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Video This is Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill's Morning Routine | Waking Up With | ELLE
06:22   |   3M+ views   |   today at 02:49


  • Good morning
  • I have to get up because
  • Today I have an amazing huge event for Victoria's Secret we're launching the Tease fragrance and Tease Rebel
  • I'm actually pretty excited for this one. So I
  • want to get out of bed today. Let's go.
  • First things first, I brush my teeth, of course.
  • For me first thing in the morning I
  • can't just jump into the shower right away
  • I kind of need some time to wake up and I get my brain going and definitely brushing my teeth helps me
  • procrastinate that basically and the mintiness of it just wakes up my brain a little bit basically
  • So that's one of the first things I do.
  • And I check my emails and you know, look for my Instagram, things like that. Get my brain thinking.
  • Alrighty.
  • It's shower time but you guys gotta leave, you know, you know what I'm saying, I need some privacy. So bye now.
  • So after I've showered and brush my teeth
  • Another one of the things I absolutely have to do in the morning is have my coffee. I like to have
  • about three cups
  • Changes every morning. I don't have rules.
  • Who's that?
  • That's weird.
  • This is
  • normally one of my
  • last calm moments before hair and makeup gets here and the craziness starts and I
  • Love to take the time to listen to podcasts actually.
  • I get really distracted by the television and I feel like I can't get anything done
  • So I love to turn on some of my favorite podcasts and just listen to them and maybe catch up on emails or you know
  • Write stuff down or sometimes I organize my closet or do whatever I need to do before people come over.
  • One of my favorites that I listen to is called
  • self service and it's a
  • podcast from Girl Boss and they talk about self care and
  • energies and how to mentally take care of yourself.
  • They talk about mental health and physical health and I love stuff like that.
  • So I feel like the positivity puts me in the right mindset to
  • Continue through my day. So it's one of my favorite things to do.
  • Excuse me while I listen to
  • some people talking.
  • Well, I just got a text that hair and makeup is here. They're on their way up so I gotta go.
  • I'm gonna go let them in. Get everybody settled and welcomed and I'll see you in a bit.
  • Normally I can get ready
  • By myself, and I do my hair and makeup a lot for events. But since it's a press event
  • It's for Victoria's Secret and you know
  • It's kind of a big deal doing the fragrance and the perfume so I call in the professionals
  • My good friends here, Virginia and Danilo. They're my they're my go-to's.
  • I enjoy this time a lot because we just get to hang out, we talk. We have a good conversation and then you know, we just
  • Take it easy. We try and do our best. So even though right now we're kind of under
  • Some time pressure. It's still just kind of one of those calming moments that I get to have and I really enjoy the
  • Company. So I have the press day which I do a bunch of different stops with a bunch of different people.
  • You guys are one of them and
  • I go to the event which is one of my favorite parts just because it's more
  • Victoria's Secret family and then that's probably why it's one of my favorite parts of the evening.
  • So while we're getting ready I usually play music just because it's pregame kind of gets you in the mood, the vibe.
  • I like to listen to hip-hop or something a little more upbeat because
  • I'm going to be around a lot of people, talking a lot and I want to make sure that my energy is in the right place
  • So I love to play like Rihanna or Beyoncé.
  • Or Drake or something fun that I love. I also love Ariana Grande
  • I think she's really cool and Selena Gomez. I'm obsessed with her
  • Yeah
  • It varies but those are some of my favorites.
  • Okay
  • So
  • Now I'm gonna get dressed, find something to wear for tonight.
  • I kind of have an idea what I want.
  • Kind of what I'm thinking. It's like a cool vibe.
  • Alright, time to get ready.
  • Alright. Finishing touches. A little bit of fragrance.
  • I'm on my way. See you there.

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What's it like waking up as a Victoria's Secret Angel? If you're model Taylor Hill, it means readying for a day full of hair, makeup, and hosting parties for the brand's latest fragrance launch, Tease Rebel. In this episode of Waking Up With... we spent the morning with Taylor Hill at the InterContinental New York Barclay as she shared the first thing she does when she gets out of bed, how much coffee it takes to fuel her morning, and the one podcast that — literally — saves her day.

Watch our episode of Waking Up With Dove Cameron: /watch?v=4tC2-rEzRSc

Check in at the InterContinental New York Barclay:

Buy the new Tease Rebel fragrance:



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