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Video CIA Chief Pompeo, Outspoken Conservative, to Replace Tillerson
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  • Pompeyo served three terms in Congress
  • as Republican representative from Kansas
  • and was an early supporter of Trump's
  • presidential bid he has been a close
  • ally to the president in his role as CIA
  • director while in Congress Pompeo was
  • known as a harsh critic of the Obama
  • administration's initiatives such as the
  • Affordable Care Act and the 2015 Iran
  • nuclear deal struck between Iran the US
  • and five other world powers from
  • mentioned the Iran deal in particular
  • Tuesday as an area where he and Pompeyo
  • were an agreement whereas he and
  • Tillerson disagree on Sunday Pompeo
  • spoke about Trump's recent announcement
  • that he has accepted an offer to meet
  • with North Korean leader Kim Jong hoon
  • never before have we had the North
  • Koreans in a position where their
  • economy was at such risk and where their
  • leadership was under such pressure that
  • they would begin conversations on the
  • terms that Kim jong-un has conceded to
  • it Pompeyo must be confirmed for his new
  • position by the US Senate Senate Foreign
  • Relations Committee Chairman bob corker
  • said Tuesday in a statement that he
  • expects two old hearings in April
  • Jeff Guster vo a new whose Washington

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In surprise move Tuesday, President Donald Trump announced he had fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and was replacing him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Pompeo, an outspoken conservative, is expected to work well with the president. VOA's Jeff Custer has more.
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