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Video [+captions] Jack Higgins - Britain's Got Talent 2016 Audition week 2
06:07   |   9M+ views   |   07/22/2018 at 18:41


  • Hello, Jack. We're ready for you now. Are you okay?
  • JACK'S MUM: Oh, god!
  • JACK'S MUM: Come on, Jack.
  • JACK'S MUM: Come on, Jack. PRODUCER: Follow me.
  • It would be amazing to find a winner from Liverpool.
  • Yeah, it would.
  • Good luck!
  • [cheering & applause]
  • Hello.
  • ALESHA: What's your name, how old are you and where are you from?
  • My name's Jack Higgins, I'm fourteen years old and I'm a dancer from Liverpool!
  • [cheering & applause]
  • You've brought your fanclub with you, today.
  • Yeah.
  • ALESHA: Wow, amazing support!
  • Oh, he's adorable!
  • ALESHA: Tell a little bit about yourself.
  • Well,
  • I'm a dancer, like, a full-time dancer. I go to performing arts college.
  • I do all my education there, and then dance for the rest of the day.
  • [slow acoustic guitar track]
  • My mum put me into breakdancing... like... hip-hop, on a Saturday.
  • And then just [went] on from there
  • I started ballet last, because I was like: "No, Mum, that's for girls."
  • But in the first class I just clicked, and it was like:
  • I wanted to just dance for the rest of my life.
  • I don't have any other hobbies, it's just "dance dance dance" for me.
  • We had to turn the garage into a music room,
  • and he dances non-stop in there in front of the mirrors.
  • Dancing is Jack's life
  • When I started ballet, people were calling me names.
  • "It's all for girls, like, you should be doing football," they said.
  • I was getting, like, really upset, but, dancing... it just makes me feel happy.
  • I will be the proudest mum in the world, seeing my son...
  • Oh, god, ha-ha, I'll start crying!
  • ... seeing Jack up there on the stage.
  • What's the big dream for you?
  • My ultimate dream is to win Britain's Got Talent.
  • [crowd cheering]
  • ALESHA: Good dream.
  • We wish you the best of luck.
  • JACK: Thank you. ALESHA: Whenever you're ready.
  • [crowd screaming & cheering]
  • ANT: Come on, Jack.
  • # Say Something by A Great Big World #
  • [huge applause & cheering]
  • Well done, Jack.
  • Well done, Jack.
  • Well done, my darling.
  • David, what did you think?
  • Well, it was a real 'Billy Elliot' moment for me.
  • I mean...
  • It was so moving.
  • It's the passion and commitment with which you dance.
  • Every gesture, every movement had meaning and emotion.
  • It was really powerful.
  • AMANDA: It was powerful. It really was.
  • It felt really authentic and genuine.
  • You are a born dancer.
  • This is what you're supposed to do.
  • [applause & cheering]
  • ALESHA: Simon?
  • Er, Jack. Jack...
  • So you've been doing this for how many years?
  • Nine.
  • And when you were younger,
  • were you encouraged to do this?
  • Yeah.
  • SIMON: Yeah?
  • People were calling me names...
  • Getting bullied - saying I was gay, and that I dance like a girl, and ballet is for girls.
  • AMANDA [affectionately]: Oh, darling.
  • Oh, no, that's heartbreaking.
  • You know the one thing bullies don't like?
  • Tthey don't like it when you do well.
  • [crowd applaud & cheer in agreement]
  • I can see how hard you've worked for this moment and I congratulate you, Jack.
  • Thank you.
  • I'm so happy for you, Jack. I think you're fantastic.
  • We have to take a vote.
  • ALESHA: David?
  • I'm going to kick this off with a yes.
  • [cheering & applause]
  • ALESHA: Amanda?
  • Absolutely yes from me.
  • A yes from me, too, Jack.
  • ALESHA: Simon?
  • Now let me think about this, Jack...
  • You've for four yesses.
  • Thank you.
  • AMANDA: Well done.
  • [wild cheering]
  • # pumping outro sting :) #
  • Captions by Spiritman

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14-year-old ballet dancer, Jack Higgins, with his moving routine on Britain's Got Talent 2016, Audition week 2.


14 year old boy ballet dancer dancing graceful expressive bullied Britains Britain s Got Talent 2016 audition Simon Cowell Alesha Dixon Amanda Holden David Walliams Ant Dec Ant Anthony McPartlin Dec Declan Donnelly Spiritman Productions ITV best quality

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