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  • [Music]
  • yeah hi guys what up it's a girl a
  • snowman at you and today I'm going to be
  • doing some couldn't today I'm going to
  • be doing cooling today boy walking
  • really what Eliza did you for I'm making
  • a house mom okay fine don't touch me in
  • public
  • I need help with my homework wait you go
  • to school one of us have to I didn't
  • know your educate I didn't know google
  • bring excuse me can you help me with me
  • we met oh man
  • okay what's the problem the problem is I
  • don't know how to do it no the net
  • problem I'm going to mess pause I have a
  • mess hall I don't know about this game
  • oh god I did not learn how to do this
  • okay let me try it says I have three
  • apples right doesn't begin I know
  • okay we'll give me another problem
  • Oh what you already have a mess one
  • difficult one okay let's do this mess
  • laboratory has six bananas selling us
  • both bananas I really have my big women
  • whoa Nellie how many bananas so they all
  • have if for what I don't know I don't
  • have them any favors okay okay what
  • about this family Molly child and Katie
  • all go to the school
  • why does everybody have my people night
  • oh my people back ah no we all do it
  • slower
  • oh you see you're watching oh god what
  • is it calculus audience Oh daddy's on
  • one face in what what do you see
  • anything good could you help me say no
  • in better
  • no help me where's my English homework
  • they're not following their double D's
  • with to shake no I don't need any more
  • Spanish help oh okay well let me see
  • what you got here now
  • name this color really good for me
  • number two it's makes sound 30%
  • Gregg sound 40% what do you need to sign
  • the Ansel yes number three if you have
  • 3x equals 4y can you solve the problem
  • yes don't want to therefore if you have
  • 4 apples and you eat two of them how
  • many apples do you have I still don't
  • have any to okay math is how we
  • measure matter then what's the matter
  • mouthing offline if Justin's sick and
  • get the shot and then get two more shots
  • to feel better what does Justin Hannah
  • and alcohol problem what's the square
  • root of 69 divided by 400 boom yeah what
  • did you get in this class
  • I got a makes sense scaling wave so
  • [Music]
  • losses Alex of what when I'm sorry you
  • have a phone yeah and I have pretty what
  • Dale I gave you cooties today is cool Oh
  • what you guys cool down now we made out
  • what yeah good god lemon
  • what yeah clothes in my room what do my
  • old one a lot bigger now oh my God look
  • at you I don't want you why not I mean
  • yes of course but way to go what yeah so
  • does only have for you guys today so I
  • have one one anymore what you want to be
  • my boss Wow okay sometimes you can be a
  • little whore I'm sure we but thank you
  • guys so much for watching I hope you
  • guys enjoyed this video if you did
  • please make sure to give it a big thumbs
  • up just kidding I like a big curve yes
  • you all and I will see you guys next
  • Wednesday Mila
  • no no no no no I hope y'all sorry
  • save it oh you too
  • [Music]

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Oh look.. a toddler doing algebra. I'm a child protege at age 20. Thanks for watching babes! And babies! Stalk my other social medias down below.
Keep up with this little brown girl!
SNAPCHAT: @lizakoshysnaps
MUSICAL.LY: @lizakoshy
Music Creds:
•Jou Beats - Brasil
TARGET WITH LIZZZA PART 2!: /watch?v=weGc3...
MEET JET!!: /watch?v=6-u9o...
Thank you, lil baby boos!



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