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Video Incredible Bulgogi Delivery and Chili Paste Village (Day 16)
20:00   |   views   |   08/19/2016


  • this is the new definition of food
  • delivery they didn't just bring the
  • dishes into the room on the table but
  • they actually put the dishes onto the
  • table and brought the table into the
  • room good morning everyone it's mark
  • Wiens with migration ology calm
  • we just took a drive about an hour and a
  • half from Jeonju to a place called soon
  • Chang and this is a place in the real
  • lush mountains it is a very rainy day
  • though today and we're gonna walk around
  • here and then after that we are going to
  • learn or we're going to go to a village
  • that makes chili pepper paste which is
  • so important for Korean cuisine so it
  • should be a great day thank you for
  • holding the umbrella
  • one of the main reasons to come to this
  • national park is for the nature and
  • there's a big waterfall that we're going
  • to see right now and it's actually kind
  • of good that it's raining because that
  • means there's nobody else here today
  • what I think we're the only ones it's
  • really really beautiful that trees the
  • nature the river and especially the
  • greenery it's incredibly green
  • we just made it back to the car the rain
  • made it a little bit challenging but I
  • still really enjoyed it and that is
  • truly some spectacular natural scenery
  • we have just arrived at a restaurant
  • today in sunchang and this restaurant
  • specializes in HoN jeongshik which is a
  • Korean dining meal where it's just kind
  • of Korean traditional food that is kind
  • of the chef's table style where they
  • just serve you the dishes that they make
  • make each day it could change every day
  • and you don't know exactly what you're
  • gonna get but one thing that you're
  • assured of is the full table just packed
  • with food is this our room yeah oh yeah
  • we're gonna have our own little private
  • dining room
  • what I already love about this
  • restaurant is that it's just a local
  • family home and they just cook out of
  • their home and then serve you at the
  • restaurant so I'm watching him cook
  • grill up some bulgogi it's pork
  • this version is pork with it looks like
  • chili paste covering and marinated in
  • chili paste and then you can smell that
  • wonderful grill aroma I'm just kind of
  • walking around and exploring this house
  • this traditional house which is
  • converted into a restaurant now but it's
  • an old Korean house about 250 years old
  • just a family house it is pretty cool to
  • see the all the wooden rafters and then
  • some of the doors they have like the the
  • Lamborghini suicide doors that come up
  • that come up like this as opposed to to
  • going to the side I think they are
  • bringing us an entire table full of food
  • oh whoa Wow oh I'm gonna follow the
  • table into the room
  • like it is cute come to me that there's
  • barely an inch of empty space and this
  • is incredible not also it not only has
  • the food but also the cultural aspect of
  • it I'm not even gonna attempt to name
  • all of these different dishes because
  • there is such an incredible variety but
  • I know we do have some egg some fish and
  • the main dishes that we're having here
  • are vocal ghee and this is there's both
  • beef bulgogi
  • and pork but they look like they're in
  • completely different marinades the pork
  • is in a chili chili paste and then the
  • beef is in more of a soy sauce marinade
  • so I'm going to just taste some of that
  • while the beef is nice and hot bulgogi
  • I'm going to taste some of that beef
  • overall oh that's so so freshly grilled
  • you can face the smoky flavor it's a
  • little bit salty and sweet and then some
  • of the pork bulgogi which is marinated
  • in a chili paste
  • all that is awesome mmm that is like a
  • that paste that chili paste is like the
  • texture of peanut butter it's like
  • sticky and then I was I was actually
  • expecting it to be sweeter it's not it's
  • not very sweet but it's just a wonderful
  • like blend of chilies and maybe being
  • paste in there as well and again you can
  • really taste that fresh and grilled
  • flavor because he grilled it just just
  • moments before serving it in a meal
  • where there are this many choices it
  • didn't be actually kind of confusing and
  • challenging to choose your next bite so
  • I think I'm just going to choose this
  • thing that is closest to my chopsticks
  • which is a little pancake fritter mmm
  • that's like creamy and sticky on the
  • inside I think it has an egg wrapper and
  • then maybe just scallions or some kind
  • of vegetable in there I'm going to reach
  • clear across the table and grab one of
  • these Lotus slices mmm that's like a
  • marinated slice of Lotus it's a little
  • bit like potato with that starchiness
  • and a little bit crisp though and then
  • kind of a sweet salty soy sauce eat
  • glaze on it I'm going to try one of
  • these pieces of octopus dip oh oh that
  • slid
  • hmm that octopus is nice and tender not
  • not chewy oh just a little bit chewy but
  • not not too chewy
  • next up let me grab a bite of this I
  • think this is hair tail you can see that
  • silver skin and it's very thin and I
  • better put this onto my rice as it looks
  • saucy mmm
  • that's a little bit salty and I think
  • that is like a chili paste sauce that's
  • really good too but a bit salty but
  • really good and another one of my
  • favorite Kim cheese is just straight-up
  • green onion kimchi let me see if I can
  • let me see if I can coil this into my
  • mouth
  • hmm oh yeah you're really nice and crisp
  • just caked and all of that wonderful
  • flavorful chili paste some crispy
  • anchovies oh yeah a little dried
  • flavorful anchovies are wonderful
  • the main dishes are great but having the
  • entire spread of food with all the
  • little different side dishes and all the
  • different little flavors and garnishes
  • and vegetables and chilies and so many
  • different flavors going on it makes a
  • complete incredible meal this one is
  • some kind of cured salted fish or is it
  • squid kind of spoon it's a type of squid
  • baby mmm
  • like salted chili marinated and baby
  • squid and what you can do is put it onto
  • your rice and I got a little piece of
  • garlic as well
  • oh yeah there's so that has the texture
  • of squid but it's more tender mmm and
  • then again that is there's a little bit
  • slimy but that's so good with that fresh
  • garlic in there that was a spectacular
  • meal and not only the food was really
  • good but also being in this traditional
  • house and enjoying the atmosphere makes
  • it a complete Korean traditional meal
  • experience there are a couple of things
  • that I learned while eating this meal
  • that chino explained to me and so i want
  • to share it with you right now
  • number one is that there are no dining
  • rooms in a traditional korean house and
  • so usually food is eaten in the bedroom
  • number two is that you have probably
  • seen me and many of the videos here in
  • korea sitting on the floor eating and
  • sitting cross-legged ended up just
  • eating off of a low table and that's
  • because again there's no dining room so
  • the food would be prepared in the
  • kitchen and then they would put all the
  • different food on the table and then
  • bring the table into the bedroom and so
  • a low table like this is easy to
  • transport and can be delivered to any
  • room like that and so that's the this is
  • the traditional korean style of eating
  • and they definitely have their
  • priorities right when it comes to eating
  • in the bedroom
  • that was just a fantastic meal and a
  • cultural Korean cultural dining learning
  • experience
  • I'm semiology chapatis a couple humming
  • uh okay our table is being taken back to
  • the kitchen
  • that was just a short drive to the
  • village we are now here walking around
  • it's still raining but we're going to
  • walk around for a while
  • if we're about to get some taste testing
  • people there you go up the Mekong forget
  • it so heavily a real mother there's no
  • home like you bother war so this is the
  • original chili paste
  • obviously with mm-hmm that tastes kind
  • of like a chili jam a little bit sweet
  • and has a little bit of a sour sour
  • taste as well
  • mmm oh thank you okay just an all that
  • we're good
  • I just got a little sample of thumb bone
  • shoe which is a type of rice wine
  • all that has a very fizz a fizzy
  • component to it it kind of tingles your
  • tongue and it's very milky as well this
  • one is a 10 year old fermented bean
  • paste
  • that definitely tastes like it's 10
  • years old
  • Wow that is pretty pungent and very very
  • salty
  • wow that has a lot of flavor just in a
  • little little tiny bit after finishing
  • tasting those different chili and bean
  • pastes we've just come out here to their
  • yard to see where they make all of the
  • chili paste and bean pastes you do not
  • want to underestimate the importance of
  • chili paste and fermented bean paste in
  • Korean cuisine both of them are used
  • extensively and are just key ingredients
  • in Korean cuisine flavoring and and the
  • process of eating and even Korean
  • culture and these clay jars are used for
  • both fermenting soy beans and also the
  • chili paste and they're also used to
  • store things like pickled vegetables
  • like kimchi and all sorts of very very
  • important things in Korean cuisine also
  • oh yeah this is the gochujang the chili
  • paste all that aroma of dried chili is
  • beautiful I'm tamanna Jo
  • han jung-an yeah yeah the soybean sauce
  • yeah it smells like soy sauce so cuz I
  • means it Tohru
  • I'm taking a look now at the the wall
  • which is hanging with little bricks of
  • fermented soybeans and after they dry
  • out for 70 days then they will go into
  • another separate bin where they will
  • cure for longer and then separate the
  • soy sauce from the soybean paste you can
  • definitely see the little beans in these
  • bricks this town or this town or this
  • county is called
  • soon Tong and then the chili paste is
  • called gochujang and so all across Korea
  • this is actually the most famous place
  • in all of Korea and so in any market
  • Fresh Market you go to across Korea you
  • will find soon Chun gochujang which is
  • the chili paste and the soybean paste
  • from this village area
  • it has been raining the entire afternoon
  • we drove back to Jeonju and we're just
  • walking around kind of a mountain kind
  • of on the outskirts of town there's some
  • a lot of mountains just keeps on raining
  • today the rain hasn't led up so
  • something that is popular to eat when it
  • rains is called Pat John which is a
  • scallion green onion pancake with
  • seafood and so we stopped at a
  • restaurant and all the kimchi the fresh
  • kimchi has just arrived all that looks
  • delicious but we're getting ready to
  • have a green onion pancake because of
  • this rain oh it's like a brown color
  • thank you
  • this is helping to know more with you
  • about you yeah
  • we are also drinking something called
  • moju which is a fermented rice drink but
  • very very low and alcohol just 1.5% so
  • it's more like a juice consumeables
  • green onions and I can hear the pancakes
  • sizzling in the kitchen
  • smells a little bit like apple juice and
  • soy sauce
  • Oh kind of tastes like apple cider
  • it's fruity
  • pajeon has arrived this is very very
  • pretty it looks like a painting it's
  • just an entire handful bunch of green
  • onions just left hole in their natural
  • state then just covered in a it looks
  • like a mostly egg based pancake I don't
  • even know if there's any batter in it
  • it's all it all looks like egg and then
  • you can see squid in there and all
  • here's some kind of oysters okay ders
  • but look at all those green onions
  • that's fantastic
  • oh yes this is rainy day food you dip it
  • into the sauce which is mostly sesame
  • oil and soy sauce and sesame seeds and
  • maybe some more green onions
  • mmm that is just loaded with green
  • onions yeah maybe there is a little bit
  • of batter in there because it has a
  • little bit of a gooey texture but mostly
  • egg that is a little bit greasy and
  • fantastic a wonderful comfort food on a
  • rainy day
  • the module
  • this is a great afternoon snack we've
  • also got some onion kimchi adding chili
  • paste to an already fantastic natural
  • ingredient like onions is a genius idea
  • well it is a wonderful idea
  • that's delicious the juicy crispness of
  • the onion
  • I'm going to try a piece of the pancake
  • from the bottom now because this is
  • completely different because it has all
  • of the the bottoms of those green onions
  • whereas the bite I took before was all
  • the tops of the green onions so these
  • are the little bulbs of green onions
  • hmm I like the bottom even better Oh is
  • there ham in there there might be some
  • p.m. in there to the bottoms of the
  • green onions are more soft and have more
  • of that meaty onion flavor to it okay
  • now that I examine it closer I don't
  • think there's any ham in there but if
  • there is lots of squid and little shrimp
  • as well
  • that was delicious and it is still
  • pouring outside it has been raining the
  • entire day non-stop this has been a
  • great day because I learned so much
  • about Korean food and cuisine
  • traditional Korean food and the making
  • of the chili paste as well as the
  • fermented soybean and soy sauce and
  • ended with a comfort pancake at the end
  • we're just going to head back to the
  • hotel from here so I'm going to end the
  • vlog now thank you all very much for
  • watching please remember to give this
  • video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and
  • leave a comment below and also make sure
  • you subscribe for lots more food and
  • travel videos good evening from Jeonju
  • South Korea and I will see you on the
  • next food video
  • being as being is either cold or hungry
  • right now
  • me a pound piece okay
  • that's what I meant when I said no no
  • Squarespace that's what I meant when
  • there's no spare room on the table you
  • can just picked up a piece of octopus
  • and it slipped from her chopsticks right
  • into her cup of water there's no there's
  • no empty space on the table

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On Day 16 of our trip to South Korea, we first visited a mountain park, despite the heavy rain. Then we had an amazing lunch where they actually delivered the bulgogi to us in our private dining room. Finally we visiting a famous Korean gochujang chili paste village, an ingredient that is highly important in Korean food.

# Sunchang Mountain Park - 3,000 Won ($2.60) entrance fee - For our first stop of the morning we drove over to the Sunchang Mountain Park. Despite the heavy rain all morning, it was still an extremely beautiful mountain park, and we walked out to the waterfall and got pretty wet as well. But it was really nice, a great place to visit for nature lovers.

# Bulgogi lunch at Karam Hanjeongsik (가람한정식) Restaurant - For lunch we drove over to a restaurant called Karam Hanjeongsik (가람한정식) that specializes in serving home cooked set meals, which is called Hanjeongsik. The restaurant is a heritage restaurant that was originally the family's home. The most amazing thing about this restaurant is that when your food is ready they put everything on your table and deliver it into your room, the table filled with all your food. It was an amazing meal, filled with all sorts of different banchan side dishes and our main dish was bulgogi, both beef and pork. The entire meal cost only 12,000 Won ($10.42) per person. I thought it was a pretty good deal.

# Sunchang Gochujang Village (Sunchang Chili Paste Village) - In Korean food you’ll notice that nearly everything contains some chili pepper paste, which in Korean is known as gochujang. We drove over the Sunchang, which is one of the main Korean red pepper chili paste and soy bean pate producing areas of South Korea. They have a number of homes that still make the pepper paste in their families and you can walk around and even sample the different chili pastes.

# Haemul Panjeon - Since it was still raining all day, we headed back to Jeonju and went to a restaurant to eat haemul panjeon, which is a Korean seafood and green onion pancake. Panjeon is a favorite Korean food to eat when it’s cold and rainy so it made for the perfect snack for the evening.

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Disclaimer: My trip to Jeonju was sponsored by the Jeonbuk Centre for International Affairs, but all videos, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

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