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Video N.Hoolywood, fall 2009
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  • you wanna stand alone against the whole
  • room so place for originality
  • nobody in the kata you tried to teach
  • you the inside distorted system of the
  • school has no choice but to expel my
  • duty as your team to say you'll never be
  • to mine
  • Justin
  • so we want to work with me
  • 30 years ago
  • why do you want to work for me
  • you know
  • so now you're right now four straight I
  • wish I'd done this is your age so I feel
  • have 29 / to be happy with a Thule pulse
  • I've got my aura Canaries driving around
  • here dooney it is threatening could you
  • sign yourself but he is a good app also
  • faced with a greatest of pleasure
  • wait what our drawer
  • we'll cure everything I've always longed
  • that's why I hoped I'd never anything
  • i'll give you up now myself rather than
  • what you've been destroyed by a world
  • where you have no chance I know
  • but you were working at a convict in a
  • granite quarry want you I chose to do it
  • why don't you know why are you running
  • for those rides down again stone
  • quarries are you expecting me before it
  • did you think I'm not a secure beginning
  • any other client come to him no
  • they hate you for the greatness of your
  • juice they thank you for your integrity
  • they hate you because I know they cannot
  • interrupt your own let you survive he'll
  • destroy
  • may they be seen happy
  • and
  • you
  • No
  • yes with it now listen to me eyes work
  • from the problem of low rank instruction
  • per year I thought that the new
  • invention the new material the great
  • possibilities never used to build
  • cheaply simply and intelligent I loved
  • it because there was a problem I wanted
  • to talk yes I understand spirit before
  • you can use Facebook people you must be
  • the kind of man who can get things done
  • question to get things done you must
  • love to do it not to be your own work
  • not any puzzle commentary I'll be bad
  • men you need to find a better manner of
  • many things to do that's not the Mohican
  • fucking nor my reach nor mine reward my
  • reward my purpose my life is the work
  • itself my work done my way nothing else
  • matters
  • Oh
  • I never hope to get sick
  • Oh
  • I will design for them you put your name
  • on it you keep all the beef you will
  • guarantee
  • will be built exactly
  • I do okay
  • bye
  • my ideas in mind nobody else has tried
  • to them except on my turn those who need
  • them would take them my way ornamental
  • all right guarantee and give you my word
  • I
  • you
  • you

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N/Hoolywood men's collection fall 2009


N Hoolywood fall 2009 Leform fashion Леформ

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