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Video Why do the Pittsburgh Steelers play down to their competition? | Nov 27, 2017
03:27   |   62K+ views   |   08/19/2018 at 17:36


  • we asked us about what four times a year
  • LT like they play great when they're
  • supposed to play great and then a couple
  • weeks ago we saw him down two touchdowns
  • at Indy here against an undermanned
  • Green Bay team at home you're thinking
  • they'll just walk all over him it didn't
  • happen what goes on with this team and
  • is it a concern
  • well you said it you said it at the
  • beginning of the segment about they
  • played down to their competition and
  • some teams do that especially a team
  • that's experienced as the Pittsburgh
  • Steelers are think about the guys the
  • big games that they have been in all the
  • guys on that team missed Thanksgiving
  • they probably still got a little
  • Thanksgiving hang Garden a tryptophan
  • you look at the schedule after
  • Thanksgiving you like we got the Green
  • Bay Packers with bread yeah Aaron
  • Rodgers not playing so naturally as a
  • human being guess what I'm gonna do yeah
  • we're gonna walk all over there would
  • bill saying that in this sport you only
  • play 16 of them right but that's of your
  • mindset going in games about for
  • homecoming games on that 16 let's get
  • that straight and also you got to
  • understand defensively I believe they're
  • ranked fourth overall in scoring fourth
  • or fifth somewhere in the in that area
  • big being threw the ball 45 times that's
  • not who they are although they was very
  • successful they rushed for to 121 yards
  • today averaged 4.7 a clip but he also
  • threw two pigs that had something to do
  • with it today yeah the two picks kind of
  • got them off the Green Bay should have
  • never been in that game Harley
  • outperform himself what he normally
  • brings to the table he balled out today
  • we got to give him credit
  • but when it comes to the Pittsburgh
  • Steelers all of this rides on Big Ben
  • the deep end have been playing really
  • really good levy on Bella's levy on a
  • beak and why aren't we talking about him
  • by the MVP then we have the drag the
  • quarterback is it well it's fine let's
  • start with this it's not a wide receiver
  • no give me the quarterback running kotas
  • it most valuable quarterback because
  • yeah because I don't understand how we
  • not talking about this man he has over
  • grand he's leading the NFL with about
  • 100 or 200 yards he's leading missing in
  • catches and yards yes every year this is
  • a every year thing so why are we talking
  • about that and this guy here
  • single-handedly destroy you mm you in
  • and
  • you shadow him over tuck the other way
  • there you cannot stop thinking turn it
  • on when they need to when we saw it
  • tonight
  • they were just moseying around you know
  • they would score they would let Green
  • Bay back into the game but then at the
  • end why here when they needed to turn it
  • on they need to get chunk plate they
  • were able to do it so this is what this
  • team does ok give this to me in like 30
  • seconds this whole let's say there are
  • water to seed in the AFC we know that
  • the bottom of the AFC playoff picture
  • isn't as good as New England in
  • Pittsburgh right is there any
  • possibility they get lulled to sleep in
  • that first divisional round game even
  • though it's a playoff game you know what
  • I say everybody's gonna look at them and
  • say oh no I remember last year I mean
  • they destroy what was Kansas City at
  • home no Dan Casey well in Casey right
  • that's right but I don't think so not at
  • home and all that there to focus and
  • it's gonna be I mean who they're looking
  • at they're gonna Buffalo right a team
  • like that Baltimore yeah LA now yeah
  • okay so you guys agreement

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