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Video Behind the Mic With Your Favorite Cartoon Voiceover Artists
16:08   |   today at 14:44


  • [Music]
  • this song might be familiar to you
  • United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti
  • Jamaica Peru
  • okay well listen to this the United
  • States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti
  • Jamaica Peru
  • Recovery's Dominican Cuba Carribean
  • Greenland El Salvador - where - Rico
  • Columbia Venezuela Honduras Guyana and
  • still Rob Paulsen
  • has a voice that helped define 90's
  • cartoons okay well let's see I'm Yakko
  • Warner hello nurse I'm also pinky from
  • pinky in the brain for those of you who
  • are fans of Jimmy Neutron I'm Carl I'm
  • the little fat guy and you did Raphael
  • from the original Ninja Turtles right
  • yeah Raphael sounds a lot like me yeah
  • say things like shredder you tin face
  • deep get back here and taste cold turtle
  • steel and all the voices they have a
  • background story let's go where did the
  • inspiration from pinky come from well
  • for me it was a large part of my deep
  • abiding love for British humour is a
  • future for you pinky knock Peter Sellers
  • was a huge inspiration but for some
  • reason mr. Spielberg and his infinite
  • wisdom decided it was a good fit with
  • maurice lamarche who was the brain so
  • here we are
  • wait Steven Spielberg oh my god there he
  • is he produced pinky in the brain and
  • Animaniacs we will wait and he did
  • Saving Private Ryan twister men and
  • black and Schindler's List while he was
  • making these cartoons okay
  • [Music]
  • IMDB side check over sorry back to rob
  • okay great
  • okay so Yakko from Animaniacs where did
  • his voice come from only our hairdresser
  • knows for sure they decided on this
  • little sort of helium based voice that
  • kind of a smartass vibe a la Groucho
  • Marx hey Batman does Dracula know you're
  • wearing his cape so badly and as for the
  • song where he sings every country in the
  • world the interesting thing is it only
  • took me one take to record it the song
  • is a beautifully crafted piece that's
  • the difficult part not singing you can
  • hear him we're in goof troop Darkwing
  • Duck gummy bears Tiny Toon Adventures
  • the list goes on this guy's kind of
  • legend I don't write them and I don't
  • draw them I'm just a singer but it is
  • cool thing to be associated with those
  • shows it's pretty cool nobody cares what
  • I look like so I can do it as long as I
  • can breathe
  • [Music]
  • the Mortal Kombat games are some of the
  • most iconic of all time round one flight
  • and when you're winning nothing is
  • sweeter than hearing these words
  • sucia but what man could be so even
  • suited to channel such a demonic voice
  • feel the power of my name is Steve
  • Ritchie and I'm a pinball and video game
  • designer in the early 90s Steve was
  • making pinball machines in the very same
  • building a couple of guys were
  • developing the second Mortal Kombat game
  • upstairs was pinball down stair video
  • development Steve did the voices for a
  • bunch of pinball machines he designed
  • most of the time I do I do bad guys and
  • this is the voice that I have and it can
  • be I am the black difficult ac/dc a
  • devil I'm on the highway to hell so when
  • the Mortal Kombat creator needed a new
  • voice for the announcer he knew what
  • right where to go and pulled Steve into
  • the recording booth and he started
  • telling me say it like this
  • fatality you would say no more breathy
  • lower ecology Paul this BP that little R
  • had to be wrong lately okay round one
  • white oh that was it oh you have to add
  • the effects you know lower pitch fiducia
  • well cool okay Johnny Cage wins mortal
  • kombat has spawned a dozen video games
  • comic books TV shows and a film
  • franchise featuring this awesome techno
  • song
  • but Steve's contribution to Mortal
  • Kombat isn't what he's known for its
  • pinball because Steve he's made a lot of
  • pinball machines I've created more
  • pinball machines than anyone else in the
  • pinball history well whether he's a
  • voice in a video game or designing a
  • pinball machine
  • the thing Steve loves most well we'll
  • let him tell you I like to put the
  • player in a spot of an adversarial
  • relationship a battle you're beating
  • your ball snatching it into things to
  • experience Mortal Kombat you know it's a
  • video game but when he says something
  • it's like round one fight it's just like
  • he's scary and and you are battling this
  • guy hey Steve hey Jim just kidding you
  • should do it Steve finishing this one
  • quiet
  • [Music]
  • villains from 80s cartoons had a similar
  • sound and there was a reason for that
  • most were voiced by this guy what Alan
  • Oppenheimer my name is Alan Oppenheimer
  • and I'm an actor most famously he's the
  • voice of Falkor from neverending story
  • and Skeletor from he-man why are you
  • asking me these stupid questions got a
  • life regarding he-man Masters of the
  • Universe
  • I was Skeletor I figured the voice would
  • reverberate inside that bony head so
  • that's why he went up in here nice aw
  • you boob you idiot why are you bothering
  • living you've got a better life
  • somewhere else get out of my face he did
  • some other villainous voices there does
  • seem to be some relation there I stole
  • for myself I mean hey if I plagiarize
  • myself you know don't pursue me you know
  • come in yo Rio bub but then there was
  • falcore falcore was the luckdragon
  • he's kind and he's big and fuzzy my name
  • is Falco and he's flying so you have
  • that feel whoa let's go a trail
  • see and he actually did a few other
  • characters from neverending story
  • very tasty mmm get the picture
  • Alan's had an amazing career for me
  • though I like Falkor Alan will you do
  • the voice again
  • betrayal get on my back and we'll fly oh
  • there are those bullies
  • let's get them okay yes
  • [Music]
  • tell me if this voice sounds familiar
  • sweetly um of soil what about this one
  • in brightest day in blackest night okay
  • you definitely know this 150 years have
  • passed we could easily keep going
  • through his 300 other characters but
  • let's just cut to the chase and meet the
  • man behind the voice this is Phil Lamarr
  • and he's a voice actor I'd say the ones
  • that I'm probably best known for hoodies
  • Code Red certified bureaucrat from the
  • show Futurama Berta Virgil Hawkins aka
  • static shot from the static shot John
  • Smith reruns of Justice thing where the
  • man from Family Guy Holly Williams has
  • the story
  • Molly I'm at the wrong Airport oops well
  • thanks Eileen wilt can Foster's Home for
  • Imaginary Friends one of my favorites is
  • Dracula from grim adventures of Billy
  • and Mandy and of course the Senate I
  • know as Jack from the cities of the same
  • name he who wears a mask cannot see what
  • lies within himself when I was working
  • on pulp fiction wait you were in pulp
  • fiction
  • of course yeah here let me jog your
  • memory Marvin Bobby I've not dead
  • off
  • oh you're Marvin and I was one of the
  • original cast members on Fox's MADtv no
  • way I loved MADtv and you must have been
  • a fourteen-year-old boy in the nineties
  • very funny Phil anyway you were saying
  • with Samurai Jack I felt there should be
  • some tie to his roots so it was a very
  • light Japanese accent on English we
  • again to be referred to as a young Asian
  • Clint Eastwood voice and Hermes from
  • Futurama where did that voice come from
  • when I first started out doing did you
  • make an accent for Hermes he was pretty
  • much a heavy pot well and it it muddied
  • up the comedy so eventually your homies
  • accent got pulled back which is a lot
  • easier to understand
  • we're not Jon Stewart from Justice
  • League to me if you've got a chest this
  • big you gotta have a deep voice my name
  • is Jon Stewart
  • Green Lantern of sector to eight one
  • four and how about static shock that
  • voice was basically just myself at 14 it
  • was just that idea of you know a young
  • kid you know who's a responsible guy but
  • you know he just happens to have
  • electrical powers and to me that is the
  • character I relate to the most
  • you know static is just you know me the
  • differences between stage film
  • voice acting a really technical fat
  • plain leaves are no not on a drug and I
  • regretted one of the benefits we have
  • animation is I can play this guy and I
  • can also play this guy you'll see what
  • I'm talking about just right there in
  • the same day same room same microphone
  • you know cuz that's why we got into this
  • play characters you will bow before the
  • column
  • [Music]
  • all right Tara in this one rocky said a
  • mountaintop he gets swatted by the
  • monster tail he falls tumbles and rolls
  • and pulls up another ledge falls another
  • bunch of budgeted feet and then crashes
  • alright watch my hands i watch you here
  • comes the perfect my name is tara strong
  • and I'm mostly known for my animation
  • career I'm the voice of Timmy Turner
  • from The Fairly OddParents Raven from
  • Teen Titans Azarath metrion zinthos
  • originally I was Batgirl alongside Mark
  • Hamill and Kevin Conroy I've had a
  • really fun career and that was one tough
  • montage so I knew to me had to be happy
  • mischievous silly kinda nerdy
  • oh it's very very adventurous bubbles
  • had this weird way of pronouncing things
  • like Oh like I don't know why it goes
  • Elly like that but yeah the timeline
  • booked Rugrats I just got off a plane of
  • the screaming baby and I'm like that's
  • the cry that I'm doing and most of
  • Dill's lines were in the stage
  • directions so I'd be like okay
  • and I was like my lines I remember at
  • the session we had to stop tape and I'm
  • thinking something's wrong and they said
  • Terra there's a new mom in the studio
  • and you're making her lactate and you
  • guys say I'm not funny but seriously
  • this will be extremely painful in the
  • case of Raven while I was doing the
  • audition it was similar to my own voice
  • and I thought just this idea dava's
  • weird got a little role every time she
  • says anything as soon as I started doing
  • this I saw all the people in the booth
  • kind of look at each other and went
  • that's Raven Robin stop Batgirl was me
  • like it's the only voice I do that's my
  • own voice that was Batgirl Bullwinkle
  • it's like that classic story the line
  • and the mouse that we're ripping off
  • when you're voice acting you have to tap
  • into the ability to make something
  • believable without it being there it's a
  • completely different art form than
  • on-camera you have to let the audience
  • feel what it's like to fall off a cliff
  • without there actually being a cliff
  • there you gotta have to be willing to
  • play around and not afraid to look silly
  • and then once you create a character in
  • my experience they like live up in my
  • brain and they're just ready to come
  • down when it's our turn so I don't
  • confuse them they all are their own
  • entity basically I'm a crazy person so I
  • just need a long scream as you just keep
  • going
  • [Music]
  • we need we need the store garbage bags
  • oh yeah bitch
  • [Music]

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