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Video SNL Finally Hires First Black Head Writer Ever
01:45   |   30K+ views   |   06/22/2018 at 18:36


  • What’s up guys, Frazier here for Complex News.
  • It only took them FORTY-THREE seasons, but Saturday Night Live has finally given a black
  • person the head writer gig.
  • Well, co-head writer to be specific.
  • The honor goes to Michael Che, who’ll take it on alongside his Weekend Update cohost
  • Colin Jost.
  • They join current head writers Bryant Tucker and Ken Sublette.
  • Given the current consensus about the quality of SNL these days, one could say they’re
  • being brought on to revamp.
  • You don’t really see Che or Colin in many skits save a supporting role here and there.
  • But their iteration of Weekend Update, which they’ve been at since 2014, is arguably
  • the only part of SNL that’s reliably engaging week to week.
  • In the most recent episode, which I’ll admit to only watching in full for SZA, they even
  • leveled up with a rare Weekend Update digital short.
  • The skit saw Che going undercover as a liberal white woman and satirized everything from
  • brunch to the wasp take on Cardi B and contained lines like “your masculinity is mad toxic
  • my nigga.”
  • It was suffice to say, one of the rare genuine laugh-out-loud moments on the show.
  • Take a look.
  • Jost may look like a sentient Vineyard Vines polo but together he and Che are a formidable
  • duo.
  • Who knows, if they put their heads to it maybe they can get SNL back to something that’s
  • enjoyable on a more consistent level.
  • Lord knows most of us only tune in now if we a.
  • Love the musical guest SLASH special guest or b.
  • Want to see them take on the Trump administration as a stress reliever.
  • They’re taking over in a pretty good climate.
  • The current season is the second-most watched in 9 years.
  • I’m cautiously eager to see what they do with it.
  • That’s the news for now but for more stories subscribe to Complex News on YouTUbe today.
  • For Complex, I’m Frazier.

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After 43 seasons, Saturday Night Live has finally decided to hire a black head writer. With NBC's promotions announcement Tuesday, the Huffington Post notes, Weekend Update co-host Michael Che becomes the first black head writer in the show's history.

Che and his fellow Weekend Update-r Colin Jost join current head writers Bryan Tucker and Kent Sublette, who stepped into their roles at the top of the year following the departure of Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider. Che, a Daily Show alumnus, and Jost first began their ratings-proven news mockery back in 2014.

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