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Video When you open migos rap snacks in class
02:54   |   804K+ views   |   today at 12:59


  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • what's up thought so bro what's up G
  • Oh sub G is there something you would
  • like to address to the rest of the class
  • tour no no see nothing am I gonna start
  • reading again would no darling who just
  • don't do the accent you know I knew
  • everybody look look listen pay attention
  • what I'm gonna say
  • [Applause]
  • who got shitless man come on man I came
  • here to read I didn't come here to eat
  • come on man
  • thanks if I did it again someone getting
  • written up on novel someone getting
  • written up just saying hey by bus
  • let me get something
  • this is MOOCs you said you wanted to
  • write up got you
  • you might bring me my pen and paper
  • don't don't get it
  • thank you get wait definite even it's
  • too like definitely even more baggage
  • hips now it's twice chills it's still
  • the right foot since you want to smash
  • them you brought it is not even he I
  • know you've seen him throw me all right
  • it's true the rangehood
  • yeah

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