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  • we're about to take a penalty airshow
  • [Music]
  • welcome back girls my name is foldover
  • said i rub back with upper will drop the
  • ball throw it then for glam dumb dammit
  • so I'm dog no come on try it again
  • slime dog yes again
  • blob John wait the ball Wow damn it
  • we have to follow it come on BAM there
  • we go
  • hey remember Barrow duel what do we do
  • what do we do grab your weapon what the
  • fuck my weapon is killing myself
  • shit him shut that bastard yes I think
  • we did it yeah pretty sure we did it
  • this level is called rock fall ok Cup we
  • have to fall down is it gonna break no
  • ok I don't think it's gonna break I
  • think we have to let's go come left okay
  • well we're falling down going here going
  • to the crusher oh okay perfect perfect
  • we're still falling down oh no damage
  • with our heart no my heart's not
  • continuing the famous bridge bumper oh
  • no oh this one is cool I think we played
  • this one in the past but it's really
  • cool let's put some more bombs not yet
  • let's spit oh no we have never played
  • this one ok ready a cup we're about the
  • blob let's bridge BAM
  • oh yeah don't move three check them out
  • one and two okay Dumbo fries all about
  • not moving and falling down falling down
  • until you can't stop falling okay just
  • keep on falling down you guys do not
  • move that's whatever happens do not move
  • we can't even move we don't have arms we
  • don't have a edge and we do not have
  • legs okay I'm pretty sure we can't do
  • anything we don't even have a body
  • anymore all we have is our heart we have
  • to believe in everything everything that
  • happens you Matt okay yes we mad this is
  • so impressive I'm always so impressed by
  • these don't move levels Boeing Boeing
  • Boeing we barely got in to get it a
  • barrel high no barrels livers in the
  • bureau welcome to the fall doom well we
  • went with another lay down they did our
  • nope still nothing hard we're still
  • bouncing still bouncing a few times in
  • which I keep on bouncing bouncing
  • bouncing don't stop bouncing I'm sunspot
  • fun yeah we're flying don't like space
  • we're flying to space and boy thing
  • never stops
  • which one great ball of fate they got
  • enough faith
  • nope low load space for you it's going
  • to keep on going oh my goodness this how
  • long is longest don't move level we've
  • ever played this is crazy is still going
  • is o pill tells the faint body there it
  • is a real on glass power ok come on come
  • on just keep on falling through the
  • glass power we got it oh snap
  • can we still keep on going up there
  • might be glass in us but don't worry
  • that's not gonna stop us from taking it
  • yes it is it is gonna stop us can't we
  • just get back on there please no we're
  • dead pretty much anjaii attack use the
  • samurai sword yeah he we're killing
  • everybody we are killing everybody they
  • just suck their sword
  • oh my god okay keep on going samurai
  • samurai jack
  • they have never underestimated me and
  • that is why they all will be dying oh my
  • god how many people are stuck to our
  • swords like four of them is of crazy a
  • Lewton shaken fish oh my god oh my god
  • Wow it's like a ship you have to go like
  • up we wall this is so cool okay we're
  • still doing this Cup
  • we're still doing this that's answer
  • that time come on you can make it
  • forward whoa and backwards again hola
  • Larry gonna make it here we are
  • victory this is a dungeon infiltration
  • level one oh snap
  • dammit you got something in her back now
  • he's okay he got it Chelsea got it let's
  • jump on underneath this guy jump
  • underneath this lady kill this lady I'll
  • did it
  • okay now he killed us dammit zombie
  • apocalypse alright all zombies are
  • outside didn't we have six
  • omocha let's students go down okay go
  • down the elevator cup we have to go down
  • the elevator me okay we went one floor
  • too much but we killed one zombies the
  • other ones did you oh no oh no sure that
  • zombie boy and jump over here Oh Lala is
  • that what is that that a meteor I know
  • it's just more dead people everybody is
  • dead is this escape earth by getting in
  • this cabin over fuck it's time for the
  • hamster wheel try to stay alive as long
  • as possible of cake up in his answer
  • wheel it's very tricky to stay alive as
  • long as possible okay
  • we're making our way down again but soon
  • soon we will have to go up again okay
  • yep that's totally fine mister and we're
  • going down again as long as possible how
  • long can we survive this for a minute
  • two minutes three minutes a turn at
  • eight ten years okay I know I know I
  • know we didn't survive that long
  • this one's tilt jump or die okay jump Oh
  • how's easy or die The Dropper
  • okay let's drop it yes doodies I'm
  • slowly starting to lose my voice gulps I
  • have been as shouting too much today
  • let's go down okay we're just said
  • dropping we're just dropping by hi we're
  • just dropping by into the middle okay
  • that's it
  • that's it right over there and ready to
  • fall ready to fall meet yourself smoke
  • smell smells of us mole
  • okay well we made it level five it says
  • stop we're not stopping now we're making
  • it down there yeah we made it here
  • penalty kick let's go let's go go
  • penalty kick let's get the ball BAM
  • oh let's game cups can we score thee
  • we're about to take a penalty and shoot
  • yeah let's do another one of these Cup
  • and now they're one of these dumb to
  • move oh my god that was loud
  • do not move oh my god oh my god I got
  • love
  • whatever happens yeah do not move
  • they're all okay these are all inside
  • PewDiePie jokes Martin I don't even know
  • any Martin from peopIe that was five
  • years ago mr. chair and Oh PewDiePie I
  • also don't know that joke Jennifer I
  • dunno Jennifer the rock okay
  • syringe pronounce their ng Sarang things
  • I don't even know I don't gay man Pete
  • if I was so funny 2012 he was so edgy
  • but big is this
  • okay well that's finish line hello Peter
  • buy out the hello I do get that joke but
  • do this last one calls drag racing okay
  • well we want the Lamborghini Evan
  • Lamborghini and Vince the door okay
  • okay let's get in there frigid and let's
  • ride it looks more like a Ferrari for
  • its face the booth fuck who we love
  • [Music]

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