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Video Donald Trump Attacks Megyn Kelly, Fox News, Jeb Bush via Instagram & Twitter
08:47   |   02/22/2019 at 19:02


  • so after the first GOP debate with
  • Donald Trump Trump is uh come out and
  • attacked megyn kelly for the way she
  • moderated the debate and the questions
  • she asked him he's also attacked Ron
  • Paul I think during the debate megyn
  • kelly asked why Trump has called other
  • women fat pigs dogs slobs and disgusting
  • animals on social media and Trump
  • responded with only Rosie O'Donnell sold
  • later during an interview Trump said
  • that you could see that there was blood
  • coming out of her eyes blood coming out
  • of her wherever so most people think he
  • was talking about her being on the rag
  • he did release this tweet saying that it
  • was supposed to be you could see that
  • there was blood coming out of her eyes
  • blood coming out of her wherever nose he
  • just wanted to get on with the thought
  • I'm not exactly sure how saying wherever
  • is quicker than saying nose but whatever
  • he goes on to say that maybe Kelly isn't
  • innocent by sharing her interview with
  • Howard Stern from five years ago where
  • she talks with Howard Stern about her
  • breasts her husband's penis and her sex
  • life I mean haven't attractive as I
  • mentioned did you everything about being
  • a stripper ever in your life no and I
  • don't think I'd be very good at it you
  • know no no no would you ever get
  • implants I don't think so those are real
  • breasts yeah these are real I mean they
  • don't look fake Wow
  • he started stacking Jeb Bush which is
  • actually quite interesting retweeting
  • that Jeb Bush is really weak and then
  • tweeting enough is enough
  • no more Bush's and releasing this
  • Instagram video read my lips those
  • weapons of mass destruction got to be
  • somewhere
  • would you have authorized the invasion I
  • wouldn't really do this wrong and my dad
  • did this wrong so Trump is attacking
  • other candidates via Twitter saying
  • things like this I just realized that if
  • you listen to Carly Fiorina for more
  • than ten minutes straight you develop a
  • massive headache
  • she has zero chance truly weird Senator
  • Rand Paul of Kentucky reminds me of a
  • spoiled brat without a properly
  • functioning brain he was terrible at the
  • debate he also is attacking Fox News for
  • the way he was treated during the debate
  • saying things like Fox News you should
  • be ashamed of yourselves I got you the
  • highest debate ratings in history and
  • you've seen nothing but bad saying that
  • Charles Krauthammer should be fired from
  • Fox News the hatred that clown
  • Krauthammer has for me is unbelievable
  • causes him to lie when many others say
  • Trump easily win the debate Wow CNN just
  • said Donald Trump win the debate
  • connected best with audience also Time
  • drudged news fax New York Times and more
  • then he demands that Fox News and some
  • of the contributors apologize almost
  • universal support that Trump owned the
  • debate only Fox News is consistently
  • fighting the Trump win and I got them
  • the ratings it amazes me that other
  • networks seemed to treat me so much
  • better than Fox News I brought them the
  • biggest ratings in history and I get zip
  • it's funny how well Fox
  • you know supported Trump wouldn't Trump
  • would say that he you know he had
  • people finding interesting information
  • on Obama back in Hawaii and stuff back
  • in 2012 but um now it definitely seems
  • like Fox News is out to get drunk small
  • crowds at red state today in Atlanta
  • people were very angry at EWS and the
  • major sleeves and buffoon who has saved
  • me time and money because Erik Erikson
  • disinvited Donald Trump from the
  • conservative gathering after Trump
  • implied that Fox News moderator megyn
  • kelly was menstruating during the
  • presidential debate Roger Ailes just
  • called he is a great guy and assures me
  • that Trump will be treated fairly on Fox
  • News his word is always good so it seems
  • like they're starting to make up but uh
  • I'm sure that I'll fade quickly
  • and of course Trump released more
  • extreme tweets as he commonly does like
  • this one saying again illegal immigrant
  • is charged with the fatal bludgeoning of
  • a woman and loved 64 year old woman get
  • them out and build a wall exclamation
  • point we must stop the crime and killing
  • machine that is illegal immigration
  • rampant problems will only get worse
  • take back our country the Iran deal is a
  • catastrophe that must be stopped
  • will lead to at least partial
  • destruction and make Iran a force like
  • never before so obviously it seems like
  • the more crazy stuff that Trump says you
  • know the more and the more attention he
  • gets and he definitely knows that and
  • milk said so I'm gonna end this video
  • with the Howard Stern and making Kelly
  • interview that Trump had alluded to if
  • you like this video please thumbs up
  • subscribe check out my other videos on
  • Trump or any of my other content thanks
  • for watching there's nothing illegal
  • about saying you're ugly now you're out
  • but you feel the pressure to look your
  • best you can't get fat yes I do yes I do
  • feel pressure to look like damn right
  • you got a couple million people look at
  • night but it's not fair I mean O'Reilly
  • doesn't have to look good Glenn Beck
  • looks like a train hit them I mean look
  • at these guys it is different you know I
  • mean NEVER subtractive as I mentioned
  • you everything about being a stripper
  • ever in your life no and I don't think
  • I'd be very good at it
  • you know no no no would you ever get
  • implants I don't think so
  • those are real breasts yeah these are
  • real I mean they don't look fake Wow
  • you know what's funny is when I got here
  • a c-cup aren't you I you are my husband
  • calls him killer bees oh they're bees
  • yeah he look like seeds to me don't they
  • tell him what that bra store is I used
  • to call him a killer bees and then and
  • then when I got pregnant they became
  • swimming C's and Doug was frolicking in
  • the ocean
  • really Hugh and Doug still have a good
  • sex life even after the baby you know
  • that that's a real issue well there's a
  • certain period of time where that's not
  • possible you know I've got a baby you're
  • off limits for a while after the but you
  • had sex during your pregnancy some guys
  • there are no
  • even in the third trimester and in the
  • final third trimester and we had sex
  • that's all I'm gonna say but yes no
  • Kenny husbands are real man you know I
  • have to say I don't I think it's dr.
  • Phil says that when the sex is bad it's
  • 95 percent of a marriage when it's good
  • it's 5% of a marriage for us it's 5% of
  • the marriage when you make love to you
  • if you're if your husband had been small
  • physically I'm talking about his penis
  • would you would not have married like
  • was that important to you like have you
  • would you have said like look I don't
  • think I can live with a penis it's not
  • important to you do you think Roger
  • Ailes has a small penis did your husband
  • ever come to you and say look I don't
  • care about your first husband or
  • anything but like am i bigger than your
  • first husband because when you said your
  • husband isn't leuf that to me signals he
  • has a big penis he's the perfect amount
  • of aloof though you know I mean right
  • you don't want somebody who's gonna be
  • too clingy you know that's the products
  • me you mean I wouldn't leave you alone
  • right right that's not that hot Hey you
  • said I was hot you gotta be like it
  • arm's length a little you know like
  • maybe not called every time and maybe
  • take a little while before you return
  • the phone calls something he has a big
  • penis that's about seven inches he see
  • he's not playing games like he genuinely
  • is that way he's just not somebody who
  • would be like frolicking after you're
  • like a little puppy dog uh-huh which I
  • like you know in other words you don't
  • want to work a little to get him and you
  • also don't want to be his mother and
  • said their mother ham and all you gotta
  • find your play no I want somebody who's
  • gonna bring it now and it doesn't
  • exactly smart he's very smart that's a
  • turn

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After the GOP debate, Donald Trump attacks moderator Megyn Kelly and Fox News on twitter. After saying that Megyn Kelly was bleeding from "wherever," the tweeted a link to a Howard Stern interview where she talks about breasts, penis and her sex life. Trump also made a short clip attacking Jeb Bush on instagram, saying that we don't need a third bush.
Of course he also released his standard tweets about illegal immigration, like "We must stop the crime and killing machine that is illegal immigration. Rampant problems will only get worse. Take back our country!"

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