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Video [Vietsub] Bị chê phát âm kém, Mâu Thủy tung ngay clip nói tiếng Anh!
03:27   |   120 views   |   today at 04:28


  • [Music]
  • I'm your deejay
  • and VD channel hi everyone my name is
  • smallkiwi I'm 25 years old I was born in
  • Ho Chi Minh City in 2012 with high
  • experience I'm here to be summation over
  • 2017 and get a chance to show everybody
  • in the world you know how beautiful my
  • countries and I have amazing journey in
  • the universe Vietnam and hang everyone
  • my
  • my friends always I used to answer the
  • question that may come before and today
  • the first time I hate answer the
  • question in English I tried it the
  • competition because I want to be called
  • a Miss Universe Nam who contribute a
  • humanity and especially for poor
  • children in Vietnam and I believe that I
  • believe I can use the opportunity or to
  • have the empowering when you change from
  • yourself
  • you train from the world as you know it
  • and you choose to be the best version of
  • yourself
  • [Music]
  • I think Miss Universe with them that
  • early beauty and title but also the
  • compassion kindness friendly hot walking
  • in that we got I believe in myself I do
  • the best for my country proudly first
  • elliptic I believe when you give the
  • word elliptic she will concur the world
  • and second book when I have free time
  • I'm really involved last one it's a
  • high-heeled because when you were behind
  • you will be changed their life less than
  • frogs in the rollin
  • please clear supporting info for me by H
  • HP way to four to sway the number what
  • you want sent to six five eight nine
  • thank you laughing
  • [Music]

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[Vietsub] Bị chê phát âm kém, Mâu Thủy tung ngay clip nói tiếng Anh!


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