Video Gordon Ramsay vs Microwaves On Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon Ramsay vs Microwaves On Kitchen Nightmares
Gordon Ramsay vs Microwaves On Kitchen Nightmares thumb Gordon Ramsay vs Microwaves On Kitchen Nightmares thumb Gordon Ramsay vs Microwaves On Kitchen Nightmares thumb


  • it's like a Slurpee mess of watch have a
  • word with your big brother is he okay or
  • not he is unfortunately not he will be
  • here for dinner service tonight okay all
  • right enjoy thank you
  • [Music]
  • as hideous as hot and part like in the
  • middle but the side they're stone-cold
  • I'm gonna take it
  • is he over not working now the ovens
  • work can't serve this and expect
  • customers don't flush we were talkin I
  • understand how long's he been here
  • Martine too long
  • you know wrong there Martine lost his
  • mojo around here many years ago if you
  • got someone who doesn't care about the
  • food they're putting out what do you
  • have my team said it's hot in the middle
  • it's cold on the sides he doesn't like
  • it
  • thank you
  • I'm sure how long's that been under the
  • grill because it looks like it's been
  • overcooked it's piping hot is he
  • microwaving that I don't know girl yeah
  • well normally something's that piping
  • hot like that it always tells you that
  • it's been microwave so can you just
  • check with the chef nothing I'll check
  • listen thank you okay my team the quiche
  • is warmed in the oven yeah hasn't seen
  • the microwave
  • [Music]
  • chef's teach no microwave I asked him if
  • he put it in he said now I'm convinced
  • this has been microwaved look at it it's
  • congealed it's just like a rubber puck
  • sometimes if he gets a little backed up
  • I I've seen him do it before backed up
  • this is ridiculous
  • man let's go and meet Martin please it's
  • a food issue right now that starts from
  • the kitchen if we had somebody in here
  • who cared about the food we'd be so much
  • better than we are now
  • octane I want you to meet Jeff from say
  • around please you're the head chef and
  • everything I ate for lunch you cooked
  • yes sir
  • lunch was a disaster the key terrain was
  • rancid where did you heat that up was
  • that in the microwave oven no I disagree
  • we sorrow on the micro and then we're on
  • the oven yes so it did go in the
  • microwave that is right yes but you just
  • told me wasn't in the microwave why do
  • you want to lie to me don't you want me
  • to lie to you I'm not lying to you I'm
  • you selling you on how I'd do it
  • I'm so amazed that you're so laid back
  • and like you don't give a talk to
  • me what do you want me to say why don't
  • you care is it because you hate to leave
  • what is that happy billet cookies her
  • because she said to me in the time where
  • every time she tries to tell you
  • something bang she choked down she will
  • come in attack me but yes you yes sir
  • like saying that I'm me here for too
  • long it's time for me to go if you're
  • not prepared to change yeah I think
  • she's right cheaper it's time for me to
  • go house easy Marty lamb shank
  • now there's a very anaemic looking
  • lambshank
  • look at the presentation is depressing
  • almost like it's been in the microwave
  • for now sure they wouldn't microwave a
  • time change and we will nervous to have
  • great meters as waiting salty and badly
  • balanced Justin I mean so salty who
  • cooked that Justin that's chef Mike chef
  • food chef Mike
  • it's a microwave I lose the third
  • because it is a lot of work in the
  • kitchen huh we use chef Mike a lot
  • whenever there's lights on in this
  • restaurant chef Mike's working he's a
  • dedicated employee he asked us chef Mike
  • please if he has to cook it I mean I
  • can't lie to him so I told him he's not
  • happy we it I can't take this
  • [Music]
  • hi I am Kiki Kiki yeah how are you nice
  • to see nothing disc with my unfinished
  • one lunch first
  • no ignition okay I'm sorry
  • Scottish French Spanish German okay
  • I don't speak German what's good tonight
  • thank you thank you this is the one I'm
  • gonna serve you can serve it to me so
  • embarrassed about anything moussaka
  • now you think of Greece you think of
  • authenticity is not authentic
  • it's a non-moving moussaka what a
  • disaster
  • even like this stayed on jakers I don't
  • care he saw his food in the dog food
  • both you would not think twice
  • moussaka what does that mean I'm not
  • sure you don't like it the eggplant or
  • nothing I did chef Mike have a hand in
  • this one chef Mike has handed a lot of
  • disarray Wow yeah I just like try
  • anything else it's just too painful it's
  • not possible for erection to be so
  • microwave microwave dinner come on it's
  • disgusting
  • for God's sake is there anything today
  • that I a that wasn't microwaved the
  • sellers do you donor whose you
  • don't know that it wasn't you guys I'm
  • not laughing I'm so disappointed
  • oh sorry I'd like to have it just a
  • little bit more done yeah
  • what's the matter he says well say
  • what's the matter a little more I'll it
  • over there
  • what's wrong on it cold in the middle
  • okay put in the microwave
  • splitter microwave put em in half
  • Tommy Mottola random
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • with food now coming back it's a perfect
  • opportunity for Gordon to witness
  • Sammy's customer service skills so can
  • we make you another one will you wait or
  • you don't want to wait the thing is I
  • don't want you to stick it back in a
  • microwave no we're gonna throw that on
  • make you new and nobody's talking on
  • microwave you're the ones talk on
  • microwave they came out of a microwave
  • otherwise they won't be like exuding you
  • do work for a microwave company you know
  • so much about microwave
  • [Music]
  • unbelievable I'm blew out your Tulsa
  • kite
  • told me went to a microwave I'm
  • gonna make a little weight better wait
  • I'm not this lady wonder a free meal or
  • whatever I thought it was a total
  • nightmare I kept my composure I wanted a
  • killer and I did
  • Oh your fault Alam is tough even
  • tools to work with of course you're
  • gonna create food there's a
  • landmark to come on Carly
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • you know I'm done no more chances
  • oh my god I just wanted to pick her up
  • and throw her out there's a right way
  • and a wrong way of handling something
  • like that and she was totally water
  • she said Mike you've been so busy it's
  • time that you took a little vacation
  • [Music]
  • what's going on I don't know
  • hey guys they got something to to show
  • you
  • it's time to say goodbye to a very busy
  • chef Mike
  • [Music]

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Gordon Ramsay has been served numerous microwaved meals on Kitchen Nightmares.

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