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Video 2014 Suzuki SFV650 - Sport Twins Shootout Part 1 - MotoUSA
04:20   |   155K+ views   |   today at 02:15


  • though it's monkey ear may have changed
  • Suzuki's sfv 650 has been a staple
  • motorcycle in the Japanese companies
  • lineup wearing a tried-and-true 645 CC
  • liquid-cooled v-twin inside a simple but
  • effective lipstick red tubular steel
  • chassis the feisty sfv is a great
  • solution for Rogers looking for a fun
  • and affordable street bike all right
  • this is uki sfv this motorcycle is
  • probably the most versatile off the
  • showroom floor yes a little bit bold now
  • yeah it's a little bit dated in terms of
  • its appearance and its instrument
  • cluster and even the way this pergunta
  • mcc's are set up thing just plain works
  • I just like how easy it is to rise
  • really spread any motorcycle
  • out of all the bikes Suzuki had the most
  • cramped cockpit you know the bar is kind
  • of swept into your lap you know you feel
  • like you had to hunched over to really
  • get into the sweet spot of the bike but
  • I like it like it kind of feels like a
  • mini bike in the way that it's so
  • maneuverable it's so like easy and fun
  • and carefree to ride
  • I think it'd be a great bike for some
  • smaller smaller riders that are want a
  • more comfortable lower seating position
  • but it was actually pretty fun to have
  • something that was light and kind of
  • brought me back to what I originally
  • started riding when I was road racing
  • probably the weak link in the SFA's
  • Arsenal this is engine it's not
  • necessarily bad by any means it's a
  • little bit outgun compared to the
  • monster or the newly designed f07
  • but that could be a good thing you know
  • not having enough horsepower lets you
  • really like you know get into the motor
  • and really rev it out and not having
  • enough power it might not be such a bad
  • thing for you know somebody looking to
  • get into one of these bikes it doesn't
  • really know what they're doing
  • handling wise the three the Suzuki
  • actually was probably I would say
  • overall the best handling it was supple
  • it kind of it wouldn't bite you he gave
  • it a little bit too much feedback and it
  • actually felt overall pretty good it was
  • the probably the best cornering of all
  • of them don't really connect to the
  • ground you're able to put the bike where
  • you want it to I was most confident on
  • the bike to the corners
  • I love the clutch on it I like the
  • transmission it's really it really feels
  • precise when you're changing between the
  • gears
  • the brakes could use a little bit of an
  • update on that motorcycle I think it's a
  • very awesome workhorse of a you know
  • inch level twin that would be great for
  • someone that's looking for something
  • that has that sporty confidence feel
  • looking for but still want something
  • that's going to be able to handle you
  • know taking it to work or also taking it
  • to canyons is kind of has a good middle
  • ground you know I'm not totally sold on
  • the way it looks it just works so well
  • that it definitely would be a serious
  • contender for my money one thing I did
  • like about it it was the only bike in
  • the test it still has an analogue tack
  • and I'm a huge fan of digital gauges as
  • a whole with the analog tach I really
  • like to be able to visibly see where
  • it's at on the rpm range instead of
  • trying to read the little data bars it's
  • a really really excellent handling
  • motorcycle it goes around turns good
  • it's easy to maneuver in like a parking
  • lot I think it has enough confidence for
  • an entry-level rider or an upper-level
  • rider to have a good time in it both of
  • the canyons around the way to work like
  • always
  • the Suzuki excites with this fun and
  • flexible handling that's as adept around
  • town as it is as a sport pace in the
  • canyons although its fuel sipping twin
  • is a little dated it continues to
  • entertain with this peppy feel and
  • superb throttle response while we loved
  • riding it mid-pack scores and all but
  • two categories push the aging suzuki
  • back to third place
  • you

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Watch the Suzuki SFV650 compete against its refreshed middleweight competition in this Suzuki SFV650 comparison video. Read more in MotoUSA's 2015 Middleweight Sport Twins Shootout.



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