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  • [Music]
  • yeah hi guys but it's a girl laughs
  • coming at you and today I'm gonna be
  • doing some today I'm going to be doing
  • swimming today I'm great
  • watch my little eyes I did you for okay
  • fine don't touch me wait you go to
  • school one of us I just didn't know you
  • were educated I didn't know your excuse
  • me can you help me with man oh man okay
  • what's the problem
  • the problem is I don't know how to do it
  • no the best problem that we see Oh God
  • I did not learn how to do this okay let
  • me try it says I have three apples right
  • those are bananas okay we'll give me
  • another problem Oh what generally had
  • the best one difficult ones to offer
  • look through this method only has six
  • banana sally has full bananas and emily
  • has one big banana whoa Nelly
  • how many bananas do they are I don't
  • know I don't have that many fingers okay
  • okay what about this Billy Mali child
  • isn't Katie oh go to the store why does
  • everybody have white people name other
  • white people that pop no we all do it's
  • flour oh let me see your watch Oh what
  • is this calculus all speak Spanish Oh si
  • si what what do you see I need to say
  • can you always say no in Spanish no help
  • me with my
  • we'll look they know sorry my English
  • that was English - no I don't even
  • want Spanish help oh okay well let me
  • see what you got here huh name this
  • color
  • Billy good for me number two if Meg
  • found 30% and Greg found 40% what do you
  • need to find the answer
  • yeah number three if you have 3x equals
  • 4y can you solve the problem
  • yes number four if you have four apples
  • and you eat two of them how many apples
  • do you have I still don't have any -
  • okay if mass is how we measure
  • matter then what's the matter nothing I
  • like if Justin's sick and gets a shot
  • and then gets two more shots to feel
  • better what does Justin had an alcohol
  • problem what's the square root of sixty
  • nine divided by four oh that's a good
  • one yeah what did you get in this class
  • hey make sense spelling wait I'm sorry
  • you have a phone yeah and I have cooties
  • what Derek gave me cooties today at
  • school oh boy you guys hold hands now we
  • made out what yeah put it off pregnant
  • what yeah I don't want you to I mean yes
  • of course but okay you know what
  • so that is all I have for you guys today
  • okay sometimes you just got to be a
  • little hard on yourself
  • wait but thank you guys so much for
  • watching I hope you guys enjoyed this
  • video if you did please make sure to
  • give it a big thumbs up / yes you I will
  • see you guys next Wednesday
  • [Music]

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Oh look.. a toddler doing algebra. I'm a child protege at age 20. Thanks for watching babes! And babies! Stalk my other social medias down below.
Keep up with this little brown girl!
SNAPCHAT: @lizakoshysnaps
MUSICAL.LY: @lizakoshy
Music Creds:
•Jou Beats - Brasil
TARGET WITH LIZZZA PART 2!: /watch?v=weGc3...
MEET JET!!: /watch?v=6-u9o...
Thank you, lil baby boos!



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