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Video Donald Trump's Grandiose Views
20:28   |   02/22/2019 at 18:22


  • up you know the gloves are a little bit
  • off you know we're down to like 81 82
  • days till that big day on februari fur
  • we know what that is and people now are
  • getting a little bit rambunctious and
  • that's a good thing it's okay and the
  • you know various candidates are starting
  • to say things some of which are true and
  • many things are not true and I guess I
  • can be accused of that but so I came
  • across a couple of things I tweeted this
  • out a while ago and you know we're
  • talking about borders nowadays right
  • does anybody care about borders you know
  • why right you know without borders we
  • don't have a country what is it we don't
  • have borders they say oh you can't do
  • that you can't move people around you
  • can't do that that's not nice but we got
  • it straightened out our country you know
  • it's like unbelievable but here's is
  • something I I tweeted this a while ago
  • and it still holds true if you cross the
  • North Korean border and if you do it
  • illegally you get 12 years hard labor 12
  • years I think you get more than that
  • actually I think they kill you but but
  • we'll get to that because you have
  • somewhere they actually do kill you if
  • you cross the Afghanistan border
  • illegally you get shot okay so when you
  • get 12 years when you get shot red 2
  • Americans were imprisoned for eight
  • years after crossing the Iranian border
  • now you see that with our four hostages
  • who we can't get out even though we gave
  • these guys 150 billion dollars we have
  • great negotiators by the way I guarantee
  • you I would have had a mout and i don't
  • mean lately we've you know we're
  • destroying our country and we can't do
  • it anymore and that'll end that'll end
  • like it is for every other country i
  • mean almost nobody does it we're the
  • only ones that and they come from all
  • over they come from mexico they come
  • from Asia they come why not have the
  • baby born over here come let's take a
  • vacation babies born take care of the
  • baby great I mean how stupid are we
  • I got a little lucky on that one I
  • really had no idea just said didn't make
  • sense and then all of a sudden these
  • great geniuses from Harvard Law School
  • they were all saying oh well actually
  • well mr. Trump is actually right now
  • they're analyzing it the bottom line is
  • I was right because it's common sense
  • can't happen can you imagine going to
  • Mexico having a baby and you see
  • congratulations your citizen of Mexico
  • they wouldn't they wouldn't even know
  • what you're talking about they'd laugh
  • you out of the country a group of people
  • was there last week very successful
  • people and they overstayed their
  • two-week period they get a knock on the
  • door from the police in Mexico why are
  • you here and this is a very spoiled guy
  • he was a little embarrassed in front of
  • this group so police over said why are
  • you here you know it's not exactly cool
  • why are you here oh well we just want to
  • stand it well have you signed your
  • papers have you made a request of the
  • government have you there by the way
  • there right I'm not saying wrong I think
  • it's right it's a way of something's
  • supposed to be run it's right the
  • hardest place in the world just about to
  • become a citizen of as Mexico and yet
  • people poor and I love Mexico i love the
  • Mexican people I have thousands of
  • Mexicans I have thousands and thousands
  • of Hispanics that work for me or have
  • worked for me I've created tens of
  • thousands of jobs tens of thousands you
  • know when I found my papers they were
  • big the biggest ever filed by a factor
  • of many i jokingly said to your
  • newspaper that i have a store that's
  • worth more money than Mitt Romney you
  • know remember that the famous article
  • they said what are you talking about I
  • said yeah I have a store that's worth
  • more than Mitt Romney and the paper your
  • paper one out said that's insulting
  • that's heart and they checked it it was
  • actually true it was pretty cool a lot
  • more Fifth Avenue real estate it's
  • amazing right but when you're a very
  • successful person successful even but if
  • you're really successful I've always
  • heard from the time I'm a little boy you
  • cannot run for president you can't I
  • never understood I said I wonder why
  • that is but I
  • understand that you know I've done
  • hundreds and hundreds of deals they
  • never talked about any of the good ones
  • when you do hundreds of deals hundreds
  • of transactions and you know obviously
  • most of them are good cuz i'm worth like
  • many many billions of dollars at good
  • deals and the reason i say that is
  • because if they're not that I shouldn't
  • be the one negotiating with China and
  • believe me I will be good I'm going to
  • be good but I wrote a book the America
  • we deserve where I said in two thousand
  • before the World Trade Center came down
  • where I said there's a guy named Osama
  • bin Laden in my book in my book and we
  • better watch him and I saw him a couple
  • of times on television and a friend of
  • mine who's in the military told me bad
  • guy and they said bad guy I'm writing
  • this book and I've said there's a guy
  • Obama Osama bin Laden and we better do
  • something about him because he's going
  • to go under a rock and this is what i
  • said in the book and three years later
  • the World Trade Center came down with
  • him and I'll never forget two weeks ago
  • i'm watching Joe Scarborough Morning Joe
  • good show i don't know if anybody knows
  • but it's good chill right and somebody
  • is saying you know Trump actually and
  • they had the book they said Trump
  • actually predicted Osama bin Laden would
  • come in and do something very bad world
  • trade center he said yeah but when did
  • he write it and they look they said two
  • thousand whoa you know that was before
  • that's unbelievable he said that before
  • he's the only one that predicted it and
  • I wasn't even in government I wasn't
  • even in government and I predicted now
  • who knew this was going to happen but I
  • would have taken that guy out just based
  • on his threats just based on his threats
  • we gotta know where to fight and when to
  • find Iran is taking over Iraq second
  • largest oil reserves in the world Iran
  • is taking over Iraq so when it happened
  • with Iraq I said you shouldn't go in and
  • a delegation came to see me from the
  • White House because I
  • get for whatever reason without PR
  • people without anything I don't do it on
  • purpose for whatever reason I get a
  • disproportionate amount of publicity you
  • agree are there still standing when you
  • sit down you people great you must like
  • me to be standing I look how handsome
  • he's better looking than his father much
  • right but so what happens is you look at
  • Iraq and I said don't do it and a
  • delegation comes to see me from the
  • White House that they'd like to you know
  • have me cool i say but you're making a
  • mistake you're going to destabilize the
  • whole Middle East because you had Iran
  • interacted always fight right oh yes i
  • read about wars iran goes 10 feet this
  • way than 10 feet they were the same
  • there were like twins same strength then
  • Saddam Hussein would use gas and they'd
  • use gas and we'd read about it I said
  • yeah but if you do that you're going to
  • destabilize because you're going to
  • knock the hell out of one and the other
  • one's going to come in and take it over
  • it's pretty simple I mean you don't have
  • to be a total genius to figure this out
  • even though I am a genius okay so you're
  • gonna write so they go in to knock it
  • out I was very vocal about I said you're
  • making a mistake and by the way I'm more
  • militaristic did anybody in this room
  • just so you understand i am i'm going to
  • make our military so strong so powerful
  • i'm going to take care of our vets like
  • nobody's ever taken care of our vets our
  • vets are being treated horribly and by
  • that i mean the wounded warriors also
  • they're being treated so badly our
  • wounded warriors are being treated badly
  • our vets that whole group of people is
  • being treated I mean the illegal
  • immigrants are being treated better than
  • our vets in many cases and that's pretty
  • sad that's pretty sad my theory this is
  • the Trump theory on war but I'm good at
  • war I've had a lot of wars of my own I'm
  • really good at where I love war in a
  • certain way but only when we win we
  • never win by the way what was the last
  • time we went to war we don't win it
  • anymore our wars are always politically
  • correct we don't wanna win we don't want
  • to this
  • so anyway so we go in and we have this
  • horrible situation with Iraq and now
  • it's a total mess i know the polls have
  • come out on and i love this stuff they
  • come out on leadership I was number one
  • bite like everything many times I mean
  • many times I don't mean I was up two
  • points I mean many times on military I
  • was up on terrorism I was up can you
  • believe it way up by many times x times
  • not like 329 like I don't know she ends
  • in your over there's like 38 it's a few
  • points and then for the economy it was
  • like beyond belief the only thing I
  • don't do so well is not everybody loves
  • me I don't know and I'm actually a nice
  • person you know I mean when I lead by
  • leadership by many times economy by many
  • times in the military eyelid and people
  • see that in my book I said Osama bin
  • Laden they see that the president didn't
  • know about Osama bin Laden but I do and
  • I'm building buildings in Manhattan why
  • do I know about him and military doesn't
  • and I wrote him in the book you have to
  • see it people have gone out to buy that
  • book because nobody believes it Osama
  • bin Laden mentioned in the book I think
  • it's like two years before the World
  • Trade Center came down it's like I've
  • heard different accounts from forty to
  • sixty thousand people good fighters Isis
  • good fighters smart good and I said they
  • asked me so I'm running for president
  • I'm leading him almost all the polls and
  • they ask me a question about Isis and I
  • say to the announcer I don't really want
  • to answer it and the next day these
  • idiots over here and say Trump doesn't
  • know the answer the reason I don't want
  • to answer because I don't want to tell
  • the enemy if I win I don't want to
  • happen does that make sense I don't want
  • to tell them
  • so two weeks go by and I get the
  • question again how would you fight Isis
  • mr. Trump of your president I do I have
  • to answer it do I have to they said mr.
  • Trump we really think it's appropriate
  • and I did too because i was getting
  • killed at the press is saying i'm not i
  • know more about Isis then the generals
  • do believe me I said all right so here's
  • what I do I hated to do it uh I hated to
  • do it because I think I'm gonna win and
  • I don't want these gut no I really I
  • don't want these guys because my life
  • has been about victories in all fairness
  • okay it's been about victories I've had
  • a lot of acres I'm not like a person
  • that enjoys you know you have a lot of
  • people that like to lose you know they
  • like to lose they feel comfortable
  • losing that's not me I don't feel too
  • good when I lose but I said I don't want
  • to really tell you it but then I
  • realized I had to cuz i was getting
  • killed by these people mr. Trump doesn't
  • have a plan for Isis I said no I have a
  • plan but I don't want to tell isis what
  • it is because I'm i win i had to i said
  • to my wife I said you know I gotta tell
  • him about this plan I'm gonna have no
  • choice because otherwise i'm not gonna
  • win people are thinking like you don't
  • ever plan I hate doing it someone one of
  • the shows and I said look Isis is making
  • a tremendous amount of money because
  • they have certain oil caps right they
  • have certain areas of oil that they took
  • away they have someone serious i'm in
  • iraq i would bomb the out of him
  • I would just bomb those suckers and
  • that's right I blow up the pipes I'd
  • blow up the reef I'd blow up every
  • single inch there would be nothing left
  • and you know what you'll get Exxon to
  • come in there in two months you ever see
  • these guys how good they are the great
  • oil companies they'll rebuild that
  • sucker brand new it'll be beautiful and
  • that ring it and I take the oil and I
  • said I'll take the oil Isis is making
  • millions of dollars a week millions of
  • dollars with oil now they're also
  • getting money from Saudi Arabia can you
  • believe it they're getting money from
  • other people to getting money through
  • the various banking systems in the
  • Middle East which are very complex
  • systems very very I study banking
  • systems I mean who's taking advantage of
  • banks more than I have I'm a
  • professional nobody i love banks to the
  • greatest but you know what Isis is is
  • making a fortune on the oil so I said
  • what I hated to do it I actually did it
  • low key because I just hated to do it is
  • that it does that make sense to anybody
  • here I hated to do it and I said that's
  • what I do I'd bomb the hell out of them
  • I then get Exxon or a get you know I'd
  • bit it out I bit it out you get this one
  • you get this when you get this one
  • they'll rebuild it so fast they were
  • credible what they could do it really is
  • amazing and it'll be brand new beautiful
  • and I bring it the soldiers wouldn't be
  • in danger I'd wring it I want to protect
  • it and we'll take the oil forever when I
  • left when we left Iraq I said take the
  • oil everyone said oh that's terrible
  • that's a sovereign country there bunch
  • of thieves these guys they were taking
  • millions and millions in cash and
  • putting it in their pockets we were
  • delivering satchels of cash there in
  • Afghanistan it's out of control they
  • deceived us because they didn't take
  • care of the Kurds they didn't take care
  • the whole thing Isis formed because
  • these people were not allowed to partake
  • and got that's where Isis came from it
  • came out of Iraq and Isis turned out to
  • be a hell of a lot tougher than the guys
  • running Iraq but this is where it all
  • started what we have created is
  • unbelievable and I say by us building up
  • the military somebody you're going to
  • spend a lot of money on military said
  • yeah I'm going to spend money that's the
  • greatest investment we can make because
  • the world wants to kill us and if we go
  • strong really strong nobody's going to
  • mess with us folks it's going to be
  • cheap it's so cheap it's going to be so
  • inexpensive to build up our military
  • compared to where they think we're weak
  • we've got to be so strong and I mean I
  • say it all the time we've got to be so
  • strong so powerful so advanced because
  • we have the right equipment we have the
  • great stuff we have the great stuff
  • we're selling it to people and sometimes
  • the wrong people sometimes we're giving
  • it away and we're giving it away to but
  • we have the brainpower we have the great
  • people we have the great stuff but we've
  • got to be so strong and so advanced that
  • nobody plays with so important it's so
  • cheap you know somebody said oh you're
  • gonna spend no no I'm going to spend
  • here but we're not going to have to have
  • worse because nobody's going to touch
  • especially with me because I'm so
  • unpredictable I'm so unpredictable we
  • have a hundred million people that are
  • in it you don't think they want to work
  • they can't work if you're looking for a
  • job and you give up after a number of
  • months and you go you know you just
  • can't get one they consider you employed
  • that number five point two percent is
  • such a phony number the real numbers
  • probably twenty-five percent probably
  • thirty or thirty-five percent because
  • you know I said it today if that number
  • were correct I wouldn't have 20,000
  • people in Dallas I wouldn't have 35,000
  • people in Mobile Alabama I wouldn't have
  • 20,000 people in wherever I go in
  • Oklahoma I had 20,000 I wouldn't have
  • these crowds I have by far the biggest
  • crowds of anybody if that honestly of
  • that number what correct this room
  • wouldn't be packed with an auditorium
  • outside that's also packed wouldn't be
  • packed
  • we're in trouble we probably have a
  • twenty-five percent unemployment rate so
  • we need somebody that's going to produce
  • jobs illegal immigration is terrible we
  • got to build a wall it's going to be so
  • big so strong so powerful no truck is
  • going to ride over it in a ramp and it's
  • going to be done for the right price and
  • by the way I say it all the time and I
  • mean it that's what I do Mexico is going
  • to pay for the wall I'm not going to pay
  • for it when I paying for the wall folks
  • mark my words we're not paying for the
  • wall and I'll tell you another thing i
  • believe i believe two other things that
  • people going to be stressing i believe
  • i'll be the best at the military that
  • we've had in many many many years in
  • this country I really think I'll be
  • better at the military than at the jobs
  • and I will be a great unifier people say
  • oh well you're very polarized I'm not
  • polarizing when we start winning this
  • country is going to come together this
  • country is totally polarized right now
  • you look at what's going on with
  • colleges you look at what's going on in
  • Baltimore and say look this country is a
  • mess we're totally polarized right now
  • this country needs a cheerleader we need
  • somebody that can promote our country as
  • being great again we need it and we need
  • it badly we need it fast because we're
  • going in the wrong direction so I only
  • tell you this i love iowa I've been here
  • so many times now i think i'm going to
  • buy a farm and maybe just move yeah i
  • like it but i might i love it i love it
  • but i can only promise you this that if
  • i win and if i become your president all
  • right well you know that always happens
  • they always say when when went and but i
  • gotta say if look I'm running against a
  • lot of people but and I'll say when just
  • to make you happy when but the truth is
  • it has to be if it has to be you know
  • look this is always who knows what
  • happens but if and when I win I will
  • make our country
  • so great so strong so wonderful people
  • from the Democrat side people from the
  • Republican side from the conservative
  • side from the liberal side they'll be
  • happy they're going to be brought
  • together when I win you will be so proud
  • of your country and you're going to
  • remember this night this is a special
  • night this is funny this is a night I've
  • really enjoyed being with you it's sad
  • in many ways because we're talking about
  • so many negative topics but in certain
  • ways it's beautiful it's beautiful
  • because we're going to turn this country
  • around and we're going to make it not
  • great we're going to make it greater
  • than it's ever been before we can do
  • that okay we can do going to make it
  • greater than it's ever been before and I
  • love you all and I thank you very much
  • and we will be back thank you all thank
  • you very much thank you great people
  • thank you everybody

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More of Donald Trump’s grandiose views of himself. He talks about how he predicted that Osama bin Laden would attack the world trade center before the President even knew who he was. He also expands on his border policy and lists the border policy of countries with horrible human rights violations. Does he really think we should look up to them for their border policies?

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