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  • check this cute cat out right now now
  • wasn't that cat the cutest thing you've
  • ever seen I thought it was and there is
  • his youtube channel called pet
  • collective cares that has a 24-7 kitten
  • cam so if you like cats you need to go
  • subscribe to them and if your friends
  • want to adopt as well make sure you pass
  • the word bird is not the word cat is the
  • word funny thing about cats is the the
  • cat word for nipples is kitties think
  • about it wasn't that joke perfect I'd
  • love to win you know like an Oscar or an
  • Academy Award and just thank my cats I
  • can be up there and be like I'd like to
  • thank the academy are you kidding me
  • right meow so I've been thinking about
  • some cat names for some famous people
  • here's uh here's a list meow shalini
  • Adolf Hitler Master Chief King meow and
  • itís butch cat city kitty purry now if
  • you like these videos me and you are
  • gonna get along really well on my
  • hamburgers I really like some ketchup
  • and some now stirs and yes I really am
  • doing all these puns on purpose are you
  • lying to me you're kidding me right me I
  • was not a time for jokes that's not the
  • cattitude I was expecting sorry I didn't
  • mean to be so ferocious it's okay i
  • forgive you for real thank you you're
  • welcome perhaps we can move on yeah that
  • sounds perfect for sure I was positive
  • we could pull through firenze forever I
  • was going to do this video in my pajamas
  • but it's 5pm so this video sure was that
  • cat
  • test raphy
  • Oh
  • Oh
  • donking niblets

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