't know that it was ninja because I would actually try to like no camped up up in and not been so aggressive like I
  • Kind of feel stupid for dying, but then again. I don't ever think it's me
  • It's on bc. I up that song about it man anyways, man
  • Live calm new song tomorrow. I was gonna drop it today, but like the servers were down. I make them for nice song
  • It's actually actually like a really like this. I don't think it's some corny shit
  • Oh God, okay?
  • But like also I think it's so funny that people think my gameplay is fake because then because one day it's real right so
  • That just says that you guys think I'm too good for my looks or something
  • Well you guys never question anyone else like I gotta have a care about porting up my ballsack like how?
  • Embarrassing is this because it's actually mad hard to talk and play in the same timeline you guys might underestimate me a shit
  • But like no, but like you like you don't like game is pop
  • But though you know a game is poppin with Logan Paul and Jay Paul and me and shit are on 8th
  • And I'm saying like ooh before that gets more views than regular vlog stuff, but like honest to god though
  • What do you guys want to watch? Oh man dude?
  • I can't even complete my sentence bro like that you see there's but like what do you guys want for?
  • Like blogs because like I have a few fluffy. I just have it both it because like for Thai just gets more peace
  • I'll top of that too. I'm dropping a song tomorrow. Oh I
  • Believe I believe them all right there, but uh new song tomorrow guys you guys just gotta be ready for it, man
  • I can't wait. Yo, are you guys gonna support it though you guys might be playing it bullshit. I might die
  • Oh my god wants us seven oh
  • It's all good. I got a young campfire anyways after further thinking
  • I don't want you guys to think that I suck anything because I ran in like a straight line towards
  • Ninja while he was head that ain't no high advantage on me like that's a new play
  • And I'm sorry I think that's either me at first. Oh my god, but that might be me the name outfit
  • Yo, there's one guy left. Yo guys last game. I want guys. I just others really good, but I know it
  • I'm gonna pop this real quick and
  • hopefully I get some fun like a sniper or
  • Something you know I mean I gotta score impulse. Okay. I can't work with that bullshit. Oh, I despise the fool
  • Okay, guys check this out. What is he in that Bush?
  • Wait what this full justice of what this will disappeared this foot suppose a magician nah
  • But I have impulse I think that's the only fun thing again
  • okay, I
  • Don't know what I could do to this guy
  • I'm gonna make it weak all right, and then I'm gonna do the whole shebang on him okay here we go
  • Second place yo
  • Are you serious yo, I really don't feel like refill a big, so we're just gonna take them
  • I really thought I had that kid like you we gonna replay of where the bullet hit
  • I'm dropping that song tomorrow, so please play it please support it. Please tell your friend about it subscribe and drop a thumbs up
  • And let me ask what content you want vlogs, fortnite, whatever just so I know yeah, I mean anyways guys
  • I'm off peace Dan text from my ex. I think she know I'm up next yeah, yeah they hate when I flex it
  • It don't really make sense
  • Yeah, I got a lot of enemies

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