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Video Respiration
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  • respiration in human beings air is taken
  • into body through nostril of nose the
  • respiratory organ is present within the
  • body and the organ is covered by a
  • surface which is very fine and delicate
  • and the exchange of oxygen and carbon
  • dioxide takes place across this surface
  • the structure of the organ increases its
  • surface area when it is in contact with
  • oxygen-rich atmosphere and there are
  • passages that takes air into organ and
  • there is a mechanism for moving air in
  • and air out let us learn the mode of
  • respiration in lungs from the following
  • diagram air enters into body through
  • nostrils of nose the nostrils consists
  • of fine hairs that lines the passage the
  • way through which air passes and also
  • line with mucus what is the use of fine
  • hair and mucous lining in the nostril
  • passage the fine hair of nostrils filter
  • the air from dust dirt and
  • microorganisms and mucus also traps the
  • dead and facilitates smooth flow of air
  • with its moist characteristic then the
  • air passes through throat the throat
  • also called as windpipe or trachea which
  • is surrounded by rings of cartilage what
  • is the necessary of rings of cartilage
  • our OC helps in free unrestricted flow
  • of air through windpipe and helps in
  • preventing air passage from collapse if
  • cartilage rings are absent then it
  • increases
  • pressure during exhalation on
  • compression of rib cage and windpipe
  • will be closed restricts airflow and
  • interfere normal breathing through
  • throat air passes into lungs within
  • lungs the passage divides into smaller
  • and smaller chips and finally ends with
  • balloon like structures which are called
  • as alveoli the alveoli is the surface
  • where exchange of gases take place the
  • wall of alveoli consists of network of
  • blood vessels as we all know when we
  • breathe in we lift out ribs then die
  • from flattens followed by chest cavity
  • becomes larger and that gives air is
  • sucked into lungs and alveoli is filled
  • with air and then blood carries co2 from
  • all parts of the body and releases co2
  • into alveoli and that proceeds to the
  • oxygen that is present in the alveoli is
  • taken by blood by alveolar blood vessels
  • and finally oxygen is transported to all
  • cells of the body through blood vessels

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Respiration covers total process of respiration in step wise manner. Respiration is an important metabolic especially catabolic process for all living organisms. Respiration is nothing but oxidation of food substances in to simpler molecules. Respiratory system is going to play an important role in the process of respiration. It also explains the entry of Air and how it reaches to the all body parts than which organ is involved in respiration. To perform Respiration various organs involved in it, such as nostrils, trachea and lungs. It describes the importance of alveoli in the transportation of O2 and CO2 during respiration.


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