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Video Vete a la Versh - T1, E16: La Leyenda de Melda - Parte II
06:10   |   02/22/2019 at 18:25


  • The Legend of Melda -Part 2-
  • You've been playing that game for a year now
  • and you've just finished the first level?
  • And you've spent a lot longer being a fucking
  • whore and nobody gives a shit, right?!
  • Dude...
  • *sigh*
  • forget it.
  • Well then, I'll get the hell out of here.
  • Sure, but you're still an illegal immgrant
  • and they're going to kick you out of here.
  • What?! Dude, c'mon!
  • I helped you! Don't be a bitch!
  • Enough, shut up.
  • See, the only one who can do something
  • about immigration issues
  • is Princess Melda.
  • Go look for her at the castle
  • and show her the Green Tamarind-shaped stone.
  • Maybe she'll give you a hand.
  • What the fuck!
  • He didn't give a crap and kicked me out of the forest.
  • It's just that you ARE an illegal immigrant.
  • And what the fuck's it to you? Why are you following me?
  • Meh, I am just chillin' around.
  • Good morning young elf!
  • Seriously... do all plants and animals
  • talk in this place?
  • I think so.
  • My name is Owl.
  • Nah... for reals?!
  • What events perform through thy existence my dear elf?
  • Ehm...
  • what?
  • Watup, bitch?
  • Do you know where can I find
  • Princess Melda?
  • Absolutely!
  • I can take you to her, if you wish!
  • Grab my feet and let us fly towards the castle
  • furrowing the warm winds of the kingdom and...
  • How am I sure you won't kidnap me?
  • What?
  • 23 minutes later...
  • *Laughs* What a dumbass.
  • Could it be...?
  • Stand upright, brave knight.
  • Expose thy face and...
  • Ah! Like, they told me he was going to be a handsome
  • blue-eyed blonde,
  • not a worthless yellow brat.
  • not a worthless yellow brat.
  • Aaaaagh...
  • Like, no.
  • I want to review the contract, now!
  • Are you Princess Melda?
  • But of course I am! Princess of all that you see.
  • Even you, stinky ghetto kid.
  • Look, girl. I was very happy
  • in my house, minding my own business
  • and suddenly this filthy fly comes to bug
  • the fuck out of me with shit about the Fucking Talking Tree
  • and the future of the Universe and...
  • Shhh! Shut up and hide!
  • That man comes here every day from the IRS
  • to take Daddy's money.
  • He wants to keep the company to himself!
  • Like, NOT cool at all!
  • And why should I give a damn?
  • I'm going to look to my right now and...
  • Ooooh! I see you!
  • Oh shit! I think he saw me!
  • You are like, such an idiot!
  • Wait! You have the green tamarid-shaped stone!
  • Wait! You have the green tamarid-shaped stone!
  • Oh, yeah... the Fucking Talking Tree gave it to me
  • and told me to bring it here so you can help me
  • fix my documents.
  • Ah! Then you ARE the chosen one!
  • Now.
  • Like... gross!
  • Well, if you want me to fix your documents,
  • you'll have to help me stop that man from
  • getting his hands on Daddy's company.
  • How the Hell am I supposed to do that?
  • Daddy once told me
  • about a super cool power
  • which is conviniently hidden
  • in the temple next door.
  • To obtain it, it is necessary to gather
  • the Three Useless Stones.
  • That doesn't make...
  • Well, of course nothing makes any sense to
  • an uneducated, third-world-country kid that has never showered.
  • Oh really!? You think so?
  • Well fuck you!
  • The volcano people have one of the stones.
  • So what?
  • So go and find it, you idiot!
  • 30 minutes later...
  • Watup wur you eetin', bro?
  • There's brisket, sirloin, tongue, guts,
  • rump, chuck, yo mum, I gett 'er, I touch 'er,
  • I do 'er,
  • *whistle*
  • I'll have sirloin.
  • Sirloin it is, bro.
  • Do you know where can I find
  • one of those Useless Stones?
  • I dunno but you can ask "Pickley Pear".
  • Who's Pickley Pear?
  • He's da hood masta
  • off the hook and all
  • yo mamas so fat ooooh off the heezy fo sheezy
  • he'll pop yo ass so hard!
  • He's the one who knows.
  • Hey, are you Pickley Pear?
  • That's meeh! Juz pimpin' mah ride, bro.
  • That's meeh! Juz pimpin' mah ride, bro.
  • He's just hitting a rock.
  • Your mom, asshole! Your mom!
  • Who yo want me to murk?
  • *Pain*
  • What the fuck is wrong with you?!
  • Das how we say hi 'round here.
  • That's bullshit.
  • What yo need the great Pickley Pear for?
  • Well I'm looking for...
  • I'm Pickley Pear.
  • Oooook?
  • I need to know...
  • They call me Pickley Pear.
  • ...where's the stone...
  • 'Cause I like Pickley Pears.
  • ..that...
  • But I get constipated.
  • Ooooh! But when I discharge the wood
  • even tears start poppin' out real good.
  • Why can't monsters be in a men's club
  • looking at some naked girls?
  • Why does it always have to be a cave
  • full of hair, and spiders, and shit.
  • What the shit cunt fucking fuck!
  • How the fuck do they pretend I beat
  • a stupid 820 feet dragon
  • with a wooden sword?
  • Eh...?
  • What are you doing here?
  • Ehm... I'm here to...
  • kick your ass.
  • What?
  • Why do you people come here just to fuck around?!
  • What did I do? I'm just a fucking dinosaur that spends its time
  • sleeping and eating these horrible rocks
  • which by the way have caused some serious problems
  • to my pancreas.
  • There's always some retarded
  • asshole wanting to start shit because...
  • Fuck you, sucker.
  • *Laughs* this is stupid.
  • Wow! Now tha wuz tight, bro!
  • Aaaah, relax man.
  • Take tha "Prostitute-shaped" Useless Stone.
  • Take tha "Prostitute-shaped" Useless Stone.
  • Prostitute...? Enough! I'm getting the fuck out of here.
  • What a stupid game.
  • You're even more stupid
  • you little piece of shit...
  • Actually it was pretty stupid.

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Después de que el Pinche Árbol que Habla traicionó su pacto, Darkar se ve envuelto en la problemática de ser un inmigrante ilegal en el Bosque Mágico de Chapultepec. Su travesía ahora lo lleva a buscar una solución en El Castillo, en donde deberá pedir la ayuda de la Princesa Melda.

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