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Video It's my Party - My Dream Quinceañera - Ana Ep 1
08:05   |   today at 16:00


  • [Music]
  • we don't have all day and hurry up he'll
  • hold up the right here okay here two for
  • you to bring or one for each other dude
  • I love the colors okay SS Quan lavendish
  • yonder the Osceola Morecambe brindle mis
  • padres me siento booyah debería god oh I
  • miss Kim sannyas I'm Anna I'm 14 and I'm
  • about to have my quinceanera I'm very
  • excited it's my big day I'm finally
  • turning into from a child to adulthood
  • so that should be pretty exciting a mis
  • amigos que pasa juntos momentos Alegria
  • a todos per se
  • back to the Medina I've been hiding my
  • king tests for about six months we would
  • talk about it when I was little but then
  • we would have an issue with the money
  • but okay I'm gonna have 15 never mind we
  • don't have enough money we are gonna
  • have it we're not gonna have it finally
  • six months ago we decided we are gonna
  • have my 15 basically says I'm proud to
  • like be able to get to this point in my
  • life and it's just thank you to like my
  • family
  • and my friends for giving me joy being
  • able to be in my life how many friends
  • are you inviting from school I don't
  • know but we got 300 people and then I
  • have people from our school and then
  • people from like five other schools we
  • have a large family and I'm also like
  • typical I guess you can say Mexicans or
  • us someone gets invited they bring along
  • someone they bring along other people
  • and it turns out to like almost feel the
  • whole hall oh we're supposed to have 300
  • people we hope we don't go overboard
  • because then they're not all gonna fit
  • so hopefully we can clear out 300 I know
  • why did you choose pink and blue yeah oh
  • my mom I was all like I want like a
  • vintage theme it's like yes I saw and
  • then I tried googling something like the
  • translation but I couldn't find this so
  • I just hold it okay just stick to like I
  • like a light pink and some gold week the
  • theme of my cancer is a light pink and
  • gold because it reminds me of this one
  • picture I have when I was younger where
  • I'm wearing this like pink dress and it
  • was it looked kind of vintage so I was
  • like yeah I really like that so I wanted
  • to put that and reminders of my Quinta
  • oh yeah and then your guys's names are
  • on the clear cards so for your things
  • that we're gonna enter in the same order
  • rezonings yeah because their names are
  • in the same word as the waltz
  • renouncing the walters legally one more
  • practice in my court I have seven girls
  • and seven boys I chosen one of my
  • closest friends at a typical practice
  • they're always there's always someone
  • missing and they're always dancing and
  • laughing and messing something up and
  • then I get really bossy I'm bossy
  • because I really want everything to go
  • good on the day
  • oh my god we gotta get our stuff
  • together yeah you know how like they
  • pick you up the hardest part of practice
  • has been the lift because when I get up
  • I'm too much on one side or sometimes
  • they throw me up and I'm like no you're
  • supposed to hold me not throw me so we
  • need to work on that lift real bad
  • they pick me up on one side they pick me
  • they almost drop me they almost broke my
  • arm last time my you guys better not
  • make me break something the day of my 15
  • it's been oh wait hold hands if Roberto
  • steps on my dress and then ends up
  • falling or makes me fall I'm gonna get
  • so embarrassed why did you choose a bird
  • as your well I was like I guess you
  • could say we were really close because I
  • can seventh grade you remember he like
  • is really huge crush on him my main
  • channel on is my friend Roberto I met
  • him in sixth grade
  • eventually in seventh grade I ended up
  • having this really big crush on him that
  • lasted throughout the whole year I was
  • like I turned into a major freak I would
  • send him little letters I would text him
  • I would always try to bug him I would
  • always try to be with him if 7th grade
  • was a mess of a year hurt me but like
  • later on eventually my feelings went
  • away and he's like a brother to me now
  • so he's like really close to me and then
  • he was like one of the closest guys I'm
  • close to
  • besides the rest of the guys so I was
  • like let me have herberto as I mean turn
  • around because I feel we're gonna be
  • really close to like eternal the choice
  • even after all my weirdness he's still
  • stuck to the stuck with me and he's
  • still like a really close friend of mine
  • so I'm like yeah I'd have a person that
  • has been there with me through ups and
  • down so what are you most excited for I
  • think I saw the food probably because
  • I'm gonna have all my friends and family
  • there he's gonna be all my friends from
  • all different schools so so it's gonna
  • be like all my friends and some other
  • family so that better be good I better
  • get laid on the dance floor we've had a
  • lot of family members and close friends
  • helping out know has been really
  • supportive I chose to do mother-daughter
  • dance as well she spends a lot of nights
  • in the hospital because she has kidney
  • failure she goes to dialysis three days
  • a week or three to four hours we don't
  • see my mom as often as we would like to
  • see her we've been struggling with this
  • ever since I was little so whenever I'm
  • with my mom we're either like yelling at
  • each other or we're either having really
  • close moments we don't get that much
  • bonding time other day of making set I'm
  • pretty sure we're both gonna cry during
  • our dad I'ma be remembering all those
  • times where we've been close together
  • and almost time she's been there for me
  • and um we've been there for each other
  • one time and get rough
  • and we've always stuck around we might
  • lash out on each other but it's just
  • because we get full of stress because
  • sometimes I've yelled at her and telling
  • her I feel like she's a bad mom because
  • she's not always there but I know it's
  • because of her health issues I love my
  • mama
  • so what can we see your dress yeah so I
  • ordered my dress from a catalog and it
  • just arrived and I'm really excited to
  • show it to my friends I really hope they
  • like it I love it so I really hope they
  • enjoy the dress as well are you guys
  • ready yeah wearing my dress for the
  • first time I had this really big smile
  • on my face I couldn't take it off
  • because I felt like a princess you're so
  • cute
  • it's so big I love it she's amazing yes
  • the beading on the dress
  • yeah of course the ruffles and
  • everything look really nice
  • oh my god they're gonna shrug what I
  • carried me they didn't care you without
  • I know I do with is a heavy you're gonna
  • like all your arms are green 5 pounds 5
  • pounds dressed is heavy by itself I love
  • it
  • [Music]
  • no my king said you really want to
  • cherish the whole moment with all my
  • family and friends being together in one
  • place all at once and being able to
  • enjoy the day of me becoming an adult or
  • heading to adulthood oh my god I can't
  • wait I can't wait oh my god is my big
  • day come on you guys celebrate those
  • moments hey guys thanks for watching my
  • show my dream can say is now casting
  • nationwide if you want your king set
  • featured on the show
  • send us a video telling us why talking
  • set at awesomeness TV calm and don't
  • forget to subscribe to awesomenesstv bye

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Ana and her friends are super excited about her big quinceañera!
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Ana and her friends are super excited about her big quinceañera. Ana gives the girls the deets about her frightening waltz practice, her “former crush” Roberto, and opens up with the relationship she has with her mother. Excited, Ana decides to give her friends a little sneak peek of her quince dress. But will the girls approve the look?

My Dream Quinceañera is now casting nationwide! Want your quinceañera to be featured on the show? Send a video telling us why to!

Turning 15 is a rite of passage and becomes a major event when having a Quinceañera. There's finding the dress, planning the fiesta, choosing your Court of Honor and the list goes on, especially when you are planning the Quince of your dreams!
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Created By: Autumn deVitry
Executive Producer: Autumn deVitry
Producer/Director: Kevin Stalker
Senior Producer: Tara Cole
Associate Producer: Jackie Merry
Coordinating Producer: Sean Saley

Director of Photography: Kevin Castro
Camera Operator: Armir Camangian
Camera Operator: Ben Hecht
Sound Mixer: Chase Yeremian
Production Assistant: Jose 'Taco' Cruz
Production Office Assistant: Andrew Oliver

Editor: Shayna Thea
Assistant Editor: Ali Gould
Post Production Assistant: Jose 'Taco' Cruz
Post Production Assistant: Anais Bergues




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