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21:10   |   today at 08:50


  • it's amazing how helpful visitor centers
  • are you should really go where you can
  • just go on your phone
  • [Music]
  • starry eyes and cellophane she takes her
  • blog she makes a plan oh don't mind the
  • Bears right
  • we just happen to be in the Kenai
  • Peninsula truck sales down the Avenue is
  • broken glass missing few bad maybe si
  • bits of ice trips
  • well I think we could go to a welding
  • shop many times
  • even with us so we get to see you sneak
  • their wing and everybody I know give it
  • a passenger you say what
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • we're driving from Anchorage to the key
  • nine we're actually going to Beluga
  • Lookout RV park well then mr. leach and
  • a couple updates first of all we pulled
  • over on the side of the road because we
  • saw this glacier River these beautiful
  • mountains it's because it's just that
  • beautiful it is we pulled over this time
  • we got the drone out and we got
  • beautiful drunk footage and you know
  • what that means we get good drone
  • footage it's time for a fuel update so I
  • got the Google sheet open we're gonna
  • run through some numbers quick update
  • the road from Anchorage to Kenai yes
  • wonderful
  • stellar oh the actual road is amazing
  • but for the view is even better the best
  • we've seen so far today is July 10th and
  • we have done 13 Phillips since we left
  • Arizona we have driven four thousand
  • eight hundred and forty-two miles our
  • average miles per gallon is nine point
  • eight nine our average price per gallon
  • is four dollars and 32 cents that's
  • taking into a verage the Canadian
  • leaders and US dollars at all averaged
  • out our total gallons used thus far four
  • hundred eighty six gallons and our total
  • cost is one thousand seven hundred and
  • ninety six dollars
  • whoo the GoPro just died how dare you
  • picking up on the iPhone now I didn't
  • want to mention this right away but I
  • feel like now you've been traveling with
  • us for so long in the last guy I feel
  • like I should bring it up we've been
  • tracking everywhere we've stayed every
  • night and the costs of the RV park but
  • you should know the yuca Boondock a lot
  • almost the whole way here and almost
  • everywhere along the way yes yeah we
  • were a little partial to the RV park but
  • we do not have to be no it's just easy
  • and we've even tracked get this wait
  • hold on just wait for it okay that's
  • enough how many days it rains in the
  • same thing I put if it rains I put rainy
  • days because it's raining so much I
  • thought it'd be interesting to know how
  • many rainy days and how many non rainy
  • it is although
  • locations are changing so it doesn't
  • still how many days is rained on us in
  • Alaska yes but if we stayed in one
  • location it'd be a little bit more
  • relevant
  • [Music]
  • never married
  • leave me I'll write you from the other
  • side
  • you like what I've done with the awning
  • I'm sorry do you like what I've done to
  • the awning so last night we came in here
  • because these sights are so tight I
  • ended up having to get the truck really
  • close and the awning was out I didn't
  • even realize it was raining last night
  • and I asked Caleb from inside I said hey
  • would you put up via would you mind
  • putting in the awning he says yeah geez
  • he's putting it in and then I hear this
  • noise I'm like sound right
  • so that's jacked up pretty good I've got
  • some monkey wrenches by scripts that I
  • can bend it tweak a little bit let me
  • put it all the way in okay that's all
  • the way in so we might have to just like
  • tape it down the good news is is it's
  • just an arm it can be replaced
  • I remember saying in Texas like because
  • I was wearing this very same jacket yeah
  • where we couldn't see the Sun we haven't
  • accomplished that yet so just know that
  • that's how my trade our expect some
  • seasons some upcoming seasons in the to
  • be warm so we're down here and the Kenai
  • we're in the Kenai Peninsula but
  • specifically we're in the town of Kenai
  • and this is at what time is it try to
  • guess is nine
  • we're playing what time is it what time
  • do you think it is well I think it's
  • like knock you're right
  • oh really yeah it's go seven so nine
  • o'clock and the tide is down this is the
  • bore tide the volcano's in the Sun the
  • volcanoes in the Sun let's go turn
  • around look at the volcano hold on hold
  • on and all the dip net fishermen are
  • over there and around the corner our RV
  • park is directly above them it looks
  • down
  • and yesterday Trish and I were out here
  • recording the dipnet fishermen and we
  • did a little fish sitting and an Alaskan
  • was very grateful and he gave us a 10
  • pound salmon
  • [Music]
  • all righty how are ya good
  • so you see what's worth a lot and that
  • is Ange
  • yeah that's the way you want the net to
  • are
  • in the Fischer doing this way so sure
  • but that tiny bomb-proof
  • let's see how there's one okay
  • you can't have fish
  • oh yeah program
  • oh yes I will
  • fish city this gentleman here is kind of
  • sharing with me some information about
  • how to dip that and he said well you
  • keep an eye on that fish and I set up
  • oh yeah I'll keep an eye on it Jerry
  • keep an eye on it and then I looked over
  • and I'm like oh I see who I'm supposed
  • to watch out for
  • the big one
  • heavy
  • whoa I'll do the glutes I'm in about
  • five minutes you're right
  • the dippin ending is something just for
  • the residents just be a spectator is
  • pretty fun yeah it's a rich environment
  • for the eyes he's going he's going
  • this kind gentleman offered us a salmon
  • for all of the fish sitting that we're
  • doing here now given if you turn your
  • back there'll be 50 seagulls right here
  • looking at you yeah they know they turn
  • your back they come here so we're into
  • it this is an important job Trish and
  • I'm willing to accept fish are fishing
  • taking this fish
  • [Music]
  • just pouring olive oil on it and I'm
  • gonna do salt and pepper and that's it
  • that is it a high temperature that's all
  • I'm gonna do another few out there that
  • are thinking that's all you're gonna do
  • olive oil salt and pepper so and I'm
  • guessing you just don't overcook it it's
  • really we we had dinner with a chef once
  • okay remember Michael Oh Eddie mommy
  • Eddie Matney yeah Eddie we had Michael
  • Eddie Matt hey sorry sorry
  • remember he served us that's fake tartar
  • little tomato a little mint right what
  • is it exactly what is the key to your
  • salmon he says that don't overcook it
  • now I wish I had a real oven well I've
  • had salmon in the brig before it's fine
  • if a real oven I'd broil it make it a
  • little crispy on top turn it down
  • finish cooking it just a little bit and
  • then don't ever and then it'll be a
  • little squishy okay okay
  • speaking of salmon yes tomorrow morning
  • we're getting on a plane with Tallinn
  • air
  • we're flying somewhere I don't know
  • where and there are going to be grizzly
  • bears there and there's going to be
  • salmon Caleb's gonna have okay I was
  • gonna be fishing and I'm getting my wish
  • I really want to see a bear fish going
  • out the teeth there you have it
  • ladies delicious
  • overhead oh you guys are great
  • [Music]
  • morning mark
  • and Caleb hey Mark hey Morgan yeah
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • thank you that's about a six-hour trip
  • total okay
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • never ever would I have expected this
  • amazing there's a sow in her cup she's
  • almost as big the cub is almost as big
  • as the mom and so the cub is coming over
  • and kind of being playful in the
  • monosaccharide kind of feels like me
  • sometimes in my lair but there's hunting
  • around they have their head under and
  • all these fishermen are lined up and
  • they've had great success this morning
  • the cheddar was right off the bow of the
  • boat
  • I mean kala was like this book the other
  • thing that's really surprising is I
  • cannot believe the salmon swim up that
  • scream fish goes another fish goes it's
  • like instinct and follow the leader I
  • don't know whatever one of them decides
  • hey it's time to go and they just kind
  • of start going not all of them go but
  • you'll get a number of them that
  • definitely will take off and head up to
  • head up the creek all right let me
  • explain what's going on there so this is
  • Wolverine Creek and the best fishing
  • spot is up front right here and they're
  • all catching sockeye there's a line that
  • comes in here and there's about a
  • half-hour rotation on the front so you
  • get in your line and you can fish of
  • course but you continue to just work
  • your way up to the front throat
  • rotations and these guys come off here
  • they're done fishing and they're just
  • kind of hanging out watching the Bears
  • now so you know there's a seven o'clock
  • flight so you can get out here a little
  • bit earlier and get in line earlier but
  • Morgan says that the line goes pretty
  • quick and everyone gets a spot in the
  • front mm-hmm they're really tight give
  • it a pull
  • if I don't feel it I'm gonna reel it
  • tight I like fly fishing with Iran but
  • it's getting around exactly working it
  • back okay so like yep
  • just like that I'll do up the slide yep
  • [Music]
  • it's perfect then you'll just get a
  • memorizing you just repeat
  • how do you know what it's like
  • there's fish right there so yeah pull up
  • hey nice job Trish gotta grab that you
  • get down there you cut that net fast
  • know what we're in the middle of what
  • childhood memory in the making
  • thank you guess we are okay I think
  • we're in the middle of adult memory
  • making Oh wonder percent I'm filled to
  • the brim here I heard to see my bear I
  • got to see a mom bear with her cub and I
  • don't even think it's 9:00 in the
  • morning really you know how like you
  • would do these kind of things and the
  • plane ride would make it hmm this makes
  • it like you would cheat a bear but like
  • you can't even like comprehend this no
  • cab long school and then um the and then
  • you catch a fish and it's it's really
  • fun
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • it's completely amazing how they turn
  • red I mean going through the process
  • from birth to incubation to out at sea
  • to coming back to turning colors it's
  • amazing
  • [Music]
  • okay can I have this recipe Morgan where
  • do you put in here you can google it
  • brown sugar salmon rub google it okay
  • [Music]
  • we're near all right you have a small
  • though that yeah good night Josh my and
  • passenger with you what
  • [Music]
  • okay there they go for pickup more lucky
  • people
  • people that have done what like
  • everything everything I would have been
  • satisfied with just taking in here
  • over to the delay for
  • [Music]
  • I would have been satisfied
  • there
  • 5:45
  • and
  • I would have been satisfied with just
  • the fishing
  • it wasn't fishing it was catching yes
  • and
  • I would been satisfied with just viewing
  • the ball needles
  • than fighting over certain things and
  • unloading the fact that all of that is
  • together makes this just a complete
  • over-the-top experience once in a
  • lifetime and when you are flying it
  • gives you a moment to kind of reflect on
  • all of that and go when you're coming
  • back gives you it just you're it gives
  • you a break to just think about it this
  • was truly an exceptional experience and
  • Talon Air Services is a class act so
  • when you're out here in the key 9 link
  • is down below in the description
  • definitely check them out and know a she
  • did add this to your list what look him
  • up look him up if I were a American Girl
  • doll yes I would you'd be the Alaskan I
  • feel the Alaskan version yes you know
  • with my favorite necklace on yes all
  • right that is it for this episode we
  • hope you enjoy to give it a thumbs up
  • and if you're new here hit the subscribe
  • button are we even halfway through
  • season 5 that I don't think so I don't
  • think so either
  • there's more to come how are we gonna
  • top this one I don't know I think
  • everything about Alaska is a little
  • different every feel good point every
  • aspect yeah and we have to talk more
  • about what you want out of an Alaskan
  • yes so we're gonna be doing sea at
  • Alaska Q days but that's it for now
  • catch you next weekend
  • [Music]

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If Trish had one goal in exploring Alaska, it was to see a bear eat a salmon. That goal was far exceeded in this episode through an unforgettable experience with Talon Air Service out of Soldotna, AK. From the flight over Kenai, bear viewing, soaring eagles to catching Sockeye salmon and seeing a glacier on the ride back…this should be on everyone’s Alaska itinerary.

You’ve likely heard of Alaska Dip netting. It’s a tradition that started in 2003 at the Cook Inlet just off the mouth of the Kenai River. Dip Netting takes place from June to July during the Salmon run and is only available to Alaskian residents. However just observing dip netting is entertaining and a fun experience. We were lucky to have received a salmon as a thank you from a dip netter for keeping on eye out for the seagulls. 

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