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10:05   |   views   |   11/03/2018


  • hello everyone its Jillian and today's
  • video is a very exciting one and we are
  • going to be adding random and strange
  • ingredients to slime and I've seen these
  • videos all over YouTube and I've always
  • wanted to try it so what I'm doing today
  • is adding ingredients and things that
  • normally don't belong in slimes and
  • we're going to see what the result is
  • the first unusual ingredient I decided
  • to add is rice and I was thinking that
  • this rice was going to act like crunchy
  • or slushy beads and I thought that it
  • was going to give the slime these
  • amazing a bubble pops so what I first
  • did was create a glassy slime base so I
  • just added some glue and food coloring
  • to a bowl and then decided to also add
  • some conditioner to make it nice and
  • glossy and also some baby oil and then I
  • just a mix this all together
  • this was the prettiest shade of blue it
  • was kind of like a pastel e minty a blue
  • shade and I was obsessed with it then I
  • went ahead and activated it and I left
  • it a little bit sticky so that it would
  • hold on to the rice
  • and then once this line was all ready to
  • go I just added a little bit of rice at
  • a time the end result of adding a rice
  • to slime it was differently a very
  • interesting and unique texture of slime
  • it did have amazing bubble pops like I
  • thought it would the rice definitely
  • acted like a slushy or crunchy bead wood
  • now it was a little bit strange having a
  • rice in my slime but I have a lot of fun
  • playing with it and yeah it was a very
  • interesting ingredient to start off with
  • something else that I've been curious to
  • see how it would act in slime is
  • shredded paper so I've been collecting
  • some shredded paper that I've received
  • in packages in the mail and I decided to
  • add it to clear slime just because I
  • thought this would look really
  • interesting being able to see all the
  • paper through the slime so I just
  • started off with some clear slime that I
  • had previously made and then I topped it
  • off with the shredded paper and I
  • thought it looked so cute because it
  • looked like the slime had this peak
  • curly hair and I really liked it now I
  • had no idea how the shredded paper was
  • going to go in the
  • I didn't know if it was just going to
  • fall apart or make the slime really
  • tough so I was really excited for this
  • one now pause this video and go down to
  • the comments and let me know what you
  • think is going to happen and then let me
  • know if you were correct the shredded
  • paper all clumped together so I just
  • started working it with my hands and
  • started ripping up the shredded paper
  • within the slime now I did make the
  • slime of quite tough but it definitely
  • gave it an interesting a putty texture
  • like I said it did want to clump
  • together so I did have to work at
  • getting it to separate so it wasn't just
  • one big bunch of paper but I was really
  • interested I thought the papal is going
  • to melt or just disintegrate but yeah it
  • was a bit different but interesting but
  • no I don't think I'll be trying this
  • again
  • the next unusual and strange ingredient
  • we are going to be adding to slime is a
  • glitter paint so this is paid that is
  • just full of glitter and I wasn't sure
  • if this was going to change the texture
  • on the slime if it was gonna make it
  • really pretty or what was going to
  • happen so I just started off by adding
  • some glue to a bowl and then I added all
  • of my kalitta paint and I work with this
  • really nice emerald green and then I
  • went ahead and mixed it in which looked
  • very magical to start off with but then
  • as I mixed it in I realized that this
  • was not going to be a very pretty slime
  • it was very dull and it wasn't sparkly
  • and it just didn't have the effect that
  • I wanted it to at this point I was
  • thinking about throwing out this line
  • because to me it just did not look very
  • nice but then I decided what if I could
  • transform this into something a magical
  • and pretty so I thought I would give it
  • a go so I started off by adding some
  • green food coloring to make it more
  • vibrant I then added some magical
  • glitter and conditioner and lotion just
  • to make it a really nice clicky and
  • glossy slime and then I went ahead and
  • activated it now what I found was that
  • it activated so so quickly I didn't need
  • that much activator so I think that must
  • have something to do with the glitter
  • paints that I used
  • [Music]
  • at this point I was really happy with
  • the slime base but I thought that it
  • could be a little bit more magical and
  • interesting and needed even more of a
  • makeover so I just added some glitter
  • and here you can see how sparkly and
  • magical is then I topped it off with
  • some blue sequins and some iridescent
  • flakes then I went with some mermaid
  • themed sprinkles and these cute little
  • starfish and sunglasses charms I guess
  • this is kind of a summery
  • Beach mermaidy themed slime I'm really
  • happy with it and I think it actually
  • turned out really well it started off as
  • quite a dull and ugly slime the glitter
  • paint did not react how I thought it was
  • going to but I'm glad that I stuck with
  • it and transformed it into something
  • more magical and pretty the next random
  • ingredient we are going to be adding to
  • slime is a bit of an interesting one
  • now I've had these little happy face
  • pills I guess you could call them lying
  • around for quite a while I actually
  • bought them for a DIY and what they are
  • is they're little plastic pills with a
  • little happy faces on the front but if
  • you open them up there's a little scroll
  • of paper that you can write a message on
  • so they're just a cute little gift idea
  • so they're not real pills but I just
  • thought they would look really cool and
  • clear slime they're so colorful and I
  • love all the cute little kawaii faces
  • and I just felt like I had to add these
  • to clear slime because I have them lying
  • around and I
  • like I needed to use it for something so
  • I just put a bunch of them on top of
  • some class line that I had sitting
  • around and they look so cute just
  • sitting there smiling at me and then I
  • just started mixing them in at first I
  • really loved this line it was so
  • colorful and they were acting just like
  • any other slime charms would but then I
  • noticed that they were all starting to
  • melt and disintegrate there must have
  • been something in the slime whether it
  • was the glue or the activator that just
  • wasn't agreeing with what these pills
  • were made out of so they all started to
  • melt so the slime was ruined by that
  • point but when it first started off it
  • looks really cute and I'm glad I finally
  • got to use these I hope you all enjoy
  • today's video and sing or what happens
  • when you add these strange and unusual
  • ingredients to slime if there are any
  • other ingredients that you would like to
  • see added to slime that are a bit random
  • and unusual let me know in the comments
  • below thank you all so much for watching
  • I love you all so so much and I will see
  • you all in my next video bye

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ADDING RANDOM INGREDIENTS TO SLIME! Did I Find NEW Slime Ingredients?? Mixing Random Things Into Slime!

Hello everyone! In today's video I will be adding random ingredients to slime! We will see what happens when random stuff is mixed into clear slime! I also make slime and then add strange ingredients to find out what happens to the texture of the slime! Thank you so much for watching!

Gillian xx



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