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Video When your friend's car is filthy. Corey Rodrigues
03:48   |   today at 03:20


  • I'm content though because I stopped and
  • had the best meal of my life I stopped
  • and had some McDonald's
  • that's social I don't think any adult
  • eats McDonald's nowadays and when
  • they're done eating it they're like that
  • was delicious I think even what kids eat
  • McDonald's are like my stomach hurts but
  • I want to go back tomorrow what is
  • because those are the only food you eat
  • and you know you messed up when it's in
  • your throat it doesn't even have to get
  • to your stomach doing I got to start
  • making mixtapes what is this I don't
  • care what fast food I eat if I order
  • french fries I have to eat every Fri
  • like I get depressive to Fri start
  • running out like I reach in the bag of
  • like I know it was more fries in this
  • bag where's the rest of those fries and
  • then I moved to nap get out the way and
  • I find that one little burnt piece of
  • crunchy fried I'm like that's what I'm
  • talking about baby right there my meal
  • is complete right Hey before today I
  • haven't been to McDonald's in like six
  • or seven months and I was cleaning out
  • my car and I found some french fries in
  • between the seats yes then the fries
  • look better than they did the day that I
  • bought on them I was like how is that no
  • bacteria on these fries you know how bad
  • of a food you have to be for mold to be
  • like Palin eat that that's a horrible
  • food
  • someone was like did you eat the fresh I
  • did lick one of whom it was still salty
  • I didn't eat it though I was like this
  • is super salt I was telling one of my
  • friends about that on the way he was
  • like yo I found french fries in between
  • my seat she was like you found french
  • fries she was like I found a burger
  • between my seat I was like a burger
  • I was like what like a wrapped-up burger
  • she was like no just the patty I said
  • who loses a burger patty in between this
  • is how dirty is your cars you can lose a
  • patty I've never once went to McDonald's
  • who was eating the cheeseburger and the
  • meat fell from between the bun
  • and I just kept me there like I guess
  • this is just a ketchup onion cheese
  • mustard sandwich
  • that's not thing about some people's car
  • some people's cars are filthy
  • some people can lose a pad hitting a car
  • never go to get in someone's car you get
  • in the passenger seat and they start
  • apologizing as you get in like don't
  • worry about it you can step on
  • everything don't worry about it just get
  • in and step on that stuff you step in as
  • Aquafina bottles and all because if
  • coffee comes like those crushing stuff
  • leaking on your feet the whole ride I
  • feel like they always have one important
  • thing on the flow don't step on that my
  • application
  • [Music]
  • it lays it on the floor it's my FAFSA
  • sorry I left it on the floor people's
  • cars are filthy like that they feel
  • pressure when more than two people
  • asking for a ride hey I get a ride to
  • they're like
  • give me a second
  • meet me at the car in five
  • I gotta clean all that suffering behind
  • the passenger seat that they just throw
  • back then gross cars watch my entire
  • special for 99 cents oh just watch more
  • clips check out more clips click one of
  • them you got to check it out now if I
  • were you I'd probably click the 99 cent
  • one cuz that goes right into my pocket
  • click one click it click it click OK
  • click lick lick lick lick lick lick lick
  • lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick
  • lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick
  • lick okay

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Food has to be especially bad for mold to say, "I'm not going to eat that."
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