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Video Megabass® VISION ONETEN -
02:25   |   1K+ views   |   08/19/2018 at 17:37


  • Jake Tamra with Tipton bathroom you
  • fishing the mega bass division 110
  • three unique characteristics of the
  • Megabass vision one to ten that sets it
  • apart from other jerk baits are its hook
  • design with the out Barb's its posts and
  • weighting system which allows you to
  • superb casting distance even in windy
  • conditions and the hollow belly which
  • gives it an inny crawling action unlike
  • a lot of other jerk baits and in cold
  • water that's critical
  • three of my favorite colors in the
  • Megabass vision 110 are the GG perch
  • Leviathan au and the natural mega bass
  • does a tremendous amount of colors
  • wanting to fit every situation will come
  • across now it's gonna catch more fish if
  • you got the color right the mega bass
  • vision 110 comes at a pretty steep price
  • for a jerkbait however there are many
  • reasons why you need to have these in
  • your tackle box first off you don't have
  • to exchange the hooks that come with the
  • quality hook already there's a plethora
  • of jerk baits on the market that are
  • suspending these search baits are
  • actually slow floating and that's one of
  • the main reasons I enjoy using this bait
  • is because it is slow clothing when the
  • suspending jerk baits don't work this
  • manual
  • all right monster the end of the day I'm
  • gonna have a mega bash tight on my rod
  • to catch pigs like this

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