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Video Trophy presentation ceremony | Mastercard Hopman Cup 2019
21:49   |   views   |   01/05/2019


  • [Music]
  • well ladies and gentlemen
  • how good was that finish I don't recall
  • ever having a championship come down to
  • a final point like that would you please
  • put your hands together one more time
  • for these champions
  • well what a week of tennis it's been
  • here at the MasterCard Hopman Cup so
  • many memorable matches highlighted by
  • one in particular that match well I
  • think we could play that one just then
  • but the other one that happened earlier
  • in the week between Switzerland and the
  • United States when we saw the two great
  • Serena Williams and Roger Federer go
  • head-to-head in a mixed doubles for the
  • first time that match went global and
  • viral on social media
  • its showcased not just tennis but
  • Western Australia to the world
  • before we present the trophy here
  • tonight I'd like to acknowledge the
  • officials that are on court with us
  • Western Australia's Minister for tourism
  • the Honorable Paul Pappa Leah David
  • Haggerty the president of the
  • International Tennis Federation
  • Andrew Cartwright country manager of
  • MasterCard Australia Tennis Australia
  • board members Greg Hutchinson and Janice
  • van Reich and L tournament director of
  • the MasterCard Hopman Cup
  • Paul kill Derry
  • well no event can be a success without
  • the help of its sponsors and the
  • tournament would like to say a very
  • special thank you to the state
  • government and through tourism waa for
  • their support of the event so our naming
  • rights partner MasterCard and to the
  • rest of our partner family for an
  • incredible week a big THANK YOU also to
  • staff and volunteers that have worked
  • tirelessly throughout the week behind
  • the scenes to make this event run so
  • smoothly and I'd like now
  • to invite the president of the
  • International Tennis Federation David
  • Haggerty to present a special gift to
  • our chair umpire from that last match
  • [Applause]
  • thank you very much Dave now time now to
  • hear from Paul Papa Lea the Minister for
  • tourism to say a few words and also to
  • present the runner-up trophies
  • thank you ladies and gentlemen I'm going
  • to acknowledge the presence of living
  • tennis legend great champion of the
  • Hopman Cup and my boy heed boyhood hero
  • Neal Fraser on the court with us this
  • evening
  • wonderful
  • how fortunate are we to have Neil here
  • tonight
  • this I think can be claimed as the best
  • Hopman Cup in history the
  • one of the strongest if not these
  • strongest feels to ever take the court
  • in Perth for this event some incredible
  • matches the precocious talent of the
  • future stars from Greece taking it up to
  • established champions and confirming
  • that the hands that the future of tennis
  • in good is in good hands
  • wonderful to see them here we heard
  • about the extraordinary
  • once-in-a-lifetime match between the
  • greatest male and the greatest female
  • players of all time
  • could only have happened in Perth at the
  • Hopman Cup
  • and this was easily the best final that
  • we've ever witnessed an extraordinary an
  • extraordinary thing
  • that was on the court off the court all
  • of the players embraced their unofficial
  • role as ambassadors for Western
  • Australian tourism but some of them
  • deserve special acknowledgement team
  • Germany demonstrated
  • team Germany demonstrated you don't have
  • to be a Swiss superstar to get up close
  • and personal with the friendliest animal
  • on the planet on rottnest and they got
  • Crockett selfies every bit as good as
  • Rogers
  • [Applause]
  • Super Mom Serena Williams posted some
  • beautiful pics of Alexis Olympia in the
  • magnificent swimming pool at Crown Perth
  • and white eggs enjoying the beautiful
  • summer weather of Perth that was
  • wonderful to see but undoubtedly yet
  • again accolades must go to Roger Federer
  • for promoting Western Australia
  • it gets off the plane gets on a
  • helicopter gets to one of our premier
  • road trip destinations in the pinnacles
  • that extraordinary site in Western
  • Australia the road trip state the global
  • road state road trip state and and for
  • the first time publicly acknowledges and
  • reveals that he's a road trip fan
  • Roger you and your family are welcome in
  • Western Australia anytime after your
  • retirement for a really long road trip
  • can I just congratulate everyone
  • associated with organizing and
  • conducting the best-ever Hopman Cup pour
  • kill bury all of the organizers the
  • officials the umpires Alliance people
  • the ball boys and ball girls and all of
  • the volunteers a wonderful effort and to
  • Anjali and Alexander Belinda and Roger
  • congratulations thank you very much for
  • tonight and all the very best for the
  • Australian Open
  • [Applause]
  • and I get to present these to you I know
  • it's not what you wanted that there was
  • a magnificent effort well done
  • well first of all relations to you guys
  • again we are we as players we're all
  • tired of you guys already but you know
  • what can we do
  • especially you I mean 30 whatever why
  • just why let us have one just the Hopman
  • Cup man just once
  • anyways I well done to you I mean it's
  • been an amazing week again so much
  • history again I mean obviously you and
  • Serena you guys stepping out on course
  • it was a great event and obviously it
  • only could happen here in Perth and it
  • was it was great to see and you know
  • nothing but the best for you guys in the
  • future as well
  • I'd like to thank Paul I like to thank
  • everybody who made this event possible
  • you you know who put so much effort in
  • every single year and obviously you know
  • that's this is why this is why I come
  • back here and we came back here as well
  • because this is a really one of the best
  • tournaments of the year to start off the
  • year here it's absolutely amazing
  • I think I think I can speak for all
  • players we all really enjoy it and we
  • all absolutely love it so thank you very
  • much for taking care of us
  • well then obviously I want to thank all
  • of you guys I mean this week has been
  • absolutely amazing again and
  • and we'll we will remember it I think
  • for the rest of our lives especially
  • after how it ended we will remember what
  • oh god I mean I mean Angie after we lost
  • last year we were really pretty
  • disappointed we immediately decided that
  • we want to come back and we wanted to
  • compete again for our country at the
  • Hopman Cup for us as well and we wanted
  • to to win and what the hell are you
  • laughing at
  • [Applause]
  • season
  • what a nice guy huh I mean we really
  • wanted to win as a team and we came so
  • close you know we were maybe one shot
  • away basically and it's we definitely
  • will remember it for the rest of her
  • life so yeah there's not enough I think
  • drinks on this planet that will forget
  • it but yeah it was it was memorable we
  • we'd all love it here and I hope that
  • you know we can come back here many more
  • times and we can hopefully
  • we can we can hopefully one day maybe be
  • holding that trophy over there thank you
  • guys
  • thank you very much Sasha and Auntie
  • well time now to hear from Andrew
  • Cartwright the country manager of
  • MasterCard Australia there certainly has
  • been some MasterCard priceless moments
  • here he's going to say a few words and
  • precipitate her present a gift to our
  • champions
  • Minister distinguished guests ladies and
  • gentlemen if I really had to sum up
  • tonight the whole tournament in one word
  • as we say at MasterCard priceless
  • [Applause]
  • priceless because it was fun priceless
  • because there's such a unique format and
  • priceless because this has given us all
  • a memory to remember forever I would
  • also like to thank the organizers such a
  • wonderful tournament and finally on
  • behalf of MasterCard I'd like to wish
  • all of the players every success for the
  • 2019 season thank you
  • thank you very much Andrew it's my
  • pleasure now to ask one of the all-time
  • greats of Australian tennis to present
  • the winners with the MasterCard Hopman
  • Cup trophy it was a Wimbledon champion
  • in 1960 and he won back-to-back US Open
  • Championships in 1959 and 1960 winning
  • the singles doubles and mixed doubles a
  • feat that will never be replicated again
  • one suspects ladies and gentlemen please
  • put your hands together for Neal Fraser
  • okay I have to start hello everyone
  • first of all to team Germany I mean it
  • was about one point and congratulations
  • for the whole week it was so tough to
  • play you guys again and yeah sorry then
  • to the tournament officials to Paul to
  • everyone who made this event possible or
  • for so many years already
  • thank you so much and we really enjoy it
  • here as players and I honestly I love
  • playing Hopman Cup I you know I would
  • love to play every week Hoffman Cup that
  • would be amazing
  • yeah I really enjoy to be here for the
  • third year already so even you know
  • doing something outside of tennis I
  • think Bert is just amazing and I love
  • Australia and it's always very fun to be
  • here and yeah then to the fans thank you
  • so much
  • I mean it's sold out every night
  • I know you all come because of Roger and
  • this year's Arena but I love to play in
  • front of you guys too I mean you have to
  • watch me so I'm glad
  • then of course thank you - I mean team
  • Roger
  • team Valinda thank you so much for being
  • here and yeah last thank you to Roger
  • for playing for me with me
  • I always this always happens when I talk
  • thank you for playing with me for the
  • third year we want to so I mean it's
  • amazing and just to learn from you this
  • these two weeks almost and playing makes
  • this all so amazing I mean sometimes
  • it's really tough because you talk about
  • but very positive but he thinks
  • everybody is like such a genius and can
  • get all the things what he says but it's
  • amazing so thank you
  • these are my favorite speeches I wish I
  • was that young again
  • he was giving me all the advice what to
  • say so this is the result
  • I did not say all these things I could
  • tell you that we were not talking about
  • that during the match
  • no anyway back to the serious business
  • I'm speaking on the like at the end now
  • no this has been an absolute blast I
  • loved every second about this Hopman Cup
  • this edition yeah it started on the moon
  • for me at the pinnacles and I had a
  • great time I had crayfish I had a
  • wonderful time with my family my family
  • my team and Belinda's team we've had a
  • wonderful week so thank you very much
  • there yeah my kid's been running around
  • everywhere I barely see them but that's
  • a good sign not because we're not ever
  • coming back it's because Perth is a lot
  • of fun activities so that was that of
  • course yes it's been a wonderful
  • wonderful stay for us
  • I'd like to thank the tournament Paul
  • you're one of the best and where is he
  • is he gone
  • no here you are Paul you're one of the
  • best and funnest tournament directors we
  • have on tour that's also partially one
  • of the reasons I'm sure that all the
  • players keep coming back and you know
  • just wanted to congratulate you on a
  • great run event all your team all the
  • volunteers also taking part thank you
  • I'd like to also congratulate of course
  • Angie and Sasha
  • I love playing against against both of
  • them it's what I told him at the net as
  • well with you you know it's not because
  • it hold on a second what happened in
  • London what happened in other places I
  • remember I remember those doses but
  • though in all seriousness I love playing
  • against you guys and I wish you only the
  • very best for the season
  • okay now to you Belinda
  • what shall I say it's emotional to play
  • with you it's I'm talking because I feel
  • like I have to but in a good in an
  • absolute good way we have the best time
  • I can't thank you enough for the lovely
  • week we spend away from the courts in
  • practice and then of course also on the
  • court you're a great champion I wish you
  • all the best for the year it's been so
  • much fun playing with you the last three
  • years and I hope it's not the last time
  • so thank you very much
  • at the end Thank You Perth Thank You
  • Western Australia thank you to the fans
  • you guys been absolutely terrific again
  • what can I say it's always it's always
  • packed it's always a good atmosphere
  • yeah we love Australia all of us
  • so do I so thank you very very much
  • everybody see you soon take care
  • everybody I hope I see you next year
  • thank you
  • ladies and gentlemen I'm sure you agree
  • it's been a spectacular tournament I'm
  • going to ask both of our teams to make
  • their way to the Perth sign so we can
  • get some amazing photographs of the
  • trophy and all of those things that went
  • with tonight
  • but that's a wrap ladies and gentlemen
  • from the MasterCard Hopman Cup 2019
  • thank you very much
  • [Applause]
  • well everyone wanted to speak they were
  • all in raptures weren't they for Western
  • Australia where you came from Casey de
  • logroño and and what a final we had
  • today what a Hockman cup we experienced
  • this year this edition was probably well
  • it may well have been the best certainly
  • the finale was G we saw something
  • special didn't we yeah it was a it was a
  • phenomenal week or weaker I think we saw
  • some really high-quality tennis and
  • Switzerland may have won tonight but for
  • me the winner was tennis they're
  • genuinely happy to be here aren't they
  • they they they come they come down early
  • they get the preparation in the
  • conditions are perfect that the
  • accommodation and the food the
  • hospitality from the West Australians
  • and
  • I know it's genuine when they say they
  • want to come back yeah that's such a
  • unique format this Hopman Cup just
  • having to put get out there a place to
  • mix doubles I think it's a add such a
  • excitement to the event to the players
  • and as we saw tonight it was the mixed
  • doubles that was the highlight men and
  • women playing together in our great
  • sport and like I said for me the winner
  • tonight was tennis it was a really great
  • show and great champions they're taking
  • out the title

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Trophy presentation to the winners Team Switzerland and to the runners up Team Germany at the Hopman Cup 2019.


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